How To Buy Multiple Investment Properties

Kris Krohn here on Limitless TV. And
today, I’m going to talk about the secret for buying multiple investment
properties. A lot of people want to know, people are always asking, Kris how you
go from one or three homes to a hundred homes? And I’m going to share that with
you today. One of you Limitless TV fans requested
that we do a new video on how to qualify for multiple mortgages. And you know? it’s
music to my ears. I couldn’t think of something more that I’d rather talk to
you about than how to do this because I’m going to tell you right now this is
one of the most difficult things to do in real estate. And for me? it’s a piece
of cake. Like, I don’t even know why more people aren’t doing it and I hope that
the next few minutes will help you understand exactly why that is and
exactly what you can do. I want to tell you a short story here. When I bought my
very first house, the most important mentoring that I received have been 14
months earlier and it’s very likely that what I’m about to share is going to
impact one of you watching this video. So my very first mentor said, okay Kris you
want to get into a home? you want to buy an investment property and build a
portfolio of many homes? He said, I want you to pay the price to use your own
credit and own money to buy a house. And I want you to get ready to buy a primary
residence. ow whether you’re in a home or not, you can do this strategy. If you
will save enough money for a 3% down payment, which in most of the places
around the country we’re talking about four, five, six, seven, thousand dollars. Put
the money aside, develop your credit, and have a two-year job history. I did those
three things and 14 months later I had $5,000 in the bank, I went from having a
couple of credit cards that I wasn’t using to using them regularly and
keeping them paid off so my credit was at a bare minimum where it needed to be.
And I intentionally kept the job that I probably wouldn’t have had I not gotten
that advice. So 14 months passes it comes time and I buy my very first house. Now
pause. This is so important. When you buy your first house, you can buy a house for
you that is a home or you can buy an investment property. I bought both. A home
that I could live in and an investment property.
What’s the difference? one, was a home that I liked. Two, it was an investment
property that I was planning on leasing out, renting out, and selling for profit.
Here’s what it meant, meant that I bought my first home with $40,000 of yummy
juicy equity. That $40,000 was almost more than twice I made an entire year so
when I bought this home it had a basement apartment that I rented out,
covered my mortgage and I have $40,000 of equity. Now my wife and I lived
this home for two years because currently United States there is a tax
credit that says, if you live in a home for two of five years then you don’t
have to pay any capital gains when you sell it. That’s awesome. So I lived in
this home for two years and then twelve months later after moving into it
something happened. I was able to acquire my second investment property. Do you
know how I did it? I went to the bank I said I got $40,000 of juicy yummy equity.
And they said, let’s give you a home equity line of credit. The bank basically
gave me checkbook control over eighteen thousand dollars of that forty thousand
dollars of equity. And you know what I did with that money?
That became the downpayment for my second home. Now, the second home was
nicer than my first home but I didn’t move into it. I didn’t live in it. Do you
know why? Because it was an investment. This wasn’t time to gratify my needs. I
could have bought a nice car, I could have bought a big-screen TV, I could have
taken a trip, I did none of those things. And I’m going to tell you that four and
a half years later, that’s worth one point six million dollars and retired. So
giving up some of the things you want today, young couples everywhere, older
couples when they buy a house, they want something that meets all their needs.
Well, make sure one of your needs is an investment property. The equity in
that second home bought my third project. So all of a sudden, $5,000 got me into my
first three properties. And you might be asking, Kris how did you qualify for a
second and a third if you had low income? Well it’s very simple.
Banks will take 70 to 80 percent of the income that you get off of renting a
home and they’ll apply it to your credit. So on my very first home it showed that
I had a, it showed that I had a five hundred and thirty dollar payment every
month. But after I moved out and it was renting in a thousand dollars a month,
the bank took the thousand. They counted seventy percent of it and said I had
seven hundred more dollars of income and that seven hundred dollars canceled out
by five hundred and thirty dollar payment on the house. Of course the bank
was willing to give me a second one and a third one. But only to an extent. This is
the real secret I’m going to share with you the number one secret where I went
after three homes that made all the difference in the world
between going from three homes to 300 homes without another penny out of my
pocket. So the number one secret to multiple homes on your credit is not to
have them on your credit at all, it’s to have them sitting on a partner’s credit.
After I bought that third house, my father-in-law came along and it was his
suggestion once he looked at my profits on the first three homes to suggest that
we go in together on that fourth home that became a tenth home that became a
fiftieth home. Partners make the difference of getting where you want to
go. So this is what’s really crucial. The first one or two or three homes that you
buy do you know what it’s all about? It’s about track records. I don’t care
whether you make a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand on those homes. I
want you to have experience, I want you to get your feet wet, I want you to have
an experience with real estate so that when you go and approach a potential
partner, guess what ends up happening? You can speak to your previous
investments. When people join my particular real estate club, I call it my
limitless real estate community. The number one thing I teach them I,s how to
acquire multiple properties with no money and with no credit. I show them how
to go online and leverage facebook to build a friendship base of people that
have money socked away in the 401ks and IRAs and for retirement that’s not
giving them what they really want. And then I give them access to all of these
incredible nationwide deals and guess what?
Voila! I make magic happen. I put it together. I even have my coaches sitting
in selling your people on why they should partner with you. Partnering hands
down, I’m buying 100 homes this year and partnering hands down is one of the most
amazing ways of acquiring multiple properties because your credit will
eventually tap out. Your debt to income ratios will tap out, your income will tap
out, something’s going to tap. And then that’s when most people stop. I’m sharing
with you the number one way that you never have to stop. And ultimately, if I
had to condense it, you’re the deal maker. The deals, someone with the money, and
you’re the one that puts it all together and gets paid to manage it in my
partnerships it’s a 50/50 relationship because there’s a lot of people who
would rather work with my level of experience. Just like my father-in-law. I
don’t need them three homes but he had never done any investment properties but
working as a team, it was beautiful. Today when
some of partners with me they’re partnering on almost a billion dollars
for the real estate experience. That’s a no-brainer. People want that experience
of my good bad and ugly experiences. Mostly good experiences and they want to
leverage me at my background and my knowledge base and that’s what I want to
show you how to do. And you do that through partnering. So here are the basic
steps to partnering that I want to share with you today. Make a list of people in
your life that have some assets or you would guess that they have assets. 401ks,
IRAs, and things like that. Number two, I want you to then find a property, a
really great deal, and I want you to tell them about it. And let them know that
you’re open to partnering on it and what’s happening now is you’re bringing
people to the table and you started the process of match making. Friends, if you
do this, if you can do just one partnering deal, then you can do a
thousand and it will financially secure you for lifetimes. Leave a legacy, do
incredible great work. This is something you can learn how to do. Now if you do
want some help on your first steps in the link below, you have an opportunity
to message me and let me know, hey I want some help with that help me put some
partnering together my staff and team will reach out and share with you what
that would look like and see if maybe I can help you bring deals to your table
for your people help bring people with money to your table and then show you
how to package it all together because partnering is how you do as many
multiple deals as possible. Thank you for watching today’s video. I really hope
you’ve enjoyed it. I want you to subscribe so I can tell you about
tomorrow’s video the moment it comes out on how to handle criticism. Because
whether we’re in the real estate investing world or whether we’re just
dealing with people in general, criticism is a part of life and some people do not
manage it very well. I want to share with you how to take criticism and turn it
into your greatest growth feedback.

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