How To Discover My Purpose In Life – Lee Domingue

Wanna welcome all of you
to Seacoast this weekend. It’s gonna be a great
day in church this week. I wanna welcome all of our
campuses that are with us. I know Summerville, North Charleston, James Island, Johns Island, all around the state of South Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina. We have a big family and
we love our church family. We’re so thankful that
all of you are with us. We’re in this series Welcome
Home, and it’s been great. We talked about finding God and our founding pastor, Greg Surratt really laid the vision for why we do church the way we do church. It’s gonna be cool ’cause at all of our
campuses this weekend, we’ve got a baptism. So I’m expecting to see
hundreds of people get baptized and your campus pastors will
give you more information about when and where each of
the campuses is doing that. Last weekend, Pastor Josh Walters brought a great message
about growing our faith. This week we’re gonna talk
about discovering our purpose, discovering our purpose. We all have a purpose, we’re all uniquely created with purpose. I could stand here as your pastor and share with you, and I have in the past and I probably will in the future, but I’m excited to introduce
you to a friend today. Lee Domingue has been a
friend now for several years. He currently serves as a Legacy Pastor at Church of the Highlands
in Birmingham, Alabama, which is one of the great
churches in America, doing incredible, incredible
ministry out there. But Lee, for 30 years, has
been in the marketplace. So his nine to five looks a
lot more like your nine to five that maybe mine does. So I wanted you guys to
hear from Lee’s perspective how he has learned to discover
God’s purpose for his life, and make a huge, huge impact. So Lee is an incredibly
successful businessman, he’s obviously now in ministry as well. He’s an entrepreneur,
he’s written some books. The only flaw that I could come up for Lee is that he’s from
Louisiana, he’s an LSU fan, and so let’s all forgive
him of that, okay. You got one fan over here, one person that you can kind of connect with. By the way, Clemson and Carolina both breezed through
their games this weekend, that was awesome, just smooth sailing. [audience cheers] But hey, you guys are in for a treat. You’re gonna love Lee Domingue. Would you guys stand to your feet and help me welcome him to the platform as he shares with us? [audience applauds] Go Tigers. – All right, yeah. Come church, let’s give it up for Jesus. [audience cheers] Come on Seacoast, you
can do better than that. [audience cheers] I love my Tigers, go Tigers, go Clemson, go LSU, go Gamecocks, we all hate Alabama. Come on somebody. [audience cheers] Sorry, I got in the
flesh there for a minute. [audience laughs] I love being in the House of God on Sunday and love this church. We had a great time yesterday and looking forward to
spending the day with you and just sharing what I believe God’s put on my heart in
discovering your purpose. I think it’s one of
the missing ingredients in people’s lives. I spent a journey of over
30 years in the marketplace, and the first few years,
I didn’t know my purpose. I thought it was something
completely different. I thought it was really about
building a dynasty in life. I thought it was about
creating some moment where I could maybe retire one day and just kind of do
something great for God. But God was in the journey, and he took me on a journey, and I’m gonna share some
of my story with you, and connect the dots. Because it’s the journey in life that actually makes you. I think as we walk
through different things, every step, God doesn’t waste anything. I would be probably the most
least likely individual, if you knew my whole
story, to be up here today. You know, I get to serve as Legacy Pastor at Church of the Highlands, and love it. I love my pastor Chris Hodges who’s a fantastic leader
and just a great friend, has big vision, loves the local church. But we wouldn’t have
Church of the Highlands if it wouldn’t be for Seacoast Church. See, what you’ve invested
in over the years is impacting things that
you may not even know until you get to heaven, but your pastors, both Greg and Debbie and Josh and Jenna and Lisa and also Jason, have invested their lives in this city, in this town, in this state, but it’s having an
impact around the world. Though Church of the Highlands is known for a lot of great things, is the second largest church in America and all these different dynamics, none of that wouldn’t have happened if it wouldn’t have been for vision and generosity
of Seacoast Church. So I just wanna honor you guys and just, we love you and thank you. [audience applauds] It’s amazing, when God wants to bless you, he brings a person in your life. When the enemy wants to destroy you, he brings a person in your life. You know, I’ve found in life, people want you to
succeed, but not too much. But God has a plan for our life. If you know my story,
I’ve got five children, been married 30 years to the
same amazing woman, Laura, and I brought my family
with me in a picture, and I wanted to share that with you guys. So you know, look, I’ve got five kids, three daughter-in-loves, I’ve got our fourth grandbaby on the way. You say, “Man, that’s a lot of kids.” Yes it is ’cause I love
my wife a whole lot, come on somebody. [audience laughs] But we’ve been married 30 years, we just celebrated that. You know, I’ve got my boys here, let’s see, it’s, on the
left there is Ashton, I’ll get to him here in a second, ’cause this is a, kind of a funny story, God’s sense of humor, my other son, Winston, who’s my oldest, and then Harrison, who’s second, and then Grayson, who’s third, and my daughter-in-loves
London, Samantha, and Lauren. That’s my sweet little Evelyn, she’s my oldest, my first grandbaby, and she was not able to say Pops ’cause I’m called Pops
and my wife’s Lovey. All she could say when it came out, and I believe it was the
voice of God, it was Boss. [audience laughs] I was like, yeah, that’s awesome, Boss! She goes, “Boss, Boss,”
for me to pick her up, and so I love her, she’s kind
of my favorite right now. [audience laughs] Then sweet little Zara. Zara is going 100 miles an hour, that’s how she lives, breathes, sleeps, that’s how she looks all the time. She’s just a bundle of joy
and just having a blast. Also, my little sweet
sunshine on the far left, that’s Isabella Grace. When you have four boys
and then you have a girl, she’s the majority. [audience laughs] You, there’s a little sign
when you walk in her room, it says, “My prince has
come, his name is Daddy.” Come on somebody. [audience laughs] You know, Hillsong may
have young and free, but that’s young and expensive. [audience laughs] So I love, oh, oh, look,
there’s my little boy, that is my first grandson,
Winston, little Winston. He’s a Cajun, you can tell. He just ate him some
Crawfish Etouffee, come on. [audience laughs] That little joker is a bundle of joy, he has the spiritual gift of eating and. [audience laughs] But he’s a blessing. But I love my kids. I think it’s the highest
calling, being a dad. I think it’s the highest calling. You know, that is my legacy. It’s not gonna be the
size of my balance sheet, it’s not gonna be what
kind of, I did in business as much as it will be in the
lives that I’ve impacted, starting right at home. The title of my message today
is Discovering Your Purpose. You know, my personal story, I had a gift on my life, but I didn’t have the
character to handle it in my first business. When I was in my 20s, I came up with a way that you could do commerce
through the internet in 1993, and it’d never been done before. The business grew rapidly, didn’t have really anybody
speaking to my life, it was kind of my world, and in my 20s, in two years, it just
tremendously successful, and then two years later,
was out of business. I wondered, I thought my
life was over in my 20s, and I look at my life, and God used those things
to really chisel me, kind of like an old car
that’s getting restored. You gotta strip that
baby down to the metal. God brought me on this journey. I thought my life was over in my 20s only to know it was just beginning. God doesn’t waste anything at all. There can be so much purpose in the pain if we’ll allow God to do a thorough work. You see, I have a few scars in my life, but I have no wounds. ‘Cause I think scars have wisdom. I wanna do life with
people who have some scars. Wounds, I wanna help them, but I wanna help change the world with those who have a little bit of scars. I think scars have a
little bit of wisdom in it. You know, I always believed that my purpose was to create wealth to fund God’s kingdom. I believed that’s what
God created me to do, would be part of a local church, ’cause the local church
kind of is his vehicle that can touch a lot of things. I kind of look at the
local church as this. I look at it like a kingdom mutual fund. I think the local church does everything in Jesus’ name. So it’s not only helping the poor and helping disaster recovery and rescuing girls from sex
trafficking and helping them, but it’s doing it and then eventually bringing the gospel. Because we’re dealing not
only with the present need, we’re dealing with eternity, and the local church
offers what I call an EROI, it’s an eternal return on investment. But that mutual fund is
invested in real estate, it’s in different areas. It’s in next generations, students, and it’s local, national,
and global initiatives, much like a traditional mutual fund. But I think at the end of our life, what we invest in our life
doesn’t really matter. My purpose was, I said, “God,” when I started over the second time, I was having one of these conversations. I don’t know if you’ve ever
had a conversation with God when you’ve messed up and you’re trying to get back on track, and I’m having this negotiation
conversation with God. “Lord, if you will bless me one mo’ time, [audience laughs] “if you will just give it
to me one more time, God, “I’m not gonna blow it, “I’m not gonna, I learned my lesson, “I learned my lesson.” As a perfect father, I’m
sure he chuckled about that, and he’s, you know, he said, “Son, instead of worrying
about 50 million, “how about you be faithful
with the 50 you got, dollars.” As we started over, you
know, my wife and I, we basically, I went to
my pastor and I said, I told him this, I said, “I
got big vision in my heart.” Now I’m young, guys. Everything you live your
life when you’re in your 20s ends with an exclamation point. Then when you get to your 30s, they don’t work anymore,
they turn to question marks, and you trying to figure some stuff out, ’cause you got married, and then you have kids, and then you have a house note, and then you have a car note, and then you have a note note, and then you have FPU, Dave Ramsey, Financial Freedom. ‘Cause you trying to figure
all of this stuff out. But in my story, I went
to my pastor and I said, “I got this big vision. “I wanna fund the kingdom.” He goes, “You know what,
I got $50 over my tithe.” I was almost, I wasn’t almost, I was embarrassed to even say that. It was like, “I have
$50 and I wanna help.” So we started, my wife and I, every month, we would write checks and we would give over and above our tithe to two different organizations our church was partnering with. It started to grow, and
God started to bless it. So I started walking out, this kind of, what I thought
was very meaningless. It didn’t really have much purpose to it, but I was just like, I knew that was something in my heart, so I was just gonna be faithful to what he put in my hand. I think the key to it is, if you don’t find your purpose, you see, a person without a purpose is always at the mercy of
a person with a purpose. You know, all of us, we
have some differences. You guys are the Clemson Tigers and the Carolina Gamecocks. I love my LSU Tigers and I’m
in Birmingham, Alabama, y’all. I’m like on a mission trip. [audience laughs] It’s like Birmingham for the LSU fan is like a unreached people group. It’s tough, but my pastor
is an LSU graduate, so I got a little bit of protection. I’m part of, kind of in the family, kind of like La Familia, the Mafia. So we call ourselves the Louisiana Mafia. So, but every single one of us, we may have differences, but we all have these
two things in common, every single one of us. Number one is, we’re all
candidates for promotion. Every single one of us is a candidate for promotion. All of us have been given a purpose. Number two is we all have the
capacity to promote others. I think as a believer, our purpose always includes other people. It always includes other people. But we have to reconcile I think this one scripture. I’m not gonna read the whole chapter, it’s in Colossians one, but Colossians one talks
about the supremacy of God, and in verse 16, I’m gonna
summarize it for you. In verse 16 it says this, it says that we’re created by God for God. We’re created by God for God. Not by God for me, but
by God for him, for God. If we reconcile that in Colossians 1:16, everything in our life, there has to be a response of change, there has to be a response that, you know what, if I’m created for God, then that should dictate
some of my actions that are a little bit different than what I’m currently living. If we believe we’re created for God, then he has a divine
purpose for us to fulfill, and nothing is gonna
make us happy, fulfilled, unless we tap into that purpose. I love this church. You have something called Inside Track, and basically, it helps
people to understand not only what the church is all about, but to connect to your spiritual gift. So you have a specific gift in life that God’s created you for. You know, church, God has called you and he’s also saved you. So he called you, but then he saved you. to make a difference. So everyone of us, you’ll
hear kind of the word, oh, I have a calling on my life. When I first heard that, I was like, that’s kind of weird, I
don’t know what that means. I’m in the marketplace, I don’t understand that
church-ease language. I got a calling on my life. But I started to research that and God has called us and then he saved us to make a difference. Ecclesiastes 3:11 in
the Amplified says this, he says, “He has made everything
beautiful in its time. “He has also planted eternity
in men’s hearts and minds.” Watch think in the Amplified, I love this, it says, “A divinely implanted sense “of a purpose working through the ages,” how many of you know it takes some time for your purpose to be realized, “which nothing under the sun “but God alone can satisfy.” I think that ties to
we’re created for God. “Yet so that men cannot find out “what God has done from
the beginning to the end.” Every single one of us was created by God with eternity in our hearts. I think we’re always searching, I think we’re always searching, trying to find that thing that’s gonna bring fulfillment. I would be sitting in
a place just like you, I was in 30 years in business, we were in the financial
technology business. We had roughly 15,000
financial institutions that used our products and
services across the world. Started that in the
basement of a rent house, it was my second business, using fax machines and
eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly and Vienna sausage, ’cause we didn’t have anything. But we had a vision and we knew God had given us a purpose. We were being faithful
to what was in our hand. But then God basically puts
this purpose in our heart, because purpose is what
God puts in your heart. But calling is what God puts in your hand. I think too, I think
more that I understood the difference between
calling and purpose, ’cause you see, many people wanna lay down their business gift to go chase this ministry idea. ‘Cause the closer we get to God, we think, well man, I must
need to go into ministry. But so many people wanna lay down a gift that God’s called ’em to reach this thing in their heart which is to fulfill what
God has on their life and they lay it down, which that’s the key thing
that connects to the purpose. So being faithful to your
calling is what’s key to your purpose. You gotta look at what’s in your hand. You know, what’s in
your hand is a calling, but what’s in your heart is purpose. What’s in your hand seems natural. It’s the thing, it’s, I
would say it this way. It’s your wheelhouse. So if you’re a entrepreneur, it’s in creating businesses
and seeing a certain way. If you’re a doctor and you’re
in the medical community, or if you’re a salesperson
or you’re a student, it’s the thing that you can get up, do in every single day that just comes natural to you. It’s your wheelhouse. For me, I was in sales, I was in business, I would be thinking, if you were the ice, well, not the ice cream,
I’ll get to that in a second. If you were the lemonade
person on the block, I was supplying the lemonade mix. I was kind of the
distribution guy that, I just, and even at six and seven years old, I had an ice cream business. This is a true story. It didn’t last long. I convinced the ice cream man to get me and front me the ice cream, ’cause I saw my other friends, they were wanting that ice cream. So I became the middle man. I started brokering this ice cream when I was six and seven years old, until one day, I thought it was great, ’cause I had some extra cash and you know, then all
of a sudden one night, about 7:30 at night, there’s a big knock on the door, boom boom boom boom boom, and my dad says, “Well,
who is at the front door?” He opens the door and
it’s the ice cream man. That ice cream man’s
looking for his money. I didn’t realize that I had
to set up an accounts payable. [audience laughs] So my dad’s hollering at me and he says, “Come here,” and he says, “Do you owe this man some money?” I’m like, “For what?” He’s like, “For the ice cream.” I said, “Oh, that, yes, I do.” How many of you know, my
dad took all that money out my backside? [audience laughs] That was the end of Lee’s
Ice Cream Enterprise. But it’s your wheelhouse, it’s the thing that comes natural to you. So what’s in your hand is natural, but what’s in your heart is spiritual. It’s the thing that you dream about. What’s in your hand is
pressure and responsibility. It’s the here and now, it’s the weightiness of life. But what’s in your heart is
romance, a little fantasy, I use the word maybe sexy if I can do that in church, there’s a little sexy,
there’s a romance in it. What’s in your hand is now and familiar, it can even seem mundane sometimes, what’s in your hand. I’m just going through the motions, I don’t think that I’m getting anywhere. Man, I just, all I’m doing is I’m working then I go home, I check my box and come up here to service on a Sunday and or Saturday night, and I’m just, I’m gonna get into Inside Track but I’m checking these boxes but I’m still unfulfilled. ‘Cause I sat where you were at for many, many years, and I would ask myself the question, is this all there is in being a Christian? Filled with the Spirit of God, know I’m going to heaven, love my wife, love my family, working hard, giving generous, but I was still, had something going on
where I was unfulfilled. The closer I would get to the Lord, the more it was a challenge between the two worlds of
the marketplace and ministry. I would even have these conversations. Well, maybe I just need to
go into full-time ministry. That didn’t happen until I turned 50, which was five years ago. So I’m 55, and by the way, whoever said 50 is the
new 30, they lied to you. [audience laughs] 50’s 50. About four a.m. every morning, I find out that I’m 50. [audience laughs] You young people don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. [audience laughs] But you will, come on. [audience laughs] But what’s in your hand, it can even seem mundane, but what’s in your heart, it’s intriguing, and there’s, it feels distant. It’s intriguing and drawing you, somewhat mysterious, but it’s distant. Many of you’ve told each other, your spouse or friends, you go, “I know God’s
doing something in me, “I just know I’ve got a purpose, “and I can see part of it, “but I can’t see it all.” Then what we wanna do is do the thing that we shouldn’t do is lay down the thing that
we’re gifted in doing every day to go chase some ministry calling. Because it is the key to being faithful, to reach your purpose is being faithful to what God put in your hand. You know, I think of Bono of U2. Y’all may not know who that is, but y’all are holy up
here in South Carolina, but U2, Bono even
professes to be a believer. He has this thing in his
heart for developing nations, to help the poor, to help the needy. I think this is a great example to somebody being faithful to what God placed in their hand to fulfill what God put in their heart. You see, if he would have
stopped after the second record and never had the career he’s had with the group U2, he wouldn’t been able
to have the influence to fund billions of dollars
to developing nations. You see, he was faithful
to what was in his hand, and it was the key to
what was in his heart. In my own life, my wife and I have an anti trafficking ministry that we started in 2007
called Trafficking Hope. We didn’t think human
trafficking existed in the U.S., but we had an education, because someone affected
in our family personally. It wrecked me. So I’m looking at this going, man, we’ve gotta respond, this is crazy that this is going on. Much less across the pond, but it’s happening on our watch. So my wife and I all of a sudden started using our platform
in what we were doing, philanthropic things
around, in the community, and I believe in being
generous and I love that, but I started looking
at my generosity going, is that really making a difference? Or maybe I should redirect it where things are actually happening, and they’re gonna get me that
eternal return on investment, and start helping these girls. Your church has partnered with us. Your church has been generous to us, and you don’t even know that. We have helped over 400, as of yesterday, 412 girls rescued in the U.S. because of your generosity. [audience applauds] But if I would not, if
I would have laid down my business platform, the governor in our state at the time, wouldn’t have connected with me and said, “Let’s partner together, “because you guys are on to something. “If you’ll be the tip of the spear, “we’ll get the resources of the state, “we’ll get the law enforcement officials, “we’ll, if you can provide training “and your teams can help us “to go on sting and outreaches, “because we know you have
a platform of influence, “let’s partner together.” That would have never happened if I would have just went into
the quote unquote ministry. It wasn’t until I was 50 years old that, you know, and I’ve
helped churches years, really, my heart is to do these things. It’s, number one, I love the local church, I love pastors, and I
love business people, and I think the three
are all tied together. I think the destiny of a pastor and the destiny of a
Christian business person is intertwined. I think one sets the vision,
the other set is speed of it, and I think that we, it’s a partnership. A mentor in my life was a football coach name Bill McCartney, and
Coach Mac basically told me, he said, “Lee, this message “of bringing those two worlds together, “is really God’s calling you “to help them not compete
but to complete each other.” When he said that, it
really resonated with me, not to see that there is
a wall between the two, but to bring ’em together. So I’ve committed the
second half of my life. I had a halftime moment. I committed the second half of my life to helping churches and
business people bridge that gap. Because how many of you know a pastor and a business person speak
two different languages? One speaks Mandarin, the
other speaks Cantonese. They both Chinese, but
they don’t sound different, I mean, they sound
completely different, right. So, you sitting, and
all you business people, you all kind of chuckling, and the ones that aren’t chuckling, you chuckling on the inside. Because a business person’s
never gonna tell you they don’t understand to their pastor. They’re just gonna be, “Well, I bless God, “I guess he knows what he’s doing. “Bless God,” you know, he
kind of just shakes his head, okay, we’re gonna pray from, he hears from the voice of
God, and you know, all right. Then we go to our Monday
through Friday world, where God wants to bring
our Monday through Friday, and I see it as a redemptive calling. Equally as important is the calling on Pastor Josh’s life,
on Pastor Greg’s life, equally as important. It wasn’t until I connected
the kingdom purpose that everything changed. You see church, we don’t see, we can’t see what God has, really has given us as a barrier. I think a lot of times, we see it as something that impedes us, when we ought to see it as
something that empowers us. Don’t get caught up in what others have. I think we get so distracted in what other people are doing, it’s like, man, I wish I could do that. No, be faithful to what’s in your hand. It’s the key to you realizing
what’s in your heart. You know, I thought about
this, I wrote this down. I say, God didn’t forget who he was. God doesn’t have a
mental breakdown problem. He’s not schizophrenic. God basically didn’t create you one way to use you another. He created us for kingdom purpose. You know, gifts and calling
are without repentance, the Bible says. In Romans 11:23, it says, “For God’s gifts,”
everybody say God’s gifts. – [Congregation] God’s gifts. – “and his call are irrevocable.” Some of you in the legal profession, what does that mean? It can’t be changed, it’s irrevocable. Like, if I set up a irrevocable trust, it cannot be changed. It has to stay to the original intent. It’s irrevocable. God did not forget who he was. He’s not gonna create you to do one thing and then use you to do an
entirely different thing. I think we have too many pastors that wanna be business people and business people that wanna be pastors. I think you have worship leaders, sometimes they wanna be rock stars, and everybody’s kind of confused, where God’s given us a
lane to run our race. I shared this with Pastor last night as we were having dinner at the best restaraunt
in the whole planet, it was like, I was in a grits coma, y’all, Grace & Grit, unbelievable. I told my wife, I said, “They got pimento cheese grits, “they got blueberry grits, “they, I mean, they got
coffee etouffee grits.” [audience laughs] No, they don’t have those. But it’s amazing. So we’re sitting there, I was in my grits coma, and I’m sitting there, I said, “Your worship team is a gift.” No, no, no, no, no. Y’all don’t know me. Back in the day, I was a disc jockey. [audience laughs] D.J. Lee. I know I look like some
conservative accountant up here in my sport coat and my slacks, and my little wingtips
and my little glasses, but I was D.J. Lee. That was B.C., before Christ. You don’t wanna hear about all that. The worship team is a gift. The purity that’s coming off
of that stage, the innocence. It’s not about entertainment. They bringing you into worship, and you guys are a gift, yeah. [audience applauds] So what am I saying, what’s the key Lee? Kind of rhymes, key Lee. The key to fulfilling your purpose is being faithful to what is in your hand. The key to fulfilling your purpose is being faithful to what is in your hand. You gotta stay in your lane. God has given you a unique
lane to run your race. If you stay in your lane, Pastor Josh stays in his lane, Pastor Jason stays in his lane, Pastor Greg stays in his lane, and I stay in my lane, we’re gonna make a tremendous impact together for the kingdom. But we gotta stay in our lane. You see, let me finish my story about that $50 act of faith that didn’t seem like a lot. You see, I fulfilled my purpose with being faithful to
what was in my hand. My wife and I, as I shared with you, started giving $50 a month. We gave it to an orphanage
in Africa to our church, and we gave it to Teen Challenge, because David Wilkerson, who
founded that always scared me, and I wanted him praying for me. [audience laughs] So I knew he had a direct line to God, so I was like, “I want that
brother praying for me.” So we were sending money and praying. So every month, my wife
and I would get together and we would add more projects. I’d meet with my pastor and he’d say, “Well, you know,” I said,
“you know these people?” He goes, “Yeah, this is
a great place to put it.” I’m like, “Okay, you’re kind
of like an investment advisors “for the kingdom.” So we’re meeting, and, ’cause I wanted not
to give to my church, I wanted to give through my church. So we were giving and
they were setting vision. So all of a sudden, we started supporting eight organizations, and the dollar amounts
went up to 100 and 200, 300 and 400 per organization. Then all of a sudden,
we started supporting 20 organizations and 40 and 60 and 80 and 100 per month, and then 120 and 140. We were supporting 145 projects in and through our church every month. So after a few years, isn’t it amazing, God, God
can move in the moment, but he likes the longterm play. So after many years, I
think it was around seven, we looked back and we
had invested $6 million into the kingdom. When you think about that, that would have never happened if you wouldn’t have been
faithful with the 50. It never would have happened. So homes for girls being built, anti trafficking victims, thousands, tens of thousands of orphans getting care and help all happened because of being faithful to what was in the hand. I think so many of us wait ’til we arrive to someplace. Here me church: you can
own 20 Chick-Fil-As, or you can be the french
fry guru at Chick-Fil-A. It all matters. Which, by the, the
cookies ‘n cream milkshake at Chick-Fil-A, that’s like heaven. It kind of goes with them grits. [audience laughs] Somebody said, “Well Lee,
you eat all that food, “I know you say trim, “but you gonna die, man, “you gonna die eating
all that Cajun food.” I said, “Yep, you may
outlive me by five years, “but I’m living with a good, “I’m gonna die with a
good taste in my mouth.” That’s what I’m talking about. [audience laughs] So the $50 a month led to six million. So now at 50 years old, I’m sharing what I’ve learned and what I’ve lived with churches, because it’s not about me. But if you give away
what God has given you, what ends up happened is now, thousands of churches, the world of a pastor
and a business person are coming together, and we’re seeing churches
advance like never before. We’re seeing debt be paid off so that they can give more to missions. We’re seeing impact made where billions of
dollars is being funneled to the kingdom, because people are being faithful, what’s in their hand. You see, it’s not this beautiful building that’s the point. It’s the life change that’s
gonna happen in this building that then they can take out to Charleston, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, all over the world. That’s where the difference is being made. You know as I close, I started thinking about you guys and discovering your purpose. You’ve gotta take a step. I wanna encourage you to commit and go all in in this church. You’ve got a great church. But commit and go all in for 12 months. If it’s not effective, if
your life isn’t changed, if you haven’t connected
to kingdom purpose, email me, [email protected], I’ll refund your tithe money. I’m just joking about that. [audience laughs] But commit to go 12 months. Go all in. If you haven’t completed Inside Track or if you did it a long time ago, you need to go back through it. I think when you discover your purpose, I didn’t even realize I
had the spiritual gift of generosity and had lived it. I didn’t even know it
was a spiritual gift. Now that’s just one of mine. I have an administrative gift, I had this leadership gift, but I also had some other gifts that I didn’t know that I had. But when I started serving in the area that I’m hardwired and gifted, the fulfillment came. You see, when we serve in areas that God hasn’t called us to, we’re not gonna be fulfilled. I can’t sing. This amazing worship team’s not gonna let me on this team. I can kill it in the shower, I sound like Leon Bridges, y’all. [audience laughs] I know y’all don’t know
who that is, but I do. And he can bring it, kind of like a modern day Sam Cooke for some of you elderly people in here. But it’s like, I am one of those. You know, I got my AARP card. That was the most depressing
moment, Pastor Greg. [audience laughs] I’m like, they got the wrong address, I don’t live here any more. But go all in for 12 months at Seacoast, go through Inside Track and see how God hardwired
you with a spiritual gift. Marketplace person, so if
you’re working for someone, if you’re a student, you’re gonna be working for someone. Right now you’re working for the school, then you’re gonna work for
that student loan company that you gotta pay back. But see your role in the
marketplace as your ministry. Things will begin to change. Have a spirit of excellence. I love Chick-Fil-A, I do. Like my little grandson, I got
the spiritual gift of food, man, I just love it, I’m a foodie, and you’re in foodie heaven in here. I’m seeing all these restaurants. Charleston, the number one city to live in the United States. Y’all need to keep all that quiet. Unless you gonna have some
crazy Cajuns coming up here. You don’t want them crazy
Cajuns coming up here. But I look at life and I say, “You know what, spirit of excellence, “Chick-Fil-A has that.” They’re kicking everybody’s
tail on one less day. You go in there, you feel great, it’s a spirit of excellence. You go to my hometown Popeyes, it’s a fistfight through the drive thru. [audience laughs] It may taste good, but you
sweating through the end of it. [audience laughs] I don’t know why I’m going there. But the Chick-Fil-A, it’s like I walk up there and that sweet, young, angelic being, I walk there and I get up and I don’t have to have my wallet. I go there three times a week. I don’t have my wallet and she said, I said, “Oh man, I’m
gonna have to come back.” I get my waffle fries, go large, cookies and cream milkshake,
Powerade, number one, I know it. I sat there and I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. “I need to get my wallet,
I’m gonna come back.” She says, “Oh no sir,” just like that. [audience laughs] “It’s on us today, sir.” I’m like, oh ho, Lordy God. Had to bring that Christianease
there in that moment. I said, “Glory to,” I
said, “are you serious?” I said, “I’ll pay you.” She says, “No sir, it’s on us today.” You know what that told me? Spirit of excellence, that’s
the most attractive thing we as Christians can do. You wanna witness to somebody, have a life of excellence. Excellence is not
extravagance, by the way. Excellence is excellent. Have an excellent attitude. Somebody empowered her
to make that decision. So what do I do, I tell
everybody that’s going. Excellence is infectious. But you gotta see your marketplace
meant as your ministry. Your job is not a job. Don’t lay it down to chase something that when you finally,
or maybe even get it, it’s unfulfilling. The key to what’s in your heart is being faithful to what’s in your hand. So let’s commit, go 12 months all in. If you haven’t gone through Inside Track, recommit and go through that. It starts next week. Lastly, don’t settle. Heaven and hell are real, people that we know and love are gonna go to one of those places. You say Lee, “I don’t know, “you don’t know the pain I went through.” You can start from the this day forward to make that change. Don’t settle, and let’s
finish the race, amen? – [Congregation] Amen. – Let’s pray, Father God, I just thank you so much for who you are. I thank you Lord, that you are the God of the second chance and third chance. I thank you for this house, I thank you for every family represented in this place, online, and
at all the other campuses. We pray a blessing, God, upon them. We pray, God, that you would
stir up in our hearts, God, the dream once again. Stir up in our hearts, God, that we would fulfill all
that you’ve called us to do, Father, that we would discover our purpose and we wouldn’t settle with it, that Lord, we’re gonna give it away. We’re not only gonna fulfill our purpose, but we’re gonna impact the
city and the nations, God. We pray just a blessing, God, over every family that’s represented here, every marriage, every
child, and that Lord, we pray that our greatest
days are ahead of us. So Lord, do what only you
can do in our life, Father. We commit today that we
will finish in Jesus’ name. And everybody said amen. Thank you so much, God bless you.

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