How to Dramatically Improve Your Credit Score (2019)

What’s going on everybody gave it here today we’re going to talk about how to improve your credit So I talked a lot about travel rewards credit cards and how to maximize points and all that But I never really talked about Credit and how to improve your credit and I had a few people come up to me and ask me, you know I’d love to get travel credit cards, but I can’t get them because my credits not good So today we’re going to talk about five easy steps on how to improve your credit But first off on this channel, we talked about travel exploration of photography. That sounds like something interesting to you Please hit the subscribe button. Don’t forget to the little bell icon so you can get future updates on my videos Okay, so let’s start with step number one. So step number one. You need to get your credit score So it’s just like when you want to lose weight, right you go and you jump on the scale You need to know where to start from so you see how much you weigh and then you work from there Now if you haven’t weighed yourself in six months or you ever wake yourself in a year Then you’re a little little nerve wracking getting on that scale for the first time But you still need to do that because you have to have that base point in order to work your way down from there So with credit it’s the same way. You need to find out what your credit score is Find out what your credit score is get them on the some of these online sites And you can find your credit score and then work up from there to try to improve your credit So the first thing you want to do get your credit score. Okay. It’s step number two Not only do you need your credit score? But you also want to get your credit report because you want to see what’s on there So you want to go through it line by line and make sure all the the items on your credit report belong to you because they might not we’re in a day and age now the internet and all this good stuff where People are stealing identities and things like that So they might be opening up credit cards that you have no idea about So you want to get in there? Make sure all that stuff is yours now if there’s something on there that’s not yours That’s when you need to you need to contact them and let them know. Hey, this is not this is not me So contact the credit bureaus let them know. This is not my credit card. I’ve never had this credit card I don’t know who this belongs to and then they’ll do their investigation in the know go ahead and take that off your credit and just Having that off your credit will help your credit your credit score overall because there might be delinquencies There’s probably going to be delinquencies. If someone’s still in your ID and using credit cards, they’re not paying those credit cards off So you’re gonna have delinquencies in your account? So that will help your credit score immensely If you can just look through there and make sure that everything on there is yours and and take care of those things. Okay? It’s step number three, so you’ve gone through your credit report You see all the stuff on there and that stuff doesn’t belong to you Then you you made sure you contacted the credit bureau But let’s say the stuff does belong to you and let’s say it’s four years old or five years old You have two delinquency or something like that Well, you can contact these companies and see hey Is there a way that you can work work with me here to try to get this off my credit? you can let them know that you’re trying to improve your credit and all that good stuff and Maybe they’ll do that that I mean it’s worth a shot, right? So writing letters worth a shot You can always dispute something. So something can be on your credit You can dispute it and it will go to the creditor and if that creditor does not respond To the credit bureau within a certain amount of time. Well, then it will be erased from your credit So that’s another thing you can do, too So you can dispute things that you know that you you you had a late payment on this 30-day late payment You can dispute it anyway and in the hopes that maybe they won’t respond if they don’t respond Then it comes off your credit as well. Okay, step number four. You want to make sure you get up to current on everything So check out your credit cards Make sure you’re paying something on your credit cards and you’re paying whatever you want to pay more than the minimum But at least pay the minimum that way you’re not gonna get more thirty day or more 60-day lates So make sure you take care of that because it makes no sense to try to improve your credit if you’re not paying on time Because your credits just going to go it’s going to go bad again So make sure you get up to current you get a hold of all the stuff that you need to pay And take care of those things. Okay, step number five. You want to get a secured credit card Okay, so you want to get a card where you have to pay a deposit? you’ll probably have to pay like $300 or $500 and that will be your limit so you can’t go over that and then every two weeks or every month you need to pay that credit card off and Make sure you do that Get religious about it pay it off every and the way I do it is I pay it off every two weeks So my credit cards paid off every two weeks Every time I get paid I’m paying my credit card off because I usually use my credit card like my debit card So now I’m using my credit card. I’m paying it off. I’m paying it off So have that $300 or $500 whatever that secured credit card is make sure you’re paying it off and don’t max it out So just use it for little things Go to the liquor store or 7-eleven, whatever and buy some stuff and then make sure you pay it off So you never carry a real high balance on it. You want to make sure that utilization the credit utilization is low Are you trying to get it low as low as possible? So you don’t want to get a card that has a $300 limit and then go up to that $300 and pay that 3 or have that $300 there for a month and then pay it off because your credit utilization on that card is going to be really high So you want to you want to take care of that kind of stuff and make sure you pay it every two weeks and don’t Let it get too high. You just want to show consistent payments for four to six months and then once you get consistent payments for four to six months certain secured credit cards will Automatically change to an unsecured credit card where it’s just a regular credit card where you don’t have to have a deposit In some other credit cards, they won’t do that They’ll stay secured and then that’s when you start looking into getting maybe a cash back card with a bank I would highly recommend going with like a chase or American Express Get one of their cash back cards even Capital One You can get a cash back card with them as well But get those cards and then you can start working your way into it higher into the ecosystem So let’s say if you get a chase freedom card, it’s a cash back card and then after that you have that card for maybe a year and you’re paying Every month and then you can advance to a Chase Sapphire Preferred Or chase fi Reserve and you kind of work it up that way all this time Your your credit should be your credit score should be increasing B Just because of doing these things you’re making you’re making consistent payments and then you’re also paying down these credit cards that you have I would not recommend if you have credit cards already and you’re you’ve been delinquent in the past and you still owe money on those credit cards pay those off first and Then start advancing and getting the higher cards so good. You can get a cash back card That’s fine and just keep using that cash back card And then the other credit cards that you have that you were delinquent and that got you to the place where you are now Pay those credit cards off Okay loans same thing pay those loans are and then once when those are paid off Then you can move into getting the travel credit cards and then work it that way So that’s my advice when it comes down to it There are a few different steps that you’re gonna have to do along the way it will take a little bit of time It might take a year for you to get your credit to start Increasing once you get over 700 like a 700 720 that’s a real sweet spot there Then you you’re able to get travel credit cards. Most travel credit cards. You’ll be able to get at that point, but you don’t You don’t want to try to get a credit travel credit card when your credit is is is below 700 Because then you might have some problems you might not be able to get it and that’s all recorded So they’re gonna know that you try to get a travel credit card. You weren’t able to get it So wait until you have a solid foundation and then then try to get those cards But I’d love to know what your strategy is What have you done to improve your credit? Please post in the comments below? If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up. Please subscribe for more and I’ll talk to you the next one. Bye

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  • Step 1 is to make a budget.

    2. Pay off all existing credit cards. No one that carries a balance should play the points and miles game. Apr is exponentially greater than any point return.

    3. Save a cash reserve and make that cash reserve your credit limit. Not what the bank allots.

    Credit is financial suicide in the hands of people that don't practice risk management. The most important thing is to have good financial habits before using credit and the only people that should use credit are people that don't need it.

  • Excellent content..My credit score as of this week is 720 and seesaw up and down ( 733 – 716 ) approx..I make on-line payments on time…and often pay over the minimum payment due..
    What are your thoughts on using debt Consolidation to have only "One Max Payment" monthly to pay down these credit cards..
    Are there any companies that have reliable reputation and affordable..Thank you…New subscriber and supporter..

  • I just got off the phone with chase I asked about the csp I wanted to get it after I got the freedom unlimited, they said I would need a credit limit of at least 5,000 from chase alone to get any saphire card. The limit on the freedom unlimited I'm getting like just over 3,000. Is that is true? What should I do now? This would really mess up my strategy.

  • Almost all credit cards and the free sites are completely wrong. Credit karma says 820, but the actual credit bureaus have it off by 70 points.

  • I've heard that it is. Est to leave just a couple dollars literally left to pay so it actually shows a payment. I heard if you pay it off before you get your bill, the credit bureaus may not see that you are using your credit. What are your thoughts?

  • Bro I can’t thank you enough, your really good, my scores was increased from 570 to 810, just in less than a month

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