How To Create $5000 A Month Cash Flow

Let’s have some fun today. Let’s do
something basic and meaningful. Let’s talk about how to build a residual
income of $5,000 a month through some basic real estate strategy. So, the
average income in America right now is $44,000. That’s kind
of what the average person is making out there. So if we can get you doing $5,000
a month, that’s $60,000 a year. And for the average person that’s going to get them
out of their job and actually get them hopefully living a life of deeper
meaning, greater passion and controlling their own financial destiny. You know a
lot of people think this channel is about real estate, but it’s not. It’s
actually about freedom. It’s about you being a choice to live your life the way
you want and to to live life on your terms. You know, it’s amazing. I
live in this beautiful multi-million dollar house. I’m up here in the
mountains right now. We got snow outside, it’s beautiful. You know, I’ve got
beautiful luxury cars that I Drive and I travel all over the world. And yet, as
nice as all those things and outward things are, nothing can compare to the
feeling that comes from just being free. So, let’s talk about how to create some
basic freedom today. $5,000 a month is our game plan challenge and let’s talk
about how we would actually do it. I think this is going to be really awesome.
Okay, how do we get to $5,000 a month if you’re brand-new in the game of real
estate. So for me, there’s a lot of strategies that I could teach you but if
I were to say which one’s my easiest strategy, least time, least effort, least
risk. Make the most money not even need money to really get started. It’s going to
be my compassionate financing lease option program. And lease option
basically means control a home, let someone else rent it until they can buy
it. And then you’re going to make big money up front, big money along the way and big
money when you sell it. So, let’s actually define that for you. First of all, on
average when I do one of these deals, just for doing the deal. Think about like
a signing bonus. There’s $5,000 that you collect up front. Number 2, there’s
going to be a cash flow. This is very important.
This is the $500 a month of cash flow. That means that if my mortgage was a
thousand dollars and I’m collecting 1,500, there’s 500 left over.
That 500 factors into this right here. $5,000 a month
which is the goal. So, if 500 of that 5,000,
for just a moment do the math. How many homes if this is just one home. How many
homes like this do I need to do to get to $5,000 a month? I need to do
10. If I had ten homes earning paying each 500 a month, I wouldn’t
have $5,000 a month. And that might be enough for you to go ahead
and exit your job and really just to live let can you. I want to tell you
something when you quit your job, you will be amazed at but first of all, how
much more fun you’re going to have. How much more you’re gonna totally freaking love
your life. How awesome the freedom feels to sleep in if you want or work late or
do whatever you want. But more importantly, I believe that your greatest
value emerges on this planet when you’re not doing a job that you don’t like. You
have more value to offer the rest of the world when you’re not stressed by
spending all your time doing something just for paying bills. So, this is really
important. And then there’s one more thing that is also a component here. I
want you understand that when you control this home for 2, 3, 4
years but then let it go, you’re going to be earning tens of thousands of dollars
more than likely. When you sell. This is the… These are the assumptions that I
want to play with for how do we get to $5,000 a month I’m in
this very basic game plan. First of all, here’s what we know. We need how many
homes? We need ten of them. So the real question is how are you going to get
those 10 homes? I’m going to give you some ideas in today’s video but this is
what you do need to know. If you click the link in the description below,
you actually can fill out a form to talk to my team and they will actually give
you a custom game plan. Because while I give you some ideas today, the reality is
you could be broke like when I got started or deeply in debt like when I
started. Or maybe you have money in a 401k or an IRA. You might have a lot, you
might have nothing. And wherever you’re at, you’re going to need
a custom game plan. So I just… At the end of the video or whenever it’s time to
hop off. Just click that link and then make sure you fill out that form on the
bottom of the page. And my team will call you and they’ll basically ask you your
financial situation and then they’ll give you some ideas. Perfect. What I want
to do is I want to give you 2 very… I’m going to give you 3 ideas today. These
are powerful ideas. These are multi-million dollars ideas. So you’re
going to want to pull out some pen and paper notes. I’m going to break this down
for you. So, I got to make a little bit of room for me here. I’m going to share you
3 strategies. Strategy A, and we’re going to put B here and we’ll put C here.
The first strategy says, “Move.” When I got into real estate, I put 3% down on my
very first house. And basically it took me… I was so broke dude it took me like
14 months to save about $5,000. When I found this house, I bought it $40,000
below market. Now I was only making 20 grand a year at the time. So by the way, a
house was an entry level baby cute little home. But that $40,000 of equity,
it blew my mind. That is more than double what I made an entire year of my job. How
did I just do that? And even better was it only took 5 grand out of
pocket. My 3%, was less than that. But we’ll just call it five-ish, okay? The day
that I bought that house, I put 5 grand in that I had just saved up. And it
should have been 20% down. I should have had to put like $25,000 down. But I
didn’t have to because banks have this exception that as long as you’ll move
into it you can put a baby down payment. 3%. So for most of us, that’s really good.
You can actually save up for that and that’s what makes this really good. That
is a good plan for someone that’s really starting with nothing. Save up a few
thousand dollars or work it out with mom and dad or a friend to borrow some. You
could even come off of… I mean, you can get creative guys. We’re talking about a
small amount of money to make a lot of money. And by, the way that house that I
put less than 5 grand into, I made 65,000 on that house. So,
that was a 13x return. I made 13 times. I grew my money 13 times. 5 grand times
13 is 65,000. So, it was really awesome. That’s one
strategy. Okay. Strategy number 2 is to fund it with
your retirement. If you have money in a 401k, in IRA, in annuity, a Roth. If you’ve
been setting money aside under the mattress, it could actually be even
equity in another home. But we as human beings, we’re so cash poor but we’ve
actually stashed our acorn somewhere. We’ve stashed our money somewhere. I just
want to ask if you’ve been now working your job for a little bit, where are you
stashing it? Is it in 401ks at an IRA? The financial planner and whoever is the
steward over that money’s gonna say, “Do not touch that money. That money’s for
your retirement.” And this is your response, “At the rate it’s growing and at
the rate I’m saving, I’ll never get even a tiny fraction of what I need. It’s
broken. Give me my money back.” Take that money
and put it into real estate because with the plan, if you click that link and talk
to my team, this lease option strategy. Look at this. 5 grand up front, five
hundred every single month. After $10,000 when it sells. Holy cow,
are you freaking kidding me? Dude, your 401k can’t do that. Your IRA can’t do
that. So, you know what rob those piggy banks and actually get that money as a
responsible steward doing something good for you. If you got any money saved up
like that, you can transfer that as a down payment into real estate and then
boom, you’re doing real estate. Now, this was a fairly no money strategy or a low
money strategy. This was a, “I really don’t have money in the bank account.” But I
actually have been saving a little bit because Society says to. And here’s a
here’s a true no-money-down strategy. This what last one I’m going to share today
is called partnering. Called what? Partner. Excellent, very smart. So, here’s what
partnering means. Partnering means that you don’t have the money but guess what?
Someone else does. It’s called O-P-M. Not opium. O-P-M stands for Other People’s
Money. And it basically means that when other people have money, if you say… If
you found a really fantastic deal that could make great money, you just put it
in front of the people with money and you’re going to be doing a deal. Just last
night I was texting with one of the members of my private real estate
community and he’d already done 3 deals this year. And he found a partner
that gave him $200,000. So now, he said, “Okay Kris, I’m going to go and freaking buy 8 to 10 more houses here.” And he’s lit
up and he’s freaking crushing it. Well he’s using his partners money. And then
guess what? He’s even using someone else’s credit.
He’s renting someone else’s credit. It’s is phenomenal. It’s one of the strategies
that I taught him. And those in my community. So, moving. Using retirement
funds, equity from a home, partnering with someone else that might have the money.
Here’s the big thing that I want you to understand. Succeeding in real estate is
not about you having money. It’s about you being resourceful.
Not having resources. How resourceful are you? Now, here’s the cool thing. I
started with like nothing. And I loved launching people that have so little to
start with. My partners will come on and they’ll have money that they’ve done
very well for themselves financially and they’ll partner with me and we’ll go
freaking crush it. Because I I do the only the very best real estate in the
country. And I’ve got piles of it. But for those of you if you’re watching this
saying, “Man. Kris, I just want to figure out how to get me to that $5,000 a month.” I want you to know this is just the start of a game plan. And if
you talk to members of my team they’ll finish answering questions and breaking
down how you can join my community, will show you how to do no money down real
estate. We’ll show you how to find these deals. We’ll show you how to get paid the 5,000 upfront, the 500 a month on the deals. Plus the tens of
thousands when you go to sell. And you know what? Here’s what you’re really
looking for. You need how many homes? 10. 10 homes at five hundred pieces. 5,000 a month. You might say, “Kris, but what if I only need $3,000?” Then you only need 6 homes. “Kris, what if I need $12,000?” Then you need 24 homes, right? It’s all right there, it’s all
available. And so click the link, talk to my team, get the rest of the game plan
they’ll break it all down for you. And if it’s right and you get the invitation to
come and join my team. Congratulations because you and I, we’re going to go out there
in the game of real estate and start crushing it and help you achieve that
goal of $5,000 a month residual income. Best wishes. Take care my friends.

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