– The idea of downsizing
can be kind of overwhelming, but, it is often a huge
step in creating the life you actually want to live. So, on today’s video, I
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will be sure to be notified. (upbeat music) Welcome back to my channel guys. If you’re new here I am
Heather and I help people create the life they wanna live, whether that means
ditching the nine-to-five, getting out of corporate life, I call it the freedom strategy. And today by the end of this video I am going to show you
some really easy ways to get on that path to downsizing
and simplifying your life. Okay the first step to downsizing
and simplifying your life is start small, don’t like take on this huge massive project. Start small, like start with your closet, that can be enormously liberating if you downsize your closet. And I guess what I mean
is downsize the stuff that’s in your closet. So I have done this a couple of times, it is something that I
talk to my clients about. It really, really makes people feel good to walk into a closet that is organized and frankly isn’t like bursting with stuff that they don’t need and don’t wear. Take it section by section. Start with your shoes for example. And yeah, we know, women
tend to have a lot of shoes. Go through your shoes and see, is this pair similar to this pair. Well guess what honey, get
rid of one of those pairs. Go through every single thing you have and pull out, first of all for sure, anything that you have not
worn in the last year, gone. Then pull out stuff that
duplicates each other, like the shoes, look
at shirts, see if they are kind of the same,
get rid of the duplicate. And, you can kill birds with one stone. By actually donating
it, you will feel good about getting rid of some of your stuff. So, tip number one, start small, and you will not get overwhelmed. Now the next step up from that could be to downsize your car. This is something a lot of
people are in a position to do and others are not so you will have to evaluate that for yourself, but there are two
different ways to do this. You can look at your situation and decide, are you in a position
where you can actually get rid of your car altogether. If you live in an area where there is good public transportation or great things within walking distance,
with Uber being as good and as reliable as it
is, and yes I’m sure Lyft is also equally good and reliable, you actually might be able
to get rid of your car which often means getting rid of a big fat car payment
and car insurance. Now if you can’t get rid of your car, consider getting a
cheaper, used, smaller car that will satisfy your needs but doesn’t come with
this big, huge car payment that you might be carrying right now. So those are two different ways that you can consider downsizing your car in order to simplify your life. Now a lot of people don’t
consider the whole car option, so, I am curious, would you consider downsizing your car and if so, would you get rid of it altogether, or get something smaller and cheaper. Put that in the comments
below, I’m super curious how people feel about
downsizing the car situation. All right, let’s move on to the big one. The elephant in the room, your house, downsizing your house, that is absolutely one of the most effective
ways to simplify your life. Getting rid of the big
fat mortgage payment and also getting rid of all of the upkeep that goes along with a larger house. The good news is, with
the minimalist movement, people are definitely downsizing it, it is not as crazy an idea
as it was about 10 years ago. But there are levels that you can do to downsize your house,
you don’t have to go from a huge mansion to a tiny house. You can do something in between. But definitely look at the
options of downsizing your house. So the first thing you should do is look at where you’re living, do you need to stay in the same area or are there other areas that
would make downsizing easier. For us personally, we did a big downsize to a condo but the condo opened up all kinds of urban living
for us, it was awesome, and we actually have really enjoyed it. But it was a massive downsize for us and it took a little
bit of getting used to. But if you’re in a position
where you can get rid of the big house and move
into something smaller and less maintenance, then consider moving into a condominium or a townhouse or a much smaller house. Now that simplifies your
life in a number of ways. Not only is it less pressure
with your house payment and insurance, it also
simplifies your life by the maintenance that
goes along with it. Yard work, pool upkeep,
maybe your house was so big you were having somebody else clean it. All of those extraneous things go away when you downsize to something
smaller like a condominium. Your insurance gets cheaper,
your house payment is cheaper and all of the upkeep costs are cheaper. So that is the big daddy of downsizes is downsizing your house. And if you’re in a position to do it, you should consider it
because I promise you, it will simplify your life. Another benefit of downsizing your house is downsizing your garage. Now this is something that was actually quite difficult for my husband to do but what’s funny is, after we did it, now he’s like, oh my god, that’s the best thing we ever did. So, it allow you, it forces you to consolidate so many things whether it’s bicycles
or tools or just junk or Christmas decorations that you really have 10 times more than you need. If you’re downsizing your garage, you are going to be forced
to downsize all of that stuff and clutter, and at the end of the day when you finally do it,
it will make your life so much simpler and happier. So whether you are just
starting the downsizing process and you’re gonna start with your closet or you’re actually at a place where you can downsize your house, I do have a download for you below, it’s a free pdf, go ahead and click it. It’s a checklist that will
help you go through the steps, downsize your life, simplify your life, and create a happier life for you. And if this video helped motivate you just a little bit to get on that track to downsizing, please let me know by giving it a thumbs
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the downsizing process, go ahead and comment below
and just type, downsize, and then I know and you
know, you’re ready to do it. Thank you again for joining
me on the Freedom Strategy and I will see you next time. (upbeat music)

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  • No way, I love my Jeep Wrangler ✌🏻✌🏻! But my husband and I are actually thinking about downsizing our home after our baby gets married in December!

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