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How is it going everybody this is beat the Bush, today I’m going to talk about how you can get yourself out of poverty. A lot of you may not realize this but the fact that you’re watching me through this YouTube channel means you have a certain income level that you can actually afford internet, people that are in Poverty oftentimes do not have access to the internet at all, but I hope this video somehow reaches these people Maybe you can use a public internet somewhere and still be able to find this video and maybe I can help a little bit. If you look at the demographics of people to actually watch YouTube actually [46%] makes more than $75,000 a year for household income and actually nine percent of the people [that] are watching Youtube actually makes [150] K or more now [you’ve] got the rest here that makes between 25 and 75 k but you do have about a 5% sliver of people that makes less than 25 K now these people are the one that are you know kind of on the edge of Poverty but the federal poverty limit is Actually $11,670 per person if you have one additional Per person in the household then you add another $4,000 some dollar so if you have two people is actually $15,670 if you earned less than that then you’re considered in Poverty. Now let me get this clear I probably don’t know what if you’d like to live in poverty because even when I was young I was making a small wage however my parents were supporting me And so that does not really count, however as you can see from my channel I have a certain affinity towards how to get your finance as well So I’m going to put my brain and just think about what you can actually do to dig yourself out of this situation now I don’t claim to have all the answers But I want to just give a few suggestions The first thing you can do of course you can just get roommates now if you’re only making $12,000 a year it’s really hard to pay for rent, basically So the way, I would try to go about this is get as many roommates as possible perhaps You can fit more people in the room So you can divide the costs and certainly at that income level you can’t really go “Oh, no. I don’t like this I want to live alone. I just can’t deal with it.” No, that’s not an option Really, if I had a job already if it’s part-time or something I might consider not Renting for a while living in the car. I know this sounds a little like a sketchy right, but it’s something that’s not permanent I would think of that oh I’m just going to do this for a short time and Build up a little bit of saving so that I have a little bit of buffer room So that I can move forward with my life I say this because getting employed sometimes requires an address so they need to mail stuff to you So you can give them this address that you’re renting ok later on after you’re working for well then then you go I’m not living there anymore It’s a good way to get a small amount of emergency fund just to get yourself going Of course I’ve never done this so I don’t know what it feels like I’ve known people That’s done this before where they’re living in a van or a car or something and you get the membership at a gym And that’s where you take your showers. Another tip would be you really really got to make your own food all the time Never ever go out to eat I know it takes time to make your food But if you watch my other videos you can actually make healthy foods in a very short amount of time I often come home, and then I make stuff from scratch, and it only takes me 15 minutes, for example Just for lunch just today I had a lamb chop which I will hot pot with some cucumbers and rice all of that totaled about a $1.50 in Ingredients of course I had to have a slicing machine which you may not have the privilege of having a slicing machine but of course if you’re in that situation Then you just have to cut it with a knife and same thing, then you can still prepare all this within about 15 minutes. The thing to realize with buying cheap food that’s available in your area you might not have a lot of fresh food to buy Nor veggies, and things like that it might be really out of your way Or it might not exist at all in the low-income areas where you live even more important is to Try really really hard to get fresh ingredients get whole chickens because those are the cheapest and unmerited ones because the marinated ones are Apparently older, it’s like a way to mask the oldness of the food so don’t get marinated steaks or Chicken or whatnot from the supermarket’s when you look at all the food that’s available in the lower-income areas It’s usually the liquor store And then you have a whole bunch of fast food Everywhere. The way I look at this you walk into one of the liquor stores, mostly they sell like all these packaged foods That’s really unhealthy for you sugary drinks that’s just sugar for your body and the sugar is not very nutritious at all It doesn’t have all the vitamins Doesn’t have you know all the fibers that you need Because you should not really look at the fast food just for the price on the surface It’s actually the price of that Plus your health later on now the cost of the medical bills that you’re going to end up paying if you keep on eating the fast food is going to Be ten times more than the cost that you see today. Let’s see the hamburger is one dollar It’s really ten dollars after you pay for diabetes medicine Surgery or Whatnot. And guess what later down the line if you cannot pay for the surgery or the medicine and stuff to make you well again? well That’s that’s the end of your life actually if you cannot pay for the medical expenses You basically borrow against your life, because you pay one dollar now. You’re actually taking nine dollars out of your future life now What about credit cards if you are on the Borderline? And you don’t have much savings you really should not even consider getting a credit card, borrowing from my credit card It’s kind of like being a drug addict It’s okay for now It’s going to tide you over just now but later on it’s going to be ten times worse So do you want to take the pain now, or do you take a lot more pain later So you should not even think about borrowing from a credit card if you don’t have enough to pay off of it No matter the circumstances. Now if you manage to save three months of living expenses Via living with roommate buying more healthy foods that are lower cost saving in whichever way Then you might consider using a credit card [if] you know you’re going to be responsible and pay it off every single month now if you have three months of savings in the bank But you owe the same amount of the credit card that’s not having three months of savings This is you need to cancel those out first pay it offers And then have that amount, then you should consider getting a credit card. Now let’s say you have $500 of credit card debt and then $500 of cash now. What do you do with it? You just put it all in the credit card and just pay it all off than you have zero left What I would do is just look at maybe like a month or two or those expenses that you have and then take the rest of that, maybe $300 or something and just pay off the credit card because you need to hold a little bit of cash at least Because you don’t want to take cash back out of the credit card because they’ll cause you to have some cash withdrawal fees from the credit card so you just keep enough cash to keep going for a month or two and then the rest would Really go towards the credit card so that you’re not paying interest because you really need to Prioritize paying off the credit card first now if you somehow managed to gather three months worth of expenses This is really helpful in [helping] you [weather] all and unexpected expenses like something breaks that you absolutely Critically need then you can take that money out and pay [for] it and you won’t have to borrow against a credit card or whatnot so it’s like kind of like a safety thing and Having that amount helps you save [money] actually because then you can actually spend it on things that when you do need it You can actually buy stuff when things go on sale The list goes on it really helps to have like a little buffer for you to whether any kind of needed expenses. Now what if you get yourself in a situation where you cannot pay the bills and You just still have enough Let’s say your $100 short you take in some income you after you pay all the bills And you’re still $100 short should you use a credit card [to] you know kind of cover it no? Because once you do that the next month you’re going to be short like another $110. You really got to look at the credit card kind of like a loan shark once you touch it It’s kind of like a drug and you just can’t wean off of it You really really need to make sure. You don’t take it rather than doing that take the pain now Yeah, let the lights go [off] or whatever get a roommate or something like that now What do [you] do to reduce your expenses? Maybe you’re going out to buy food, and you’re buying the cheapest of the cheapest things already if you somehow buy Something healthier. It’s going to double or quadruple your food cost, but I argue you can get cheap and nutritious food Just as long as you’re willing to cook it and if you have the skill to cook it quickly Of course [there’s] other ways to reduce your expenses creatively you could choose [to] not have a cell phone actually I mean People survive without it can just use a payphone You can get a bicycle and ride a bicycle to work the list goes on and if you have trouble [thinking] of ideas To do something like this, please message me, and you know maybe I can help you out I’ve been watching some videos on Poverty really just to research on you know. What’s it like? The difficulties that [people] that are in that situation or having the things that could keep you stuck in poverty of course if you have Kids and the income is really low And then you have to spend all your money supporting the kids then you’re just at this spot where all The money coming in is being used. So then you’re just stuck right there You could be stuff because you dug yourself in a hole because you ate all the bad fast foods and all the sugary drinks which Deteriorated your health and then your medical bills piled up So in that sense you could also be stuck that way because the cost of all those medical bills is kind of like working against you for the income that you’re taking in another one is if you have too high a credit card debt already, so the interest rate the amount that you owe Outweighs what you’re bringing in so this is kind of like a burden that you shouldn’t have taken in in the first place This is something that drags you down of course if you have a drug gambling addiction or smoking all those things are really Costly, and if you just kind of weaned off of those then it would actually save you a lot more money Okay, so those are the things that could keep you in Poverty What are the things that you can actually do to get you out. For one you can reduce expenses creatively number two Increase your income, now how do you increase your income you can work hard outside of your day job? I know you may not have energy to do this, but it’s going to be hard at first But then once you get over that little bit It’s going to get easier and easier because once you start making a little bit more income Then it gets that much easier and then after that you make [a] little bit more than it gets easier and easier The very beginning of course it’s going to be super super duper hard and those are the things that you have to overcome To get yourself out of poverty. Skills is what actually makes people money because if you know something that other people don’t know or if you know how to do something that Other people don’t know how to do they’re going to pay you money for it So if you’re in poverty, and you’re working a really low wage job it may mean that you have zero skills at all Maybe you have a skill that you haven’t been able to earn much from the idea is to take that skill and earn money off of it of course like for example if you know how to fix plumbing for example you can you know help other people fix their plumbing and make a Little side job like that, if you know your way around fixing a car you can do that. There are a lot of real-world skills that you can actually learn on the side without having to actually go to school as long [as] you’re good at it You can start small and then [it] [will] grow from there So I hope this helps don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below or message me directly if you want to throw around some ideas on how you can improve your life and for the other [95] [percent] of the YouTube audience And likely [ninety-nine] percent of the people watching this [channel] Don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can actually get a free audio book for free And if you cancel in time, you can still keep the book and you can still help out this channel I also have a patreon link over here and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks [for] watching

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  • I’ve been enjoying your channel to this point, but I don’t think you have any idea how insulting it is to listen to someone who readily admits they have no experience with real poverty, giving advice that they have never followed on how to get out of it.

    I lived below the poverty line for several years, but I don’t even feel like I have the right to speak about getting out of poverty from a position of experience because I had family I could have gone to in true emergencies and I came from a highly educated family. The majority of people living in true poverty have so many variable that prevent them from following the analytical advice you laid out.

    I appreciate your good intentions, but taking a moment to acknowledge those realities and address them directly, instead of saying, “oh, here are some things I guess would make this hard,” makes a lot of difference. When I heard you say, “live in your car” and then “cook all your own food,” without acknowledging that these two things are completely incompatible, it was pretty obvious that you hadn’t really thought this through as a cohesive plan. You’ve provided a lot of one off ideas to combat isolated problems, but that do not work together.

    I don’t mean to be unkind, but this is a topic that, when treated glibly, only contributes to the idea that poor people are poor because they don’t have the initiative or intelligence or work ethic to get out of poverty. Did I get out? Yes, but I didn’t start from the point of the generationally poor. I didn’t grow up poor, having to make my education secondary to taking care of siblings so my parents could work multiple jobs and/or working myself to help pay my family’s bills. I didn’t have to care for children or siblings or elderly parents while I was working, going to school, and digging myself out. I appreciate these distinctions, and maybe you do too, but the tone of your video suggests that getting out of poverty can be approached as an equation, similar to your early retirement plan videos and it is just not that simple or dispassionate an issue.

  • I don't have insurance or enough money to pay for it so it cheaper to leave the country and get all my test run at once

  • cleaning!!! helping women clean their house and get organized and become a minimalist is what I do for extra money

  • Ummm..roommates don't work out for me.One died (in the house,I found her,very tramatic) and one turned out to be a psycho who I'm pretty sure was planning on poisoning my disabled Brother when I kicked her out,police on premise.

  • What would you suggest to advance career for someone who was an associate degree in business administration who lives in a rural area where there are very limited job opportunities? Right now I feel blessed to have a virtual job that pays better than any physical job I can find in the area, but it only pays $15 an hour, part time hours, no benefits. How can I help myself the best?

  • the worse thing of poverty is

    how sometimes "family" or "friends" or neighbourhood/environment can keep you poor / leech / steal / emotional leeching (>O_O)> or worse gambling, theft/burglary or worse D:

    but yeah save as hard and as much one can ~

  • Step 1: get a job. Step 2: find a cheap storage unit. Step 3: get a membership to a gym member ship with shower access. Step 4: start dumpster diving for food. Step 5: start passive investing with vanguard 50 percent of your income. step 6: use the money for down payment on condo, trailer park home. Step 6 begins active investing and quit your 9 to 5.

  • As a single mom I know there are ways you can get ahead and climb out of poverty cause I've done it myself. I did childcare from home during the day and worked in the evening doing web design and marketing. I got my first computer for $50 and learned the skills I needed one at a time online (while nursing I would study and practice). I went from cleaning rooms for minimum wage to making over 6 figures in just a couple of years. Anything is possible, have faith, be determined and don't be afraid to take all opportunities that come your way even if you aren't sure you can do it, you'll learn 🙂

  • I'm not poor by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to pretend like I'm one check from being homeless for motivation based off that fear. On the other hand, I've been very bad at developing my skills and want to find ways to earn money in easier ways than I do now.

  • Hi. I just watched your video, and you offer some great advice! I am a parent living with my partner and 2 year old daughter. We have a £3000 breach which we have to pay off by September. If we can't pay, we get evicted. We live in the UK and we are getting Universal Credit. But our income is very low. We teach piano and together we don't earn enough to support ourselves. My partner has feet and knee problems and can hardly walk. I at my wits end with it all. Any advice you could offer me would be much appreciated. Thanks. Russell.

  • Hopefully I can avoid fast food for most of my life! I want to be healthy and have the best and most execllent self'improvement !

  • Free food hampers from charities are a big help if you're in bill stress. I'd rather be on my own with no housemates, it really is cheaper living in a share house but I am so much happier and healthier on my own 🙂 It's probably $50 a week more. Move further out of the city for cheaper rental if possible, if you don't need the city for work or you're on disability. Find cheaper gas, electricity and internet plans. Don't have a credit card. Cut your own hair or get a friend to do it. Grow a herb/ veggie garden. There is more I could do but I'm scared to, like selling or swapping stuff. Feeling safe where you live is important. Libraries are good, and thrift stores 🙂

  • 1. Get a McDonalds job and live at home for as long as possible so you can save money or get some roommates
    2. In your spare time learn how to day trade and practice trading with a paper account
    3. Spend 5 years saving up $25k
    4. Once you've mastered the most fool proof patterns, open a margin account and start making money. If you're good and disciplined, you can make $50k a year working from home, and once your account grows it will be easier to make more money $100k+ isn't unrealistic.

  • Thank you for taking the trouble to try to help people. There is no way you can cover all the topics mentioned by people. There will always be negativity. Keep up the great work!

  • you should get paid to make these videos, so helpful, I'm not in poverty but find the info you provide so useful

  • I absolutely lived at a campsite for 3 weeks because we had a gap between an apartment sublease and dorms opening up again. Fortunately, there was a shower at the campground and work was only 7 minutes away.

  • The immediate benefit of eating healthy is the clarity and energy that it gives. If you eat trash, you become trash.

  • a meal from a fast food burger place. cost about $11. take that $11 and go to the market and make a meal that last 2 days.

  • dumpster diving – Trader Joe's & Whole Foods throw out healthy food. also, if you are homeless, best to be in a warm weather state. I disagree about the credit card – if you have one, use it to get yourself started, pay for that gym membership to get your showers while you live out of your car and look for gainful employment. you may not know if you will be able to pay it back, but at least you can survive for a little while. even if you don't pay it back, only bad thing that can happen is your credit will be destroyed – but it's not forever, as it can be fixed, it just means you can't do the credit card churning trick, which is no big deal compared to homelessness…

  • In 9 years my rental income has gone up $700.00 a month and I give him a discount when he negotiated, as I do myself. It’s a very well maintained place. So far it pays for itself, all expenses (gardening, prop mgmt) except for the remodeling ones I’ve paid off, plus my current condo HOA. I know a home is a better choice but too expensive for me…and my condo is glam as is the area although it doesn’t get in anyone’s face about it. It’s predicted to go up $250,000 in 5 years on a slide. Btw, I’m older then you…this all takes a lot of time for me for it to be real wealth creation for life. Income streams are the way to go…self made pensions.

  • Last year I made $13,000 2016 $8,000 This year will be around $18,000 I have 3 jobs. I just applied for another. Life sucks. I went to college I’m a senior but I owe too much to go back. I tried to start a tarot business in 7 months I spent 5 grand and made 460. Hopefully one day it will get better. When I get then new job I applied for today it’s customer service over the phone I will be too tired for my business. That’s slavery forced to work on someone else’s dream in a position you hate. My dreams never work out. I am just not likable people hate me always have. I try to be nice but I get a lot of hate. With 0 support from family and 0 support from my 1 friend. Just sucks.

  • This gave me the feel of building a well rounded character from scratch in a videogame. Eating nutritious food, getting a gym membership to meet hygiene needs, build strength and health all while saving cash.

  • You inspire me to not buy shit anymore, just food and living essentials, such as payments for water, electric phone & internet, plus mortgage. I got tons of clothes, shoes, perfumes and shit that i do not really need. Boy, i'd probably save a lot of money by now.

  • I really appreciate and respect you! Thank you for your humble, yet very insightful and wise teachings! They don't even do this in school. It is as if the system intentionally teach children to be slaves to poverty and to systems. Blessings to you

  • I might look well-off, but the money that funds my life comes from my mom. Without her, I'm poor. Therefore, I am actually poor. It's just that my needs are dependent on the existence of my mother.
    My backup plan in case my mom dies, is that I would turn half of our house into a 20 person dormitory. My country doesn't have absurd bureaucratic regulations like in other countries, so I can create a business that funds my living expenses, including my grandma's needs. It's a fool-proof strategy as my home is only walking distance away from the high school and college campus, plus close to many diners and small stores.
    My mom's life insurance would drain in a year with the lifestyle we have. That's why I would have to spend her money wisely. Because she has been telling me since I was young " What would I do without her? ".

  • Decent $500 per month rooms would exist if only there were more apartments available. Too many complex and expensive regulations discourage developers from building budget apartments.

  • I love this guy's videos but my God, he has zero understanding of poverty. Poverty isn't just a shortage of funds, it's the absence of hope. Try living like that and see how your psychological state shifts to making you want to find small ways to treat yourself in order to lift your spirits. Ever noticed when you're under extreme stress you crave carbs? Similar thing going on for people living in poverty. And then try to imagine what that feels like year in, year out. And the compounding effect of everyone around you being in the same situation. Very easy to judge poor people from the outside. This would be better titled "how to manage your money when you have a cash flow problem."

  • I would like to say that access to internet is getting easier and easier. I am someone who has had a period of homelessness that was just over seven months and have spent most of my life on my own with under $15k annual income. I have also never been unable to access the internet. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, which is unlikely since most homeless/poverty resources are more abundant in populated places, then there will always be some restaurant, cafe, or educational place with internet access that is free. Even free government phones have internet surfing capabilities, so even if you are dirt poor, you will likely be able to access the internet in some way.

  • People that are in poverty should stop using cigarettes ,drugs, WEED INCLUDED, AlcohoL and other wasteful things. Look for a job if you don't have one and when you find it hold on to it until you can get a better one or a second one.

  • It's your "international" other culture that allows you to think this way. It's so good to share this to spoiled poor Americans. We have a very rich country but people don't see the money rolling through their fingers. It's only 1st generation immigrants that benefit from traveling back to their parents countries, to experience the comparison of freedom of what remains of our rich democratic capitalistic lives. Today, we had a conversation about pets. They are so expensive and detour renters housing possibilities but emotional needs they drowned in poverty.

  • The key to getting out of poverty is financial awareness. I’ve asked family and friends who complain about money what their interest rates are, what they have outgoing in automatic drafts, how much their insurance rates are, etc…and they have no clue.

  • spending less and saving most of your income is the only way. Especially if you have debts for one reason or another, you have to figure out how to pay off the debts. And I know this could take quite a long time like 10 or 15 years. But once you reach the point, you will feel better off. In my case, I did.

  • That's why my daughter was able to afford to move to Los Angeles and go to college. She brought several of her friends along with her and they shared an apartment. She and her fiance still share an apartment with a friend while he finishes up his degree in engineering.

  • Sadly, a good education is based on the zip code you are born in. I graduated HS, then after trying to enter some community college I had to take an English refresher. It was there that I finally learned how to write a sentence. How did I graduate? I was pushed along year after year in public inner city school.

  • In addition to all the other comments made, I like that you give viewers a long-term view like the long-term cost of eating unhealthy food. Short-term or immediate gratification is a red flag for most financial decision making.

  • Work more or find a part time job and sell on EBay and Craigslist on the side. You don’t need to pay for internet, go to any Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, or mall and you will find free WiFi there

  • U Mormons have too many kids to dig out of poverty !!! That’s why u feed them like shit Mac ncheese and broth soup like poor inbreds !! Hand me downs!!
    All my Mormon friends dressed and ate like shit !! No money given to them ever !
    They were never taken out to eat or vacations ever !! Sad very sad !! They shared ugly as rooms !!! Have u seenmy daughters room … and expensive as fuck for the 4th new bedroom and new furniture for the house as well ..!! More clothes than anyone combined !!! U Mormons need to stop having soo many fatnasty inbred kids … and feed them right .. take them out them store bought clothes expensive like my kid and what I got growing up !!! Restaurants clothing expensive !!!
    My kid does too..!! Cheap asses ..!! Stop popping out sooo many kids mother fuckers u can’t afford them u fat lazy nasty Mormon women pukes !! How do your men even look at u ugly wide loads dikes with short nasty hair ..!!

  • I eat oatmeal for breakfast and eat mostly salads for lunch and dinner but 1-2 times a week I'll splurge and make Saimin or Poke (I'm from Hawaii) + I don't have a credit card nor do I go out shopping everyday if I do make a purchase then I only purchase locally made items, handmade items, used items but my splurge is plants & succulents and in order to save money on transportation I walk and once I've worked 3 jobs 7 days a week til I got hit by a car while in a crosswalk.

  • I think I have a very bad case scenario and I'm 54 years old. I wish I knew what you would do if you woke up tomorrow in my shoes so that I could do it. ( I know you wouldn't have gotten here in the first place but, like if you just woke up in my world) Sometimes I feel hopeless. Single mother other of 5. (now grown, but, I still help the 2 youngest) I went back to school at a late age and now I have a huge amount of student debt, car payment, and other debt. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm no longer working. I have $0 savings.

  • Your videos are excellent! I had credit card debt several years ago and it took some time to get them paid off and now I am debt free and able to save money.

  • good video, i like it. but FYI about poverty: it's not just "willing to cook and skill to cook the food quickly"- lets say your stove breaks. it takes all your money to just maintain your life, you can't pay more to get it fixed. so now you have to have the "skill" to cook everything in whatever else you have. maybe a microwave. makes life much harder and more unpleasant. letting the light go off- same. there is a penalty fee to get them turned on again. and maybe a deposit. this is not so much different from using a credit card. I mean, i agree they are a dangerous drug. but you are missing some of the realities of poverty.

  • For food, prioritise fresh produce over processed food and fast food. If you are without cooking options, you can always put together a salad, provided you have access to fresh produce. This will also keep you healthy (including actively using that gym membership you can get to have a regular shower). You can replace any meat with canned beans or hummus. Hummus is easy to make yourself. A slice of bread and a green salad, cucumbers, corn, different types of beans or lentils and uncooked squash (its edible) could make a good meal on the spot (including inside a car). For desert, have an apple, orange or some dates. For breakfast, buy oat flakes, then add raisins (or other dry fruit if you manage), add some boiled water, mix into a porridge and wait a few minutes – it will give you plenty of protein and you will save money on cereals with way too much sugar. For more food options, see "vegan food on the budget". Some farmers markets now accept food stamps – check your options. A lot of food is being discarded – check if its possible to get it a day or two after expired date. Make an effort to keep your hygiene levels high – it will also keep you healthy.

  • If cannot afford room, try to see if there is a friend who can let you sleep on his couch for very small rent. Safer than sleeping in car.

  • YouTube failed me and I had to re-write this post again. It's important to have a support system of friends and family to help go through this difficult time. It's important to stay positive and not get into depression. Networking is really important. One should not be ashamed to ask for help from friends and relatives. I would ask for help on Facebook (I have thick skin) by explaining my situation and would deeply appreciate any opportunities. I recommend starting gofundme projects or humbly ask for donations to pay for books, cheap courses, exams for certifications, copay to see doctor, prescription drugs, etc. As long as the money goes towards improving one's situation, I think people would help if they could spare a few dollars. The gofundme project cannot be vague like "I need money to help me out of the vicious poverty cycle". The money has to have specific purpose. As a bonus, you know who your true friends are.

  • Another suggestion is to start learning about delayed gratification which is the basis for frugal living. The Me and Now culture won't help those who want to survive.

  • I decided few weeks to stop going to Starbucks (Which I F… love) until the end of 2019 'cause I was spending too much money there. Then, I'll go back in 2020 once a week the sunday.

  • Great video from a non-poorer. We need you guys here in this section too.
    All of the comments are super valuable. I am a copywriter from Russia but I write only in English. I am seeing a lot of improvement after I've started thinking about the ways to get out of poverty. Hiding from the fact that you are poor doesn't work.

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