How PHFA helps people

♪Music up♪ ♪Music under♪ Announcer: When people ask what it is the
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency does, we introduce them to some of the families we’ve helped. Consider Laurie from Harrisburg. When she wanted a better life for her two boys,
PHFA provided an affordable home loan. Today, they enjoy having their own place,
with plenty of space for her sons to play. Meet Davee, from Pittsburgh. Davee was having a hard time
finding an affordable apartment and was headed for a homeless shelter. Funding from PHFA helped provide
an apartment within his budget. It’s a place he says “can’t get any better.” Asia lives near Scranton. A renter, she knew a home would provide stability
for her two children. But she didn’t know where to start. Homebuying courses provided through
PHFA’s counseling network showed her the way. And there’s Laurel and Melissa, who live near Erie. When they faced a loss of income, they and their
children were weeks away from losing their home. Foreclosure prevention assistance from
PHFA gave them time to get back on their feet and kept the family under one roof. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
helps people find housing that’s right for them. Because when people have safe, clean places to live, they can focus on other important parts of their lives
— like getting an education, or raising their children. By taking away worries about housing,
PHFA helps people reach their full potential. I’m Brian Hudson, executive director and CEO at PHFA. In 1972, we were created by the state legislature to
help Pennsylvanians find housing that’s right for them. It’s a mission we continue to this day with a
growing number of proven housing programs. We’re PHFA. Welcome home! ♪Music up♪

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