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How to buy a house without lying to your lender,
coming up… Alright guys, so, we’re talking about, how
do you actually close on a house, buy a house without trying to sneak something by the big
bad lender. Because for some reason there’s this skeleton in everybody’s closet that they
don’t want the lender to find out about. Because they think that if the lender finds
out everything is going to fall apart, and they’re right. Therer are certain things that
need to be talked about or resolved, before closing on a house. Here’s the thing, one
thing you have to remember is that if there’s an issue, we are going to find out.
There’s no sweeping stuff under the rug. The way that you buy a house without lying to
your lender is by telling the truth from day one. By doing that it gives the lender the
opportunity to work on a solution. Otherwise what happens is the lender finds out some
other way. By waiting, and not telling your lender you
set yourself up for failure. The realtor is set up for failure.
We’re all set up to then be scrambling to try to find a solution the day before closing.
Then the stress level goes through the roof. “what’s going to happen? Am I going to be
homeless?” When really this stuff could have been resolved
a month ago, and then the stress level isn’t as high.
Let’s just put all the pieces of the puzzle together at the same time, at the beginning,
as soon as possible. If you know that there are any issues let’s get it in and figure
it out. I’m all about solutions.
Let’s figure it out. Solutions
Resolutions Resolve
Opportunity I don’t see an issue as “end of the world”.
I see an issue as “hey, we’re going to learn something now, we’re going to figure something
out.” This is like, sudoku.
This is like, long division. learn more at

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