How to Achieve Financial Freedom in your Life

Hello my name is Doug Loewen and I have some
really exciting things to share with you. I have been remarried here for several years
now to a wonderful woman that I might call of LJ and together we have five children and
prefer to ourselves as super seven which is very descriptive of our lives. Behind me you
see the shiny piece of metal in my basement I might add this is my motorcycle and for
me the reason why I will shoot some of these videos with my bike is because for me when
I am on the open road the wind blowing through my hair that to me is a life freedom. I want
to share with you some things that I have learned the hard way. I have learned how to
be in debt beyond on what most of experience I have the bank like a monster on my back.
I have learned how to make awful investments and how to lose a lot of money create a lot
of stress. I have learned how to have the taxman pick it around the corner and annoying
me because I have not done things right. I have learned how to have assets taken from
me property seized from me that I thought was mine. Because of these things I have had
financial pain in my life and a desire for financial freedom that has gone very, very
deep. Well I think of an encouraging word that I
have had for several years now. That was actually spoken about 2000 years ago by Jesus little
brother whose name is James and he says dear brothers and sisters when trouble comes your
way consider it as an opportunity to be joyful. For in your faith has tested your endurance
will grow so let it grow for if your endurance is fully developed you will be strong in character
and ready for anything. For me that is so descriptive of my life. I have had trouble
beyond trouble and I have let my faith grow and my endurance sky rocket and because of
that my character is very [inaudible] and very strong and very developed and I am ready
for pretty much anything. Well that is my passion for these videos as I want to show
you the things that I have learned and I want to teach and encourage you from the struggle
that I have had how to get through those trials and troubles and how to become stronger because
of them. I want to show you some secrets of the wealthy how to create financial freedom
beyond belief. How to invest on things that grow and do not have volatility, how to make
sure that you do not pay too much income tax but do not have the tax man on your back.
How to get out of debts so that the banks do not control your life instead that you
control them. How to make sure that your assets are protected and private so that things can’t
seized from you. See this is what creates financial freedom in your life and prevents
that feeling of bondage that feeling of just create strain in your physical body the strain
and bondage in your spiritual life, strain in your marriage. See when you experience
true financial freedom and that leads into a freedom at all others areas of your life
then you can breathe in this oxygen into your spirit that is like freedom and that is something
I actually have imprinted on my rib cage it says freedom is the oxygen of your soul. Well
these kind of things interest to you and just a part of who you are and just desire like
I used to have or still have and just created this huge passion within me that I encourage
you to go on the link below and add yourself to the freedom fighter news letter. Listen
to all my YouTube videos, read my book that I will be launching in a few months called
no more chains on me and I encourage you to join my journey as we discover freedom financial
freedom that is just deep and exciting and just something that thrives within us. Take
care god bless.

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