(upbeat tempo) – So welcome back its Robert Kiyosaki with my dear friends’ daughter here Alexa. And we’re talking about
Millenials and money, and we gone through some lessons. I don’t know how many more, but let’s continue on
with another lesson here. And so we were talking about you know assets and liabilities, right? – Yes. And when you read Rich Dad Poor Dad I said your house is not an
asset what did you think? – Well, I think that’s a conception that many people believe, but as you demonstrated the last seminar that we went to in Argentina. My mom had her properties and she converted them into assets. Correct. – I think it just depends
on what you do with it and it would be great if you could show us how to turn your house into an asset. It’s very its really fundamentals. If I could go back I
probably covered it earlier, (marker rattling) but it’s a crucial
question and this is what financial education and
financial literacy really is. Again it starts with the financial
statement and I would say probably 95 percent of all
college graduates don’t know what a financial statement is. You took an accounting course right? – Yeah, I did. I know you go through parts of this, but I say to young people like
you there’s six basic words to financial literacy
and financial education. And the six words again are income, expense, asset, liability. See I don’t really care
about my FICO score a fico score just basically registers are you trustworthy with borrowing money, but a bank will never sel. I borrow in the hundreds
of millions of dollars. (chuckling) A fico score not gonna get me there okay. It’s so it’s kind of a
ruse I mean I don’t its, it’s important but not for me. So these are the four
words income, expense, asset, liability. Then the last two words
are the words cash flow. And that’s, why the
game is called cash flow (marker squeaking) and the secret to being rich
is not a college education, but can you control cash flow. And this is what cash flow in looks like. So this here you need this income, expense, asset, liability. (marker squeaking) Again this is you get a job
and this is my poor dad, go to school, get a job, get your PHD. And so this here is cash
flow so income comes in and it goes out this way. First line of expense is tax, but this is a poor
persons cash flow pattern. It’s not how much money
you make most people you know they. I don’t care if you what you have a Ph.D. or no school at all. They can’t control the cash flowing out through their expenses so that’s, why people like Susie or men say cut up your credit cards,
live below your means cause you’re a spend-a-holic. So that’s a poor person. This is a middle-class
persons cash flow patterns and this is where the house comes in. They, first thing you know most kids do when they get pay raise and all that they buy themselves a bigger house, now my house is an asset. Who tells you that? Your real estate agent of course! – Yeah. (Alexandra giggling) Right cause they they want to give you this false sense of security
while you’re getting screwed. – Exactly. Ya know but when you look at
what happens with the house a personal. I mean a personal residence that I live in the money comes in it goes
out and this is middle class, but also goes out through a mortgage. Mortgage payments, oh but
I don’t have a mortgage. You still have taxes you still you know. Hawaii just raised the
property taxes on me. Which is probably why I’m gonna sell. I’m gonna get out of Hawaii, but you have taxes and you have upkeep so monies always flowing out. So that’s why your house is
not an asset it’s because its taking money from your pocket. So very simply said assets
put money in my pocket, liabilities take money from my pocket. And then this here is, so I’m not saying don’t buy a house but here is a house that. And I started when I was
25 bought my first house it was an apartment with
an investment property. I didn’t live in it, I rented it out and it put money in my pocket. So very simple the definition
of asset and liability is not the house or this, its cash flow. Where is the cash flowing? So as a young person (Robert coughing) and to all millennials or if you’re old financial intelligence is the
ability to control cash flow. And that’s what they
don’t teach you at school. They tell you to go to school, get a job. First thing is tax you know, you’ll pay most of your money
will go out through taxes, in your lifetime. Then they tell you to buy a house, a car. Cars an asset, no cars a liability. You got insurance, gas,
upkeep, and all this. Now if you buy a, a taxi
car it could be an asset, its cash flow. And that’s very simply it, so this is a poor person. Money goes out there’s a lot we, we just interviewed some
national football league players who make millions of dollars in their 20s. And most of them are broke in two years because they can’t control cash flow. Intelligence IQ is can
you control cash flow not your college degree. College degrees are important, but they’re not gonna teach you this. So the cash flow game, trains you over and over and over again to get your money in here to
get the cash flow this way. So I started with this,
cost me 18,000 dollars. I paid for the credit card and
I put 25 dollars in my pocket okay. It’s an infinite return
because the cash flow paid for the mortgage, it paid the
expenses, pays the operating costs and I still made 25 dollars. Kim’s first year was the same, hers wasn’t 18,000 it was 50,000, 45,000 and it
put 25 dollars in her pocket, but Kim now owns 6,500 rental properties. And she pays no tax because
the income comes from here. – Mm-hmm If you have a job you pay tax, but income the rich get richer because when you have asset income taxes are less. You can get it down to zero if you want. But that’s financial intelligence, but can you control cash flow. Okay, so say that again. Assets what? – Assets put money into your pocket, liabilities take money out of your pocket. And so as a young person
you just focus on that so when you buying a new house, you’re gonna say is this
gonna take money or put money? You buy an apartment house
is it gonna take money or put money that’s it, its cash flow. Six most important words for
financial intelligence and IQ is income, expense, asset, liability, but its really cash flow. Now if I could bring up a
more horrible subject is, do you think people can
be assets or liabilities? – I think they could
be both, to be honest. So for most young people
they fall in love, they get married, they have kids. Is a child an asset or liability? – A child is definitely a liability. I’m not saying don’t have kids, but you gotta think the kid is expensive and they don’t get cheaper. They get more expensive every year, you know then they go to college and then it gets even more expensive. So a human being now this
sounds horrible to all those socialists and communists out there, but the fact is kids cost money. But as an old guy, I want
you to think about this as I get older as people get older family members become liabilities. So I have a friend whose
mother thank god she had long term I don’t know what they call it, but they just canceled it on her. She can go to a old age home and I think the price is 18,000 a month. Most so that as a young person
as your parents get older the question is can I afford
to spend 20,000 dollars a month on my mom or my dads’ long
term healthcare, yes or no? – No, not right now. No so. – No. And this is gonna happen to my generation many people don’t realize, but there brothers or
sisters or sisters kids and all this become liabilities to them. So as a person whose fairly well off, I’m and Kim and my
friends are thinking about two legged liabilities. So I know today that if
my sisters become ill I’m the one with the money
and it’s my responsibility to pay for them. Same as my brothers and their kids. So these are things that people
don’t think about a lot of times is what happens
not only as they grow up, but what happens as they age. Statistics show the average
person in my generation lets say have a million dollars. 80 percent of that million dollars will be gone the last two years of life. Because medical expenses go
through the roof and today insurance companies are canceling. I forgot the name of it, but my friends’ mother
it was just canceled. So he doesn’t have 18,000 a month so he had to bring his
mother into his house and you know create
another room and all this. Well, I love her which he
does but shes a big liability and all he had was savings. So the savings are being depleted
going out this way, okay? So with your question
about houses and people, but people are also
assets and liabilities. For most people with our favorite subject, a 401K is it asset or liability? – From what I’ve learned from you its definitely a liability. Or an IRA or a pension cause
it’s always going out this way. There’s no guarantee it’ll be there. So this is the basic of
financial intelligence, financial literacy stuff like this. Another thing about people
is you have a bad advisor, like a bad financial planner, or a crook, or a business partner that’s a crook, a wife that’s a crook and all of that. They can be human liabilities. I have two friends right
now who just joined a million-dollar club. They married beautiful women, got divorced and the women is now costing
a million dollars a year in alimony. So their beautiful wife and the
child support it’s a million dollars going and she’s only 40 years old. So she has a whole pile of boyfriends, but it’s costing him a
million dollars a year for her boyfriends. I said I wanna be her boyfriend. (both laughing) not really you know. That make sense to you? – Yeah, it makes sense. Financial IQ is can you control cash flow. IQ means how big a problem can you solve so if like my friend whose
mother is now costing him 18,000 dollars a month. Well, thank
God he has about 100,000 in savings but in one year its gone. – Yeah. That’s not high IQ, but for myself 18,000 dollars a month I ain’t gonna make that much
cash flow pretty easily. – yeah. okay. So when you’re like in your 20s per, well how am I going to make. Let’s say by the time
probably a 100,000 a month to take care of my parents, because like it or not its cash flow and they become liabilities. And the problem is getting worse
or because the bond markets are not providing income. So many insurance companies
have to renege on their promises to provide the cash flow to
take care of our loved ones the same as medical. – Wow. And so that’s why when people
say I’m gonna go out on my own and do all these things they’re
kinda doing what they love. Which is good, but they’ve
really gotta think about how many liabilities do they have. It’s not just your rent you know, it’s your family and so for me (marker tapping) and for Kim. We have family members, but they’re liabilities so
that’s why we stay over here. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, but if one of my sisters got ill and she needs 100,000 a month
at least can provide it. – Yeah. otherwise she they go they go indigent whatever they call it kay. – Yeah. Any other comments or questions? – No thank you for sharing so much about this content and all this information. That’s gonna be super
valuable for all my friends and all the Millenials
out there just like me. So I have two friends that
are in the million-dollar a year club, it doesn’t mean
they’re making a million dollars it’s their wives
are taking a million dollars a year out of their pockets
and their kids and all this. And I go you should of thought
about that 20 years ago. – Yeah. But you don’t cause your in
love and you’re gonna have kids and gonna make it together. – mm-hmm. But your parents offer great role models. So once again the six
words you have to know and be masters at income, expense, asset, liability, cash flow. You can control cash flow
that’s financial intelligence, financial IQ and financial literacy, okay? – Okay. Thank you.


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