How the Formerly Incarcerated Re-Enter Society

this state leads the nation per capita incarceration this city leads our state 52 percent of the African male population in his city is unemployed and the reason being is the fact that they've had some contact with the criminal justice system my name is Nora sense and I'm a native New Orleanian I spent 27 years ten months and 18 days in prison I was charged with second degree murder for a crime that proven that I didn't do I came home already had food clothing and shelter had a job waiting for me there had been waiting for me for over ten years and you know I tell people my transition was completely flawless but I understand what is like to be coming home with nowhere to go and so we're trying to eliminate that out here by yourself no we're here we're that safety net and we're just trying to raise the consciousness of people about what reenter supposed to look like and this is the end product I agree when I got out I was happy well I walked through the gates man I was had this fantasy of what the free world looking like how I was gonna be wealthy and to society and then when I got out and my lawyers with at the front gate waiting for me and then on my way home I was saying man we have a goal I'll have no we're told he was a shock to me that although year that I stayed at prison man you know I never thought about where I was gonna live till you to debrief you know how you know ain't gonna get in but and I knew this please you know is it's me that's primarily because we've been successful in helping people acclimated because we realized I was not our success but the success of the program helps to other guys just nothing here that's not even if there ain't no coming basically everybody in my community is in prison all the mothers like me we get together now because all of our kids are in jail all of our kids are doing like 30 to 25 years we see each other the first day of school and our kids are 4 not at the age of 17 in the walls we should see each other again when it's time to go to the courthouse to go to prison I'm a mother of two kids one of my kids are incarcerated one of my kids have 30 years I have three grandkids and I'm a formerly incarcerated person Sunday morning at 1 o'clock I was released from this from earliest Irish prison I was released from here at 1:00 in the morning I live in a treatment area imagine me being a woman I'm terrified I was walking from here 1 o'clock in the morning making it so to remain area for like su something by myself but right now there is no hell with that there isn't anything so like trying to help you do anything the program would like soon as you call us we will be here for the get you soon as you're getting out of prison yeah I came home I don't have a house I don't have a job I don't have anything and most women when they get out they go back to the street and do the same thing because there isn't any help out here for them as a black mother I feel as though the system was designed to fit me here I don't want nobody else to be in the same situation that I was in I just want to help out and lead other people I'm willing to open up my home and try to turn it into every entry to help women when the same similar situation and I'm in a house apartment a job you just can't because if a person leave without their we know from experience that's Hall one you know cuz I you know it's hard for me and I got a job I'm still fall short and pay my pay my bill well see this is one of the real tragic thing about folk staying in prison a long time to come on we don't have really nothing built into Social Security and stuff like that we have to age in our life where we always plant ketchup I have nothing built that all you have a little dental plan I have no retirement plan I'll have no 401k and that's one of the real tragedies about us being in prison for so long that we don't have those same security blankets probably waiting for us if something happened this imagining person coming out of jail who's been in jail 50 years you know just think 50 years back we talking about 1965 when he went in this world is strange tremendous this person even nobody at this house is coming to fruition predicated on the fact that all of us always wanted to do something to help somebody else to make their transition that much smoother re-entry isn't just somebody passing through some space who acquired some soft skills and relief in prison do you know if you don't have housing you don't have anything people talk about jobs housing is more important than job because I got a house I can wake up in the morning go look for a job I can have a job and don't have nowhere to sleep then what there's a lot of work that we have done that meaning problem we've been successful but there's a whole lot more work for us to do I mean a whole lot more questionable so that's pretty much what we have you

12 thoughts on “How the Formerly Incarcerated Re-Enter Society

  • Oh…so they are saying i should open up my wallet throw money at these derelicts so they can be better? How about if you never did the crime to begin with assholes? i have no sympathy for criminals…at all.

  • Stop having all them God damn kids. If you see you can't take care of one are yourself that great why would you have two more. They have a trade school on airline highway that they can go to but they don't .

  • Nice information. I came across this public awarness video describing Challenges faced by ex prisoners while re entry into society in 2019 :- worth checking. Let me know how you feel about it.

  • My sweetie was incarcerated for 8 years and I thank GOD everyday for him, what a wonderful man. Don't give up on someone who was incarcerated.

  • My full suppport to these men attempting to change the situation. There is no perfect solution to the problems , but when you see the success they have achieved by reforming men , who would have certainly re offended , it is a remarkable achievement. I do not live in America , so obviously I have a Ltd grasp of the issues faced by the legal system, the police forces etc …. but you have to really ask some searching questions about the sentencing policy in a place.The long sentences imposed In many states of 20 years upwards for some offences rarely work . I saw a guy on here sentences to life for a third strike minor petty offence . America o believe has the highest percentage of people behind bars in the western world . The figures keep rising , so prison alone is not tja answer is it . 82 men so far in this programme who have no re offended . 82 men who are not draining recourses from the community . They are productive members of society instead of going round and round the system in and out in and out . I think it's about time more money was put into the cause of these offences and giving people a purpose to their lives. People with purpose give something back .

  • i wonder what dianne is doing to keep her little girl from becoming a statistic. is she making sure the little girl studies, reads, speaks well and gets good grades in school? she can do this. once you get caught up in the system, it's true nobody cares to help you. but, the question is, what is she doing for her child to help her avoid getting caught up?

  • The criminal justice system, that word alone should tell people something. This not an accident. It is literally the CRIMINAL justice system. It is corupt, and has nothing to do with justice, it is criminal.

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