Are mutual funds stocks and GICs just not giving you the return that you’re looking for? Are you thinking about maybe investing in real estate? But don’t actually want to purchase the property Hey guys, it’s Lori Williamson I’m a Toronto Realtor with Keller Williams and in this edition of Money Mondays We’ll show you how you can receive the same type of profit that the bank received by becoming a private Lender so let’s head over to talk all of the details with the CEO of Mortgages of Canada Samantha Brookes. Thank you so much Lori, that was great. Let’s talk about there’s a lot of people really interested in getting into private investing. The market is not quite where it used to be a couple months ago. So. Put everything together minimal, risk you or as little risk as possible when we’re lending out your money. $100,000 to $200,000 worth of money sitting in a GIC – it is a really good time to look at being a private investor. Find yourself a mortgage brokerage that lends private funds like Mortgages of Canada. Let’s say for $50,000 to $100,000 and give you a return on investment based on a 10% return. every month for one year. So great return on investment, pretty secure but there is always a risk when you’re investing. If you have any questions, give me a call 1-800-340-8339 Thank you, Sam And if you found this information to be valuable don’t forget to comment like and share and if you or anyone You know is thinking about buying selling or investing in real estate? Head over to where you can secure yourself a copy of how to buy a home and how to sell your home. Until next week Monday – Have an awesome day!

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