How to Earn Points and Miles: 3 KEY STEPS for Beginners … (and the Credit Cards That Can Help)

if you’re watching this video there’s a
good chance that you have some idea of the value you can get from using points
and miles to book travel I’m here to tell you that you can be that friend
who’s always posting photos from far-flung destinations like Hawaii or
the Maldives all you need is a dream some loyalty program accounts and a
little bit of strategy so let’s break down the top three things you need to
get started with points and miles step 1 set some travel goals this is my
favorite step start thinking about where you want to go this could be visiting
family a euro trip a honeymoon in Tahiti there’s no wrong answer the key is
knowing where you want to travel because that will help you decide what kind of
points in miles you want to earn for example if you want to fly to Asia you
won’t want to earn Southwest points because Southwest doesn’t fly to Asia
yes but a great option could be United miles because United flies to Asia as do
several of its partners the bottom line here is you want your points and miles
to actually get you where you want to do step 2 signup for loyalty programs any
time you pay for an airline ticket you’re entitled to miles just for having
your button that seat same goes for hotel stays that you pay for sounds
simple enough right it is as long as you remember to create
an account with the airlines and hotels remember create an account you’d be
surprised how many people forget to do this and there’s really no excuse you’re
leaving points and miles on the table so pause this video right now look at your
upcoming travel plans and sign up for those loyalty accounts I’ll be here oh welcome back now that the lecture is
over I have some good news if you forgot to add your loyalty account number to a
flight you already took you can still request those miles
usually Airlines let you do this for flights up to 12 months in the past but
it varies most hotels also let you request points from past days but
usually with a shorter window of about 30 days okay last step sign up for the
credit cards that will help you meet your goals so you have a travel goal you
have your loyalty accounts and now it’s time to start earning the points most of
the best travel rewards cards offer signup bonuses which can get you up to a
hundred thousand points closer to your dream trip the important thing to
remember is that the signup bonuses vary and they almost always have a minimum
spending requirement attached to them and that means that you’ll need to spend
X amount of money in a certain amount of time usually the first three months in
order to bring those points let me walk you through three of my favorite cards
the great thing about these is that they all earn points that you can transfer to
various airlines in hotels my first pick is a Chase Sapphire Preferred card this
is a good option for beginners it’s also great because it earns 2x points on
travel and dining and the annual fee is waived the first year next up is a
capital one venture awards card people love this card because it turns it
incredible 10 X miles at hotels calm and the annual fee is also waived the first
year finally there’s the American Express of gold card
this is a great pick for dining at US restaurants because you’ll earn 4 points
per dollar you can check out more options at the points guy com2 wrap it
all up start with a goal get those loyalty accounts open a credit card and
start earning those points follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to
your dream trip so if you want to learn more about points miles go to the point and make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos

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