How to Create and Generate an extra $5000 a month by Tapping with Breakthrough Coach Nando Rodriguez

amnon little that he gets your
breakthrough coach and today it’s all about generating extra income in your
life because if you didn’t know now you do guys I was so overwhelmed with the
excitement from the amount of texts DMS and messages I got from you all saying
you were so excited about tapping and it’s all you wanted to do next and
that’s all you want to do right now because you see the beauty of it and
anything you want is totally possible and you can create it with tapping so
what’s next I put together today a specific tapping video to create an
extra $5,000 a month for you and I know some of you are still so new
to the process and I want you to notice start to become aware of the feelings
that come up for you when it comes to the topic of money is it uncomfortable
is it shameful is there some resentment there may be some jealousy wherever
you’re at it’s okay because it’s just what is and with topping we’re gonna get
rid of that for you and get you comfortable around money and it’s just
gonna so easily start to flow to you like with freedom and ease so do you
want an extra $5,000 a month keep watching
even though it seems completely impossible and not probable to start
earning an extra $5,000 a month and letting the universe work out the taxes
I will start to generate $5,000 monthly I am so open to this right now and even
though I have so much resistance to it I probably have fear it probably feels
unsafe there’s so many reasons and excuses I have against it I bless and
honor them all and I’m moving into a new open direction and extra $5,000 a month
I can already see the money in the first month $5,000 extra Wow I know exactly
what I would do with it immediately but then next month month two another 5,000
will show up maybe I know what I’ll do with that money
also that’s $10,000 in two months and in three months that’s $15,000 in my pocket
my bank account all this money will just show up it will be flowing into my hands
with freedom and ease I will be looking at all this money I will be looking at
it marveling at it loving on it appreciating it being grateful for it I
will probably spending more time looking at my bank apps and balances than I ever
have because of all this new money coming my way I can see it so clearly
there it is after three months that’s $15,000 I can pay off so many things
with that I can start my savings I can plan a vacation I can book that vacation
I can help so many people beside myself with this extra income so yeah I
probably have so much resistance but I want this and I’m open to that
resistance leaving me I’m open to the resistance rising to the top where I can
see it and I can tap it away because the more I think about it the more I want it
it’s so good for me and I can’t wait to it can’t wait for it to unfold $5,000
more in extra income flowing to me there’s a lot of ways that can happen
and I’ll take some action and I really want this so I’m putting it out to the
universe yes please help me manifest this bring the people
and the actions the ideas I need to generate this and I’m just gonna say yes
yes yes yes yes to it all the ideas the nudges the Clery and I need to create
$5,000 a month more that’s $15,000 in three months that’s 20,000 pretty soon
and it’s just gonna keep piling up and it’s just the beginning take another deep breath start to notice
that after each time you do this video you will start to have impulses nudges
to take action or ideas will start to flow to you see you’re releasing all
that resistance you’re tapping it away so now you’ll start to see new actions
have new ideas to generate this extra income you will have just this new
energy around money you’re not gonna fear it as much or
you’re gonna see it as something that you can actually have because you’re
tapping all of that away so leave me your comments let me know what starts to
manifest your way random checks are gonna start coming in companies are
gonna start to send you refunds for things you accidently overpaid on trust
me it happens your tax money will be recalculated and the refund is issued
this extra money is coming to you and you’re just so open to it with freedom
and ease keep me posted I want to hear all about it share this
video with three friends that you want to include in this practice with you
because you know sharing is caring and remember I’m here to make your life

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