How to correctly obtain your prospects personal info and get the check

when I first got in a life insurance sales there were times when I thought it was a done deal I made a good presentation the client picked an option and then all the sudden you could see them change their body language their attitude in this video I’m going to show you how to avoid that from happening coming up next so you made your presentation the prospect pics an option the last thing you want to do is change anything that you’re doing change your momentum changer energy you don’t want to get nervous and you definitely don’t want to hesitate if the prospect here’s any hesitation in your voice something inside of them is going to say oh hold on back off what are you doing or you might actually make the sale and then as soon as you leave they start to get buyers remorse the next thing you know you get a phone call and they’re not asking for more insurance they’re calling to cancel so what I do in order to keep this from happening once they’ve picked an option in a firm voice I say okay I need you to go and grab your driver’s license meanwhile i’m pulling out the application and I’m starting to write in it then when they actually show me their ID I start writing information straight from the ID to the application remember it’s really important not to hesitate when you tell them to go and grab the driver’s license or ID you do not want to ask them can you go get your ID for me mm-hmm don’t do that once I’ve got the idea i’m writing on the application i asked him now what state were you born in they tell me and then I say and what your social just like that and what’s your social i don’t say what your social you give me your song yeah no hesitation and what’s your social if you stutter if you hesitated anyway they’re gonna back off right then and there and stop and you’re not going to get their social you’re not going to get a voyage it’s done now once they’ve given me the social security number and i write it down what I do is I pull out the sheet that i put the prices on and I point to the option that they chose and as I circle the death benefit i say now who do you want to receive this when you pass away again firm strong no hesitation once I’ve got their beneficiary information and what i do while I’m getting there beneficiary information is I talk about the relationship they have with the beneficiary then I pull out the application and put it in front of them hand them the pen and I point to where they need to sign and I say sign here and then I turn it over and I say and sign here no hesitation guys I don’t ask them to sign I point and tell them sign here if they ask me what they’re signing then I’ll tell them exactly what the pages for and then I’ll end with so just sign right here now once they sign i go to take the application and pen from them and then I say and go grab a void check for me again I don’t hesitate I’m firm I’m strong I command them I don’t ask them can you go get me avoid check please it’s okay to say go grab me avoid check please but don’t say can you or will you or do you have overall don’t say dia have expect them to have it they’ve got it and you know what whatever you say if they say oh well I don’t write checks a no problem mrs. Jones go ahead and find me one of those old statement you’ve got lying around i know they send you one from the bank every single month for information on sales training leads are carriers or if you just want to know who the best insurance carriers are for final expense life insurance sales email me Doug at UF vs feel free to subscribe below because again guys were putting out new videos all the time

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