How the Blood Elves Joined The Horde & Left The Alliance – Warcraft Lore

hey guys what's going on Nexxus here in today's video I'm going to be discussing with you guys how the blood elves not only joined the Horde by how they left the Alliance the reason why I'm going to cover both of these in one video is because the reason why the blood elves left the Alliance is a pretty big reason for why they joined the Horde in the first place so simply put chaos in Warcraft 3 at this time was the Prince of the entire cross loss and Arthas took his courage and attacked quoth the laws to use the Sun well and he needed to use it to resurrect Kel'Thuzad when he did this which he did succeed he ended up destroying the Sun well which I gave the blood I was one problem which I'll go into in a second but he also destroyed most of classes population so basically another issue here is also that there was one blood off named dark Andre Ethier who betrayed cross loss and gave Arthas some secrets on how to not only use the Sun wall to resurrect Kel'Thuzad but also some secrets on how to get into both loss with as little resistance as possible so we're going to cover some of the stuff in a second so the blood elves at this point after the Scourge invasion in Warcraft 3 had two things to do number one they had to find a new source of magic because the Sun mole was destroyed the blood elves have a magic addiction so this was one very important objective that they had in mind the other issue is that they had to find a new home or at least somehow rebuild Silver Moon City and retake of her song woods from the scourge because even though the ark has left the area after using the Sun well he left quite a bit of forces behind inkwells loss under the command of doc Andre fear as a reward for helping him L get into quote the loss so let's get straight into the story here we're gonna start with how the blood elves left the Alliance first the gameplay behind is going to be strictly this storyline in terms of how they left the lines and how they deal with the scourge so let's get straight into it chaos is the prince of the blood elves was for a short period of time under the command of a man called Gareth oz long story short Gareth Oz was a racist human who gave Kael'thas assignments that he found downright impossible to complete especially considering the fact that Gareth Oz removed most of his forces from his command and placed under his own so careful found himself forced to accept help from the Nagas in order to complete that nearly impossible missions that Gareth owes gave him this infuriated Gareth oast who was a racist as well as a prat and Claire Carroll thought Kael'thas as a traitor the reason why is because Guerra house hates every race except for humans because he's a human obviously and to some extent the dwarves he can somewhat tolerate so he tried to find whatever excuses he could to hate the High Elves or the wolves at this time as well as try and give them an excuse to get rid of them so when he saw that Kaos was using the help of the Nagas a very hideous looking race to Gareth else's mind he decided to brand chaos and his men as traitors the elven Prince and his followers were imprisoned in Delhi and sentenced to be executed at dawn this was basically forcing the blood elves out of the Alliance this wasn't a choice the blood elves and choose to leave the Alliance they were basically forced out by one retarded racist guy unfortunately as an alliance player this really pisses me off because it would have been cool to keep the blood elves in the Alliance but nope Gareth OSA is a racist idiot so that's just the way the story goes I'm not going to really complain kind of pointless even though the blows don't really fit in the Horde but I'm not gonna go into that let's continue on with the story so they were only saved out of the prison like they escaped the prison only because of the arrival of not only the Nagas but their leader lady Vash and she led chaos to Outland where they would agree to serve Illidan washes master a couple of events on Outland take place power of little relevance we're not going to go too much into that if at all so meanwhile while all of this stuff is happening with Prince Kael'thas and Outland we have Lord Martha Ron who was placed as regent Lord of quote loss in prince in the princes absence he was quite predictably in quasi loss coping with the remaining scourge that Arthas left there under the command of dark on truth here after some time grand magister ro math and his Magisters returned from out land at the princes behest to teach the blood elves a new way of coping with their magic since like I said earlier the Sun wall was destroyed they were learned how to siphon magic from living beings as well as feeding off fel energy but this part the in terms of the fel energy was kept secret from the general public raw math and his Magisters wielding their new power succeeded in retaking silver moon and they rebuilt in a day and they went on to reclaim half of the ever song forest bar the area now known as the ghost lands so this is where the player-character now comes in in World of Warcraft so soon after all of this stuff happens we find a dwarven ambassador present inkwell floss through the course of several quests we discover that he isn't the only member of the lines present in the high kingdom there were Calgary spies which are NATO's we discover by killing them which they were observing arcane sanctums keeping note here that one of them was a malfunctioning arcane sanctum that there wasn't any evidence that the Calgary spies were actually kind of basically you know messing around with it trying to destroy it sabotage me or anything like that they were just simply spying on the blood oath so the medals weren't exactly doing anything hostile they were just simply committing espionage which in a way is kind of like an invasion and it doesn't look too good for the Alliance so basically in this world of warcraft section the blood elves were out of the alliance because of gareth oz and the horde and the remaining alliance which i guess kind of pissed off a Gareth us they were trying to convince the blood elves to join one of their factions so at this point the blood elves were trying to decide should we join the Horde should we join the alliance either way we need some help who are we going to join so it's kind of like every other horde race where they join out of survival this is kind of the same thing with the blood elves they weren't exactly joining it in for the case of survival just to get some help in order to get to Outland because at this time chaos was in the Outland working for Illidan and Lord Tamar was considering it as well so let's continue on here so after this espionage with the night off spies are discovered the blood elves decide to take care of this finally by killing the ambassador and the night of spies later on in the ghost lands the Alliance turns out to be much far bolder than what they were doing in the ever song wood it turns out that the Kaldor I seek to set up scrying devices inkwell floss which would allow them to spy on the blood elves to this end they shipped an undisclosed number of troops actual soldiers keep in mind not just simple spies they were actual soldiers occupying nuts not really significant portions of the ghost lands they kind of have lines there and they have bases near ley lines to help them spy on the blood elves this is basically an invasion they were invading not to attack any of the cities they were simply invading the territory to spy on them so either way it's an invasion the blood house of course were less than amused and they dealt with the offenders by destroying the camps destroying the spies and of course killing the Ambassador earlier your character basically does all hand-to-hand in I like actual in combat you were basically responsible for this in World of Warcraft so meanwhile all of the stuff is going down we have the Forsaken representing the Horde they send actual aid to the ghost lands to help the blood elf forces to to attack Drakon on track on dark Hollandsworth here so basically he betrayed cause loss to help Arthas get into quality loss and use the Sunwell and in exchange for helping Arthas Arthas gave him a scourge army to command so now the blood elves are getting their revenge on door contra –there by killing him and whatever scourge remains in ghost lands and of course every song woods so the forsaken actually send forces to attack other scourge basically in the aid of the blood oh so they make the Horde look really good and the Lions make themselves look bad basically it also didn't help the Alliance when the Forsaken leader is led by Sylvanas Windrunner one of the main defenders and the ranger general of cross loss when Arthas attacked so in a way she's still a high elf she's just dead now she's Undead you know and she leaves you forsaken so in a way it's still kind of like blood elves sort of it's just that they're Undead right obviously everyone's going to look at that a little bit differently but the point is the leader of the Forsaken was a high-ranking ranger general of the blood elf forces so that kind of also adds some reputation to the Forsaken and when it comes to the Horde sylvans convinced the Horde to allow the blood elves in however she did that there's no specifics on that there's no book talking about how exactly the meanings went all we know is that Silvanus was the one to convince the Horde to allow the blood elves in so that's basically how the blood elves end up joining Lorimer when he joined the blood elves in to the Horde it wasn't exactly interested in joining the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance at the time the idea was to abandon quoth loss and move the blood elves to the promised land of outland to join Kael tha's and whatever blood elves followed him it's a long way from the high kingdom to the Dark Portal to get into Outland however and they met with outright hostility from the Alliance since they joined the Horde Lorimar needed to secure safe passage for his people for this Exodus the Horde was apparently willing to help and Silvanus lobbied for the blood elves to be admitted into the Horde soon after dark on was defeated all necessary paperwork was signed and the blood elves officially joined the Horde how they remain in the Horde now is a separate story altogether so that's basically how the blood elves leave the Alliance and that's how they joined the Horde simply pull it long story short the humans at least Gareth Oz treated the blood was like he was going to kill them for treason and that's why the blood was left the alliance they were forced out they didn't choose to leave they were forced out by Gareth oz now they need a faction a couple years later or whatever amount of time was and the Horde and the Alliance are trying to get the blood elves to join their faction the lines made themselves look bad by spying on them the Horde made themselves look good by actually helping them out with their issues with the scourge in quell for loss so the blood elves end up joining the Horde so that's simply how it goes I hope you guys enjoyed this lore video if you have any questions leave a comment section down below if you have any questions or requests on lower videos please let me know hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys on my next video

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  • Lol and so the alliance can't provide a mana source for them but the people who live on a broken continent in the middle of a desert barren of anything more then hostile wild life can? Give me a break

  • Lol are you horde pigs saying a race that feeds off magic and lives in fancy kingdoms like silvermoon belongs amongst a bunch of mindless mud hut dwelling savages?Lol think with your mind not your ass

  • high elves where never alliance…there was no alliance that time…high elves and later blood elves where just high elves

  • I love how diverse the Horde are. Alliance are sooo….. what’s the word… plain? Yeah. Glad blood elves joined the horde. But hey alliance get Void elves now so everyone’s happy right? So no more alliance elitist comments. 😉 just let the races go where they please. Who cares how they look. Ty for video too man.

  • You talk too fast dude. It’s like you’re racing against a clock or something. You need a cadence or something.

  • Obviously a biased video. I suggest everyone actually play the games to find out because this guy isn't gonna tell you.


    blood elves branded traitors for working alongside snake people.


  • I hate this part. BElves had absolutely no reason to join the Horde. All of this is Blizzard decisions and a load of bullshit for the sake of getting PvP content and to have an equal number of races. Under normal circumstances, BElves would've never joined the Horde. Instead they'd be rebuilding Quel'Thalas along with Illidan's Nagas and plotting how to slay the Lich King/Arthas.

  • I think I heard somewhere that the reason as to why Gilithos or Garabos or whatever (all human names sound the same to me) was because his parents or something was killed during the war with the horde,and he blamed the High Elves because they were too prideful to lend their full help to the alliance.

  • Ok i will resume the reasons.
    -2nd war, high elves help Lordareon with navy and rangers. However when the war is done, they judge the Alliance for being too late on helping defend Eversong and Silvermoon, so they turn their back;
    -3rd war ensues, Lordareon has to deal with the plague of undeath. Silvermoon by itself send no help, but high elves that lived on frontier and inside Lordareon willingly helped, bringing to the table elven magic and healers. However, that wasn't enough to stop the Scourge, and after Arthas fell into Frostmourne corruption, the death of king Terenas was enough to ruin the northern human kingdom. The high elves locked themselves behind their great gates to avoid the plague as much as possible;
    -However, Drak'ar Drathir screws his people, in exchange for power. Wards are broken, and the restless death beeline to the sunwell. As their defense is led by Sylvanas, they hope the Alliance send support. However in their seclusion they weren't able to see most of the northern lands were part of the scourge already. Ignoring that, Silvermoon is broken trough, and the sunwell is detonated after Arthas bring Kel'thuzad to unlife. High elves from Silvermoon and its territories call themselves blood elves for now on, and once again (be it for their own pride or not), they push the blame to the Alliance. After all they didn't come to help them;
    -Both Alliance and Blood Elf survivors make a tenuous coalition. However, Garithos, that disdain the elves for not helping Lordearon when in need, was leading this ragtag force of survivors. Not being, unfortunely, a very rational man, he gave only suicidal missions to the blood elves, be it for vengeance or simple hate. And when Kael'thas accepted the help of the naga, and was caught, Garithos 'blew a fuse' and condemned Kael and the blood elves on his power to prison for treason. Here, the animosity between blood elves and the Alliance was set.

    TBC era now, i do not recall exacly how things happened just before the belves joined the Horde. I cannot recall if they gave a last try to the Alliance (however the unfriendliness and stubborness would make them barely able to deal withveachother), or if they gone directly to the Horde (finding support first with the Forsaken and their old ranger general, and finding pride and honor between the orcs and tauren). However, all the background was set to force the Blood Elves to avoid their old allies and find support on their direct adversaries.

    If i said something wrong, or missed something, feel free to correct me. However do know there were occasional attempts to try peace between the Belves and the Alliance. But, Blizzard being Blizzard, there was always some internal conflict that ruined all attempts.

  • The blood elves are horribly designed and look nothing like your picture. They look two dimensional, look like they were made for 8 year old WoW players, and look like spoiled 13 year olds pretending to be adults.

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