How to Claim the Castle without the Minutemen in Fallout 4

Hey there my fellow Fallout 4 players. It’s
Paul back with another tips & tricks video. If you’re new to the channel, welcome to the
Skooled Zone. I wanted to take a quick pause from Far Harbor part of this week and next
week to bring you a series of tips & tricks videos that I recorded a while back and haven’t
had a chance to post. Wanted to make sure I did so before they got too stale or anything.
There’s just so many things you can do with Fallout 4 that sometimes it’s hard to decide
what should take priority, ya know? But the next few tips & tricks videos should be helpful
to people at all different stages of their adventuring within the game. Today I’ll be showing how to claim the Castle
as your very own settlement option without those pesky Minutemen. Now some of you watching
this video may already know this is possible. That’s great. Means you’re a veteran of the
game. No need to comment and say “duh” or anything. However, this video is mainly catering
to those players who are either completely new to Fallout 4, or have been focusing on
adventuring for a while and are just now getting into settlement building, or players who are
doing a brand new replay, or players who decided to ditch the Minutemen early because they
can be kind of a pain in the butt, especially good ol’ Preston, and just figured that they’d
have to write off the Castle because they read everywhere that it’s tied to that faction. I was in the latter category where I basically
just completed the very first Minutemen quest as part of the main storyline so I could then
ditch them in Concord and get to Diamond City as early as possible. In fact, in my game,
Preston and the Minutemen are still sitting in the Museum of Freedom and I never even
really did anything Sanctuary either. It’s kind of a vanilla space as far as settlement
options go in Fallout 4. However, the Castle is pretty cool. And now that I know many of
the building tricks and many of the workshop DLCs have dropped, this is the perfect time
to claim the Castle and do something with it. Now it’s not going to be the first settlement
showcase I post for you guys in a couple of weeks. I have something much cooler and fully
developed. However, the Castle might be on my list for integrating some of the new things
available with the recently released Contraptions DLC. I mean imaging creating a whole
funky roller track around the base. That would be cool. You never know. Anyway, just wanted to set up the purpose
of this video first so viewers understand why it’ll be useful to a great many players.
Now before we get into the logistics of claiming the base, I wanted to throw in a quick factoid
for you guys. After all this is the Skooled Zone …and well, I just can’t help myself. So the Castle itself is based on a real life
historic military base in Boston Harbor known as Fort Independence. It’s located on Castle
Island, which is probably why Bethesda named it the Castle in Fallout 4. It’s also shaped
like a star in real life because it’s actually a star fort. A star fort is an architectural
style of military forts that originated in Renaissance Italy. The star shape of the fort
helped make it more defensible because it gave cannons more angles to aim down on intruders.
And the same for archers. It was also built on a hill to claim the higher ground. And
with the shape and height there very few dead zones that the soldiers couldn’t target making
it an extremely fortified bastion of defense. Although it started out as Castle William
and was later renamed Fort Adams, it was officially deeded to the Commonwealth and is now a historic
landmark in Boston known as Fort Independence. So there ya go. Okay, on to claiming it. So as I mentioned,
you don’t need the Minutemen to make the Castle your very own. All you need to do is show
up and clear the place out of all the mirelurks. Depending on your level, there will probably
be a Mirelurk Queen. I actually made one of my Fallout 4 Monster Match-Up videos here
where I pitted that very Mirelurk Queen against the Spray n’ Pray. I’ll links in the
description and in the iCard above if you want to check it out… Good times! Okay, once you clear the place out of every
last mirelurk egg, then you can just head over to the Workshop and search it. Doing so will establish it as
one of your settlements. But there’s more to the Castle than just the
walls and the courtyard. The thing that makes the Castle cool is that there are a lot of
pre-built rooms within the walls themselves. And even cooler, there’s a whole basement
area. For those who don’t already know about it or haven’t done the Minutemen mission,
there’s a bit of a trick to getting down there. You basically head over to this collapsed
passage and then initiate your Workshop mode. From there, the pile of rubble will turn yellow. As
you probably know, that means it can be scrapped. Once you scrap the blocking rubble, you’ll
have access to the hallway that leads down to the basement, or the
Castle Tunnels as they’re called. What I’ll do now is show you how far you can
get in the tunnels without needing the Minutemen. It’ll be like a mini-walkthrough.
Okay, let’s go… Because it’s my first time in here, I’ll do
some looting as we go. It’ll also give you a chance to see what’s available for the taking.
Quite a bit actually. By the way, this brain fungus is used to make
Mentats and the glowing fungus is used to make Radaway, so I always grab this stuff
along the way as well. I actually talked about what brain fungus is in my “mole rat den”
episode if you guys want to check that out. Oh and there are going to be these frag mines
everywhere. It helps to have the Sneak perks so they don’t go off, but either way just
disarm them and you’re good to go. Now this place is a great source for cannonballs
which are used with the Broadsider. Made a whole video about how to get that too if you
want to check it out. You can also buy cannonballs from most weapons venders, but these
are just here for the taking. You’re probably wondering why I grabbed the
cement. Well it’s because you can turn dropped items of 6 or more and it’ll basically turn
into one item making it easier to remember and grab later, which I’ll do now. There we have a turret that we can take out
real quick. That’s why I’m sneaking, because we’re not completely alone down here. Over-weighted again…
A little Buffout to the rescue. Ah, a fusion core. Nice. Free chemistry station if you
don’t want to build one upstairs. Okay, here we come to the major guardian of
the tunnels. His name’s Sarge. He’s a pretty beefy sentry bot.. which is no match for the
Overseer’s Guardian and a little stealth sniping. There we go. We’ll just keep checking out the rest of
this area first and then head over there. And here is where we come to the end of the
line. There’s an inaccessible terminal here that opens the maglocks on that door. Only
Ronnie Shaw from the Minutemen can unlock them, unfortunately. So you can’t go any further,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t claim the rest of the Castle and the Tunnels for yourself
without them. And that my friends was the purpose of this video. So I hope that helped. If you guys like this tips and tricks video,
be sure to throw a like on it and share it around. And check out my Game Tutor playlist with many
more fun Fallout 4 tips and tricks videos. As always, thanks again for watching and we’ll
see you next time on the Skooled Zone. Peace out.

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