How to Build a Startup While Working Full Time (Create the Freedom to Live the Life You Want)

– I get approached by aspiring
entrepreneurs all the time. They’re like, I wanna do a start-up, I wanna start a business, but I’ve got a full-time job and I
can’t quit yet, what do I do? I’ve been there. Before I started my company, ToutApp, and then went on to raise Metro Capital and then sell the company
to a market leader, I was in a job and I
couldn’t quite quit yet. And I spent nearly a year and half preparing for quitting my job and moving on to the next thing and finally starting my business. I’m gonna walk you through
those three steps today on this episode. Intro! (upbeat music) What’s up, everybody? Welcome to another Unstoppable Sunday. I’m TK, author of the book,
How to Punch the Sunday Jitters In The Face, entrepreneur
and angel investor. If you are new to this channel, welcome. I do a video every Sunday so be sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon, because
I’ll bring you a video every Sunday on how to become unstoppable in your life and your business. If you’ve got a full-time job but you’ve got dreams of
becoming an entrepreneur and of finally starting that business, but you can’t quit yet, you can’t quit your job cold turkey, I’ve got the three steps
you need to follow. By the end of this video, you’ll have the three
steps that I followed to make sure you can start
preparing to start your business and actually get things in line so that by the time you quit, you have standing chance of
having a successful business. So, I’m gonna jump right into
it and not waste anymore time. Step number one, you need
to actually figure out and get clarity on why you
want to start a business. So often, people just say they
want to be an entrepreneur, they want to do the hustle and they want to be the start up CEO. Entrepreneurship is all the rage today and that’s changed over time. It wasn’t the most desirable thing because so much risk was involved. But, the one thing that hasn’t
changed with entrepreneurship it is requires a hell of a lot of work. And so, I always say, as step number one, before you quit your job,
before you start a business, figure out who want to
be five years from now. Why do you want to start a company? Who do you want to serve? Why do you want to go
into entrepreneurship versus going into working
as a smaller company and maybe being an early employee? These are the things that
you’ve got to ask yourself and figure out and give conviction around. Because once you have that, figuring out the steps to
actually quitting your job and starting a company will become that much easier because you’ll have
clarity in your thinking on why this is a must for you, why you have to become an entrepreneur, why this is your life’s path. So, that’s step number one. Get very clear on why you want
to pursue entrepreneurship. Where do you want to
be five years from now and what does that look like for you? If you’re wondering, well, how
do I even start to do that, well, good thing I wrote a book on it. Be sure to check out my book, How To Punch The Sunday
Jitters In The Face. It’s on Amazon, link below. I ask you a specific set of questions that helps you create a
five year plan for yourself, that gives you clarity into why you want to go into entrepreneurship, or something else. Step number two, commit to starting that business
by allocating the hours. Let me explain. There are 24 hours in a day, each box over here
represent an hour in a day, so that’s 24 hours. I put an S into the boxes
where you’re sleeping, so you have eight hours of sleeping. I put another eight hours for working, for your full time job. Average full time job
eight hours, boom, done. I put another two hours for family time. That’s like whether it’s
spending time with family eating dinner, chores, whatever it is. And after all of that, you’re still left with another six that is
commonly mis-accounted for. Do you know where those six hours goes? For most people, those six
hours are going to Netflix. For others it’s going to
happy hour and hanging out and going on dates and
hanging out with friends. Now, look, if you want
to actually quit your job instead of just talking about
becoming an entrepreneur, if you actually want to go down the path of creating a business, and creating a structure and an entity that creates unlimited wealth for you, well, you’re going to
have to commit right now and carve out the time. If you can’t get disciplined
about carving out the time now, you will not get disciplined when actually are an entrepreneur and you’re looking to make
your business succeed. When I was in my full-time job, and I started to work on
the idea of my start up, the business that I wanted to go after, figuring out why I actually
want to start a company, and learning as much as possible about how to start companies, I followed a very, very specific schedule. And that specific schedule meant I woke up every single day at 6 a.m.,
and from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. I worked on my business. At 8:30 a.m. I drove to work and from 9 a.m. to 6
p.m., I stayed at work and did my full-time job. I came back from my full-time job and then from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., I worked on my business again. And then I went to sleep and
I woke up the next morning and I did that again. You can go back and check the calendar, you can go ask my ex-wife about it, you can do whatever you want to vet this, but that is literally
the schedule I followed to make sure that I
could start my business. Now, I’m not saying you do that. There are things that worked
out incredibly well for me by doing that and there are things that didn’t work out as well. If you can’t figure out
how to get two hours out of the day, two hours on a weekday, not ever a weekend, to commit to actually building your business, I hate to break it you, you’re probably not cut
out for entrepreneurship. Just, I’m not gonna lie about it. So, step number two is carve out the time. Now, let me pause over here. I kind of beat you up. I pumped you up, entrepreneurship, go. And then I said, look, you
may not be cut out for it because you’re not willing to commit. So, let me just pause over here. Entrepreneurship is the
most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. It has transformed my
life, my relationships, my friendships, everything. It has been incredible. The amount of things that I’ve learned, it’s just freakin’ awesome. And I highly recommend it. And I just don’t like
to lie to you about it. I don’t like to lie about what it takes and the costs that are there. So, I like to be up front, like, look, it’s a lot of hard work, but there’s a lot of up side. So, if at this very moment, before I go to step three, if at this very moment, you’re kind of still like hell, yeah, I wanna go
start that business, I want to do that start up, I’m willing to commit and
maybe I’ll do a better job at it than TK did in managing his time, and his relationships and everything, and if you’re there, if you still want to be an entrepreneur, even after I just kind of
beat you up a little bit, can I just get a yes in the comments, just put a, “Yes, I still want
to go after entrepreneurship, “and I’m gonna figure
out how to get there.” Or maybe you’re in the path
of entrepreneurship already, let me just hear a yes. Because I’m a big believer
in entrepreneurship but I also like to be up front
about how much work it takes. So, I covered step one, get clarity on why you
want to be an entrepreneur and figure all that
stuff out in your life. Step number two, carve
out time in your day. Do an audit of the 24 hours
you’re given every day and figure out where that time is going. Which brings me to step number three, which is actually start
to build your business. Now, look, there are certain limitations when you have a full time job. You may have conflicts of interest, you may have stipulations
in your employee agreement like I’m not giving you
advice on any of that, talk to a lawyer, make
sure this is all safe, but if you work on your personal computer and it’s not a conflict of interest in your core job, then you can start working on at least building your business, if not learning about
which business to build. Once I committed the time, that’s what I spent my time on. I spent my time on reading tons of books about how to build start ups, about marketing, about sales. I have an entire library right over there and over there of all the books that I read when I was building out ToutApp, even before I even started it. There is so much knowledge out there, so even if you don’t know what
your business is going to be start boning up on the knowledge. Spend those hours to actually bone up on the knowledge on how
to make a great company. How does sales work,
how does marketing work, how does recruiting work? There’s a whole set of things to learn. And if you get good at those things, those will all come into play when you finally quit your job and start building that business. Now, probably the most
important thing to do as you start to hone
in on what your idea is and who you want to serve, even before you quit your job, don’t quit your job until
you do this one more thing. And that’s building an audience. Now, this is a whole separate topic that I cover in a different video. I’m gonna link to it below, or you can follow it here. As part of step three, once you start boning up
on all that knowledge, start to build an audience of who you want to serve. At the end of the day, we create products and services to serve a certain group of people. And we start businesses to do that in a formal way. So, before you quit your job, start building that audience to actually go after that market and understand what your
business is going to be about. There are three specific
steps to follow for that. I’m not gonna cover that in that video because I’ve done it before, so follow the link
below on the three steps to follow to actually start your business once you have gotten clarity, carved out the time and
started to do research on how to build that business. So, just to recap, step number one, get clarity on why you want to do entrepreneurship. Step number two, carve out
and commit hours in your day to actually work on
building that business. And step number three,
bone up your knowledge on what kind of business
you want to build, how to build businesses and get clarity into the type of business
you want to build. More on step number three, there’s a whole lot more knowledge follow the link below on the video. If you found this video helpful, and if you are continuing on the path of entrepreneurship, and to become the best
version of yourself, you want to excel at your life, please like this video. I do a video like this every Sunday and so, along with liking the video, please share it with a friend who’s also considering entrepreneurship and please, also hit the subscribe button so every week when I publish a video you get notified and you can learn how to become unstoppable in your life and in our business. And remember, most importantly, everyone needs a strategy in their life. Yours is gonna be unstoppable. I’ll see you next Sunday. (upbeat music)

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  • You laid it out very clearly…planning is key…I like the index cards. It shows it takes sacrifice and discipline to start a business…love the rewards though

  • Yes! I've been on the path "part time" for a number of years but never really committed until this year. I do the same, leave at least 2 hours or more a day to work on the side hustle….just not a morning person 🙂

  • I love that you have Step 1 as “Get Clarity”. I think that having a solid “why” is so important, and something I’ve definitely ignored in the past. Thank you for making this!

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