How to Deposit a Check in the FCCU Mobile App | Tech Tip Tuesday

Hi, I’m Dani from FCCU and welcome to another Tech Tip Tuesday, where we show you how to use our technology at FCCU as well as some advice on how to stay safe in the digital world. Today we’re going to talk about how to deposit a check in the FCCU Mobile App. But first, I want you to imagine yourself at home on a freezing cold morning, which isn’t very hard to imagine with the weather we’ve been having, am I right? You’re on the couch, cuddled up in your PJs, and then you realize you have to deposit your payroll check to cover an automatic payment today. You look out the window, you look at your pajamas, you look at your phone… You don’t even have to get up to deposit this check! Well… you might have to go get the check, unless it’s, like, magically in the back of your pajama pants pocket, but… you don’t even have to get up! What do you do next? I’ll show you what to do next! First open up your FCCU Mobile App. Click Deposit and then log in. Once you’re logged in, click Deposit a Check… let that load. Click Select Amo—*weird noises* Click Select Account and choose which account you’d like your money to go into. Click Deposit Amount and type in the amount written on the check. Click the Take Photo Check Front button. Lay out your check (My screen didn’t record the camera on the check, sorry!). And then you’ll want to center your check within the lines, it’ll automatically take the picture for you. Click the Take Photo Check Back button. Flip your check over and do the same thing (Please endorse your check with your signature and the text “For Mobile Deposit at FCCU.”). And if that all looks good, click Next. And if that all looks good, click Submit. The amount of your check should show up in your account immediately, but the funds won’t be officially released until FCCU business hours when one of our team members can approve the check. And that’s how you deposit a check in the FCCU Mobile App without putting on real pants. I’ve been Dani from FCCU. Be sure to like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, and like this video. We’ll see you next time! An error has occurred… what? I should probably log into the Wi-Fi. Oh, well, the Wi-Fi password is not “Wi-Fi.” Why did I think it was that? Our team members pretty much sit around and stare at a screen until you deposit your check and then we approve it if it looks all good! I’m just kidding, they do other things. They don’t just do that. Well what do you do next? You throw off your pants! (Why did I say that?)

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