How the Covenant won the Battle of Reach | Halo Battle Breakdown

by 2552 humanity had suffered a series of devastating losses at the hands of the Covenant and was on its last legs at the battle of Sigma octane is for the second fleet of Sola McCord succeeded in placing a spy tracker on the UNSC Iroquois this would lead them to the human colony of reach a very important shipbuilding and military planet which they would destroy today we tell the story of the fall of reach hey guys this is Eckhart slaughter hello and welcome to another episode of battle breakdown you guys have been asking more hallo battles we've already looked at the Battle of Earth but the fall of reach is perhaps even more interesting you guys enjoy this make sure to leave a like and let me know down in the comments what you'd like to see next a quick note about today's episode the events surrounding the fall of reach are a little messy within hallo cannon and some of the logic and timelines don't make a lot of sense but I'll do my best to try to present everything in a logical and coherent way reach was protected by 20 orbital defense platforms and at its most 100-plus ships most of these vessels however were reassigned after the Covenant invasion and the home fleet was likely fairly minimal the Covenant invasion was kicked off by the fleet of valiant prudence comprised primarily of a massive CSO super carrier the long night of Solace and escorted by several SDV class Corvettes the fleet of valiant prudence would somehow bypass all of the UNSC sensors the orbiting fleet in the orbital defense platforms landing troops clandestinely on the planet a series of stealth generators were set up and the Covenant established a hidden beachhead the Covenant had two preliminary planetary objectives the first the recovery of forerunner assets and the second the neutralization of the visigoth communication relay during an attack on the ladder the Covenant were discovered by the Spartan noble team and winter contingency was declared for several weeks then the Covenant and UNSC engaged in open ground hostilities most notable of which was the covenant attack on Oni sword base which was successfully repelled during the Battle of Sur dock ridged the UNSC counter attacked launching a massive raid against the Covenant landing site it was here that the Covenant stealth generator was finally destroyed and the presence of the CSO supercarrier was revealed to humanity this was somewhat of a positive for humanity I mean they did discover the presence of the gigantic ship but it also allowed the Covenant to put it into play revealing to everyone involved that this was not a small strike on a human world but rather a full-scale invasion UNSC reinforcements from across the galaxy were summoned however the rendezvous time was several weeks away realizing that the CSO which was most likely too powerful to be challenged by conventional means and outside the range of orbital defense platforms represented a fatal threat to the planet as a whole noble team launched Operation uppercut where they used a jerry-rigged slipspace bomb to destroy the CSO however minutes after mission success and I'm not sure if this was a coincidence or something planned a second very large covenant fleet appeared somehow these forces were able to bypass the ODP array and began glassing the planet and in particular new alexandria it's not clear to me what the UNSC space response was whether there was still any ships in system whether they were waiting for reinforcements conducting raids against the Covenant fleet or engaged in a prolonged campaign we do know however that soon a third and fourth force including the fleet of particular Justice would arrive on planets bringing the covenants assets to over 400 capital ships in response the UNSC massed their own fleet although they were outnumbered three to one and attempted to protect the OD piece my theory is that the Covenant found a small hole in the OTP array but we're now looking to expand their control over the planet this is probably the most substantial space engagement of the entire campaign as the Covenant attacked the defense platforms several orbital repair yards put themselves in harm's way and soaked up the brunt of the damage before the Covenant could attack again the defense platforms fired a volley which took down about a third of the fleet however that was really the only chance they had the massive covenant Armada fired again this time not only destroying any nearby platforms but also taking down most of the human fleet the Covenant retreated out of range and began launching a massive invasion towards the planet surface the landed troops first targeted the ground side orbital defense platform power generators and although faced some Spartan resistance were eventually successful with the defense platforms and the fleet now nearly reduced to nothing the Covenant were able to easily move the remaining forces onto the planet and began in stage classing the only real win for the UNSC was that the pillar of autumn loaded with Master Chief and Cortana was able to escape kicking off the events which would eventually lead to the end of the human covenant war the question here is what could the UNSC have done differently and this is extremely difficult the Covenant had overwhelming force a single covenant ship is usually superior to its UNSC counterpart and not only did they have better ships but here also more of them the UNSC did have one secret plan to end the war operation red flag this would basically involve a Spartan team kidnapping a high covenant official and the planet rage was actually supposed to be somewhat involved if you guys want more information give this video a like and let me know in the comments I think it would be fun to talk about in the future nonetheless Operation red flag was never launched I think it would have been extremely difficult and it would have taken some time so I don't know if reach could have actually been saved even had the mission been successfully prepared for but that's just my opinion let me know what you think down in the comment section also let me know what do you think is more interesting the Battle of reach or the Battle of Earth and did you prefer halo 2/3 or Halo Reach anyway thank you guys so much for watching as always this has been at karts ladder may the force be with you you

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  • Was this purely based on the game halo reach? The book the fall of reach told the story a little differently though largely similar.

  • Reach f!cked up the lore and didn't make sense. We're supposed to believe the Covenant snuck a gigantic carrier into orbit of Reach? I would've preferred if you made this video solely based upon the book and not the game.

  • I don’t count the video games as canon because they leave so much to the imagination and the makers have to cater to a different audience, a video game audience, so they have to change stuff based on what’s more fun to experience. For example, the actual battle was relatively fair because of the ODPs which could snipe out even the large ships because unlike ships the platforms fired heavy MACs which could take out a carrier in like three shots which they could fire in rapid succession. The original plan for these platforms was to be sniped out by a special covenant ship out of range of the platforms. This ship was taken down by Keyes using a stealth ship and some mines if I’m not mistaken. For some reason the covenant only brought one of these ships (possibly because it’s special made) and they then had to go to the usual methods which were proving difficult because of the platforms which were tearing the fleet apart. Another problem was covenant stupidity, they brought a flagship. A flagship is a huge, protected, and ornate covenant ship that’s hanging back from the battle, also known as a giant target. This forced the covenant to alot some ships to protecting it and gave the humans a good target. Basically they should skip on ships and just put platforms everywhere cuz they do really well. After the sniper ship was destroyed they tried suicide bombing the platforms which actually opened a hole and took out like four. Then they used that hole to invade and take out the generators using overwhelming force. At one point Keyes fired a MAC at some phantoms and was said to kill hundreds (they were densely packed due to small landing zone hidden by the poles) and hardly making a dent. The book actually had a better battle than the game in my opinion.

  • “How the covenant won the battle of reach: they had three times the number of ships which were three times stronger. They also invaded and destroyed generators with overwhelming force” yeah this wasn’t a super complex battle they just massively overwhelmed the human defenses

  • They won, but at an extreme cost, 700 covenant ships were destroyed by the unsc fleet and smac platforms and a big middle finger in the form of a Nova bomb- personal message from the admiral, which took out another 300 covenant ships. The campaign cost for the covenant 1000s of troops and hundreds of ships. The unsc and Spartans fought bravely against the masses of covenant- they died knowing that they would be remembered. Remember reach

  • The logic of Covenant ships in this battle was pretty dumb. I know covenant ships are advanced, but there's no way you gonna sneak a 29km long alien ship past a military planet like Reach without some notice.

    If today's humans can detect random much smaller crap in further distance, Reach shoulda been able to protect, or at least detect those covenant ships

  • Covenant won the battle of reach cuz the game wanted the covenant to win, the developers wanted them to win #LOGIC

  • You know we should have Novels detailing the space battle of Reach more. Halo: First Strike chronicles Spartan Fred's Red team ops on reach and gathering from the story the ODP were still engaging the enemy by that time.

  • I think the smartest option would be to hijack the enemy ship and use it against the enemy using a squad of Spartans and then using A.I. to override operation and guns to counter them.

  • Use the slipspace drives, since they ignore time dilation and can travel beyond light speed, assuming halo normal physics works the same as ours, this basically becomes a way of time travel. Have the ships jump out of the system on a extremely long journey and comeback before the ever departed, and then repeat, this essentially duplicates the entire fleet N times.

    This is also a way to beat the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek, since they could also time travel using deflector dish.

  • Halo 2 and 3 are classic halo and have more scale and general epicness. But Reach feels much more grounded and gives a more intimate picture of the human-covenant war by following Noble Team and Noble Six.

  • if they could drop out of slipspace underneath the ODPs, that might work. Maybe ODPs are only meant to assist in naval battles, so since the covenant when right for a ground assault, they didn’t matter.

    But this raises the question, why even bother with naval battles if you can just pop in real close to a planet and start glassing it?

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