How To Create A Perfect Society In Cities Skylines

it's so nice that spring has arrived it reminds me of autocratic governments this government type is pretty shit in real life but so cool in movies with their matching uniforms a while ago I used to gain city skylines to create a disco business that failed miserably and the reason was because mega cities are so 80s I should have created something modern but not too modern something 2011 a dystopian young adult City today I'm gonna show you how to create a why a dystopian society then most likely a girl that all the hot guys want will defeat the evil dictator and that's how we will get a perfect society I know in my Game of the Year video I promise to never make a gaming video ever again that still holds true this is a political science video step 1 to build a dystopian city is to add some roads then complete the city so that we can destroy it with noobs and then comes the intro voiceover after the nukes fell the knee of founding fathers decided we needed a new society with less colorful clothing so they created the Sousa the Seoul City a mix between society and city a very clever name everyone agreed this is my template for the city in the middle we are establishing the rich evil government who are an allegory for strict parents we need to give the place a why a dystopian name what's about the central capital capital Capital starting to look good in the middle we'll put an epic spire where the president will live this guy and his name will be President ty Rance he probably not smart enough to get it but the name access to meanings now that capitalists on we need to create districts that only do one specific thing because there's nothing more evil than being organized this strict one the cargo district people slave a way to deliver containers to other country wait there wouldn't be any other countries that's the whole point I didn't think this one through but I've already built it they are they're just sending cargo back and forth yeah but what if this travel district traveled to another district the districts are divided by a fence and a 200-meter dirt wall that please spray with Lube every our district to the industry district oil is drilled steel is mined would this cut and sex toys are assembled people who live here are forced to work they aren't allowed to sit around and watch YouTube all day disappointing their parents ah-hum district 3 is the Parks and Recreation District they take care of parks and nature reserves which sounds really nice but these nature reserves have genetically modified vampire giraffes giraffes are already modified horses but now they are double modified district forward the military district we raised the soldier cost without the fun of being a soldier like if they go on parades they aren't allowed to have any catchy music snipers aren't allowed to 360 no-scope and all the cool military rations have been replaced by non warrior food like smoothies Kanoa district 5 the water district their life is all about the water they live on the water they drink the water some say the population themselves are 60% the water district 6 education and science their motto is all we think you're stressed out the people here study all their lives then make no money they also have to sell their kidneys to buy university books but still tuition is free because we're not that dystopian district 7 forming the central capital capital capital requires all kinds of meat cows pigs antelopes this whole place is just honest day's work pretty relaxing all right place district 8 I have run out of district ideas this district is dedicated to fucker no elephants and bouncy castles two vital resources required by the capital they cannot survive without this place and district 9 the lowest-cost were like this pure torture the amusement park district doesn't sound so bad clearly you've never worked in an amusement park the young adult dystopian society is finished now comes the most important ingredients any day now a young girl who is plain looking will rise up and fight the rulers and also several super hot dudes we want to marry her but reminder she is plain looking to make her more relatable it's been 20 minutes and not a single rebellion has happened why it's the same problem as last time everyone is happy especially the elephant and bouncy castles districts who would want to live in a society dedicated to elephants and bouncy castles fucking everyone okay the actual reason people are happy is because we don't have a death competition where we gather a bunch of people and they fight to the death just like in Minecraft Hunger Games need to make a room for the arena Ono's district 8 is starting a revolution because they are tired of bouncing and baby elephants what an unrealistic lie I am putting down their rebellion with diplomacy because of their insolence we are establishing the fortnight games this is the arena where people will fight for their lives let's make it cozy first bleachers don't have any like arena seats so we are going to put down a bunch of fancy benches then people will have to move them to the drop vips gets fire towers it's important to make the place feel nice so we can have visitors in the non killing game season which we can rent it out for concerts and shit death metal in the Deaf arena the arena itself should be a cozy place to kill each other with trees and rocks everywhere and death vehicles but because of our dedication to no carbon emissions will have trams of mutilation then we'll put one metro line to every district to fill it up with people and then we can start capital errs welcome to the first ever for night game our contestants will fight in front of our massive audience of three people come on guys if you're not gonna participate in the program your government might stop investing money in murder games wait murder I completely forgot there are no mechanics to make people kill each other for sport that's my DLC recommendation fins we just launched every nature catastrophe we can find and the last one to survive wins a forest fire started and an earthquake a comet features the aftermath odds are no one survived except this guy over here max of this trick tree amusement park by killing all of your opponents without any help you were the winner of the fortnight games your reward is distressful employment as new revolutionary leader but first we have a destroyer house so you want to revenge more and named max ward is a perfect rebel name honestly now we must wait again really still nothing is it really that hard to shut down an oppressive government I must say the dedication to Jess a terrorist attack do not use that out of context the revolutionist started soon the capital will fall it may be destroying a toy factory in the wrong district really ruins the picture of you as a ragtag team of rebels ok setting fire to a national park come on who knew that revolutions could be so mean spirited I'll control them by building a dam because oh wow if this dam collapses the districts would have mud walls to protect them but the capital would drown oh let's hope the revolutionaries don't blow it up no don't blow up the nuclear power plant that's ok so the energy district it's not safe for humans anymore maybe picking the people who are the best at murder might not make the best revolutionary leaders this was a failed experiment I'm gonna stop it by putting police helicopters what's going on here don't poisoned the water supply that's the only place people get water it doesn't just affect the capital ah now everyone's sick and dying this is very unfortunate for me because health care costs money so we're gonna lower it still humans need water to live it's a dated feature God should really patch it out I fixed it everyone died thus going from a dystopia to a post apocalypse it was a biological mass extinction where did all this sand come from this was long journey but in the end we succeeded in creating a perfect society because literally no one has any complaints

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