How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds, here. Hope you’re well, guys.
And in this video, I’m going to share with you four ways that you can buy property without
using any of your own money. So if you want to buy houses with no money, then stay tuned. Okay. So the ways that I’m about to describe
to you how you can guy properties without using any of your own money … First thing,
I want to say that I have done all four ways so this is not stuff that I’m talking about.
This is not theory. This is actual, practical, I’ve been there, I’ve done it. Not only have
I done it, but I’ve helped dozens and dozens of other people do it, as well, by telling
them what I did. So this is real-life stuff. Sometimes people
say to me, “You can’t buy houses without no money.” I respond, “You’re absolutely correct.
You can’t.” They can’t because they don’t believe they can. So I think the first step
is just being open-minded. People have been buying businesses without no money for years,
usually in all kinds of different agreements. So I’m going to share these with you, and
you can either, you can be one of the types of people that say, “I don’t believe that’s
possible. That’s too good to be true.” And that kind of stuff, in which case, that’s
fine. Maybe, don’t even continue watching any more of the video if you don’t want, if
you think that’s fine. Or you can someone that’s just a little bit open-minded, in which
case, this could happen for you. So here’s the first way. Number one is lease
option agreements. Now, a lease option agreement is basically where you buy a property today,
but you pay for it later. So you could almost say it’s a little bit like the owner has given
you a free loan for, say, five years. When it comes to the end of the option agreement,
you don’t have to buy it, you have to option, not the obligation. And in all that time … And
this is what just blows my mind in how good lease options are. Because I’ve got many lease
option agreements. So say, you buy it today, but you pay for
it in five years, you don’t put anything down today. Okay. You might have to pay for the
solicitor fees. But you’ve actually put any money in for the property at all, and you’re
getting immediate cash flow. And as the house goes up in value, you’re gaining from capital
appreciation. So it’s just a fantastic way of getting your foot in the door, owning properties,
and doing this starting out with no money. If you want to learn more about lease option
agreements, I have done other videos about this. But it’s one of my favourites. Number two is joint ventures. Now, a joint
venture is where two people come together. They usually, will bring 50% of the value,
and they will put 50% of value together to do a venture, a deal. If your venture is property,
and you’re buying a property, and you’re doing this as a joint venture with somebody else,
you’ve both got to bring 50/50 value. But you haven’t necessarily got to bring 50/50
money. Your value could be something that is not actually cash. Your value could be
you’re bringing the deal to the table. You could be bringing your knowledge, the power
team, the overseeing of the project. There’s loads of things that you can bring to the
deal besides cash. If you find a joint venture partner who has
cash but that’s it, they have nothing else, they can’t go on to be successful without
you. You tell them, “Look. You put the money in. We’ll put the time, and the energy, and
the knowledge, and the team, and all that in, and then we’ll go 50/50 on the profits.”
Effectively, you have bought a property without using any of your own money. Joint ventures. Absolutely fabulous way to do it. And you
need to be really careful if you do a joint venture partnership. You have clear expectations
and clarity so you know what’s what. In case it’s a case of you said this, no I didn’t.
So you need to have proper contracts drawn up and a clean understanding of what you’re
both bringing to the table. But joint ventures is an incredible way to get started with no
money. And for that, you can’t be successful in property with no money, no time, no creativity,
no implementation, of course, you need something. You could bring something to the table but
it doesn’t have to be money. Number three. Different to joint ventures,
this is using other peoples’ money. If you know how to buy a property and make a 20%
return on investment, you also know someone who’s got 100,000 pounds sat in the bank doing
nothing, you could borrow their money to buy property, give them a fixed return. So you
could give them 5%, 10% return on investment on their money, which is way better than the
bank. And any extra, you’re going to keep yourself. And you’ve also, obviously, got
a free property. So it doesn’t have to be your money, you can use somebody else’s. This
is very different to a joint venture. Because a joint venture has a stake in the property.
Other peoples’ money. Number three. That could also be the bank’s
money. You could get a bank loan to put down to buy a property. It doesn’t matter where
the money’s come from, it’s just someone else’s besides yours. So it’s a case of tapping into
money. I have personally, myself, I’m not recommending this, but I have bought properties
on credit cards. I’ve literally gone to the bank with credit cards maxed out and used
the cash to put down deposit on properties, and then switched the debt on the credit card
over to 0% credit card. So I’m not even paying interest on the debt. That’s other peoples’
money. Got to be careful doing this because you need
to know what you’re doing. You don’t want to borrow money from friends and family and
then screw it up. But if you know what you’re doing and you understand how to buy properties,
I think using other peoples’ money is a much smarter way of using your own because you’re
going to get an infinite return on investment that way. And number four of how to buy properties and
own properties without using any of your own money is by buying a property, adding value
to it, and then refinancing the property. You don’t even need much money to start with
because you can get a bridging loan. Some of my students are doing this right now, as
we speak, very successfully. Whereby, they’re buying properties, they’re borrowing all the
money on a bridging loan to buy the property. They’re then adding value to the property.
Again, borrowing money to do that. So the whole thing, they’re borrowing bank’s
money to do it. But then, when the project is completed, and they’ve added value, they’re
then refinancing the property with a new lender, and the money that they get, they paying off
all the loans, and then they’ve now got a property that they’ve put none of their own
money down for. I mean, you might end up leaving a little bit of money in. If you do it right,
you can leave no money in. I’ve done this successfully several times, where I’ve left
no money in with buying and refinancing on bridging loans. That’s just four ways that you can buy properties
without using any of your own money. I hope that’s been inspiring. I hope that’s been
helpful. If this has opened your mind up, or this has really got you thinking, then
why don’t you do your friends and family the favour and share the video around and open
their minds up to it. Because I’m on a mission to really open up peoples’ minds and to get
people out of the old way of thinking, which is save up, put money in a bank, work really
hard, put a deposit on a house … That old way of thinking, which is leading to people
buying their first house when they’re in their 30s and 40s, which it really doesn’t need
to be like that. So I’m on a mission. Share the mission. Share the video. Thank you so
much. I love you very much. Peach out. Thank you so much for watching. If you’ve
benefited from that video, please, do share it with your family and friends. For more
videos like it, you can watch right here. And if you’d like to spend two days with me
at the Property Investments Crash Course, watch this video to see what happens. But
whatever you do, don’t forget to subscribe right here, and I’ll see you next time.

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  • Hi Samuel love watching all your videos can you send me a link to receive your book 📚 I look forward to meeting you one day ☝️😎

  • Joint-venture 50/50 deals typically wouldn’t t work In the USA. For a “sweat equity” deal you’ll be lucky to get 10%. However 10% is still free money.

  • Hi Sam, I'm about to secure my first joint venture deal. However I'm stuck on the contract side of things between me and the investor. Do you have a sample contract for a joint venture?

  • All your videos are all well and dandy but what about someone on benefits due to ill health only on £8k per year????

  • As Jim Rohn said “ I cannot” is a statement closes the mind. “How can I?” Opens doors. How can we find landlords who are willing to do lease option? I have seen your other videos about lease option and did not answer this question. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

  • The uk housing bubble is about to burst, and prices/values tank, but i will look seriously into this once it's bottomed out.

  • Do NOT follow these suggestions. You will burn yourself. No self-respecting business people will ever suggest you to put your life up for a venture. Things go wrong (eg. 2008) and you have to be able to "afford" to lose your investment if something changes out of your control (meaning: you won't jump off the cliff if it all goes belly up – you can restart it again and it won't follow you till the end of your life).

    Lease Option Agreement: you agree to buy sometimes in the future… maybe… but maybe not. There is no cash flow here. You carry on paying your rent. With no money, it will not work.

    Joint Venture: show me a muppet who will put up all the cash for your pretty promise to do the work. If you want someone to be dedicated to a job, you either pay them or you get them to commit with money. Silly to say that they can't do the job without your knowledge. you can't do the job either without their cash. I would never in a million year go into a JV with someone who won't put up any cash.

    Using other peoples' money: don't be stupid to max out credit cards to put a deposit down. Plain silly. No comment needed.

    Buying, refinancing: it wrongly assumes that property prices will continue to go up. They won't. Your penalties will also eat up much of your profits.

    To summarise: if you can't afford to buy property, do not buy property. Math doesn't lie. It is the same in all languages. If you pay more than 20-25% of your wage towards a property payment/mortgage, you cannot afford it. It will snowball eventually. You will be broke by the end of the month and accumulate debt from other essentials. The hard truth is that if you can't afford, don't hustle (especially not with other people's money).

  • Maybe somebody can answer my question:

    I kinda get the LOA and just buying it "later" as mentioned several times in the comments, but my question is, how in the world do you want to make enough money through rental in lets say 5 years?

    If we say an LOA doesn't have to end up in a buy, then why would the owner lease it in first place, doesn't he lose money while leasing? He could also just rent it right?

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  • When i told my co workers i bought 5 acres of land, no money down, no banks owner financed, 500 transunion score i was called a liar, i giggled and said ok and continued to drink my coffee.

  • You start off by saying this isn’t theory when in reality that’s exactly what it is. You’re advising, inadvertently, that people adopt some very risky practices that are unobtainable to many. Hope people don’t get sucked in by this

  • Hi Samuel ,

    I have been an continue to use my skilled building and high spec internal finishing through my company .

    I would like to offer you the chance to take a joint venture with me and allow me to renovate and finish a high end property development.

    I await your response 😂😂😂🙏🏻

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  • What I'd give for some guidance from this chap.
    So happy to have discovered Samuel Leeds, very inspirational.

  • What u r doin is turning affordable family homes info expansieve 'hotels on Therapy driving houseprices up. So im a couple of years when the prices have risen (because of u) u have the option to buy under market value. U r contributing to the houding bubble, which makes it harder and harder for people with low income to buy or rent in the city they Work in.

  • Anyone else thinking Al Murray. Pub landlord ha. I am so funny I think I am going to start doing teach you to be funny YouTube video s.

  • Biggest bull shit point 1.u lease me a property 2nd u be the partner invest money i wilo. Give my time and all..

  • DO NOT DO WHAT HE IS SUGGESTING!!! its madness! yes you could do it if you have a good credit history but if it goes wrong and high possibility it would means you are screwed royally. The risk that he doesn't mention is massive and I mean massive! he is a shark and nothing more! I am currently going though a btl process and can tell you it aint cheap! not one bit! also you need to know the area very well, your finances need to be good, but great would be better. stamp duty for a btl will kill you as I have to pay 18k 🙁 landlord insurance, gas cert, electric cert, newly renovated, extension if it needs just to get one up from others to command a good return and that is 1000s upon 1000s before its even let. once let its a huge risk of tenants not paying, 5k a year for damages and fixes. when its going good youll make a little return. when it goes bad you could lose everything including your own home. to top it off i'm classified in the top 5% earners in the uk and struggled to get a mortgage at 75% ltv. What do you think the interest on those loans at 100%+ would be? its stupid  numbers and crazy to even suggest anyone to do it

  • If you have an asset such as a house you can use it to get sixty per cent of its value on a buy to let mortgage . Interest rates currently about 2.49 percent. You can either use this money or use it as thirty percent deposits on property to raise more capital mortgage at the same rate. Make sure your rental return more than covers your on costs including agent fees insurance etc. I always insure payments and property. Do not try to be too smart. Make sure you vet all tenants thoroughly, insure well and buy well. The governments three percent up front tax has taken the gilt off this gingerbread but it is still possible to make money if you are very careful. I have paid off ten percent of what I owe every year using other people's money but I am a very cautious guy. Most people like debt as the currency is being devalued as governments print money. Financial easing means a devaluing pound.If you have money you can still make an income for yourself . Do not take out an equity loan to do work on your property or go on holiday. That is a recipe for disaster.

  • Leasing option – if it was that easy everyone would have a property and no one would live in council houses. Tell me why this isnt happening then…

  • too many assumptions about future value , i look forward to your video in ten years, i hope you are honest about it 🙂

  • Buy property without YOUR MONEY: use
    1. Your company money
    2. Your dad money
    3. Your rich girlfriend money
    4. Your kid college money
    5. Bought the bank to buy house
    6. Your insurance
    7. Your brother money
    8. Your sister scholarship


  • I am tempted…but tenants could be more trouble than i would want…only way i see without those nightmares is buy, renovate, sell and move on to the next one. Quick flips get a modest profit and none of the hassle non paying tenants bring or trashing the place!

  • This info is all very specific, you have to have others working with you. Most people want a property, in their own name without the messing around.

  • How can you buy property with no money !!!!
    Because you need to pay for the solicitors fee and you need to have money to fix the place up . Also if you are like me and actually have only £10 in bank and no job I just cannot see how this is possible to buy a property with absolutely no money

  • Sam how can i contact you i need your help I'm willing to do anything at this point if you can help I promise I can be the best student you ever met

  • It's dead easy to buy houses with no money – just hock yourself up to the eyeballs in debt, and spend the next 10 years shitting yourself you don't lose your income which finances the debts.

  • Hiya Samuel me and my girlfriend are saving for a cheap flat that needs work doing to it just to get onto the property ladder. But is it possible to make good money from it if aye have bad credit

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    Have a great day ahead

    Mrs cami

  • Hey Samuel. I live now in Estonia and I was wondering if these strategies were applicable to any countries. What should I look at in a foreign country (different than UK) to start investing in property? Thanks

  • Lease back options are non starter as most mortgage companies do not let you do this. It's a breach of the terms of the mortgage.

    Secondly most leaseback homes have issues and rely on the current owner playing ball when you lease it back.

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  • The lease option is only good if the seller complies with the agreement. Typically the seller will not uphold the agreement because of the increased equity. You then go to court. It’s normally a losing deal

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  • Be sure your lease-option deal includes a fixed price now, not some vague reference to a future appraisal, because the latter is a "first right of refusal" instead of an option to buy.

    Also negotiate strongly for payment terms in the option, instead of an all-cash exercise price.

  • Real estate is a "borrowed money" business.
    The best lenders with the most flexibility are the distressed sellers.

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