How to gain Focus, Freedom, Flow – The Strategy Sprint | STRATEGY SHOW

The Strategy Sprint: How to increase corporate focus, freedom and flow. Focus: if you ask employees what is the current corporate strategy? They cannot clearly answer it. They also do not know where to look it up. And is this functional to navigate the digital ages? Hmm. So what can we do to create a strategy development and deployment process that creates both clarity and focus? Freedom: in the digital ages people want to work from everywhere anytime at their own pace. They want to say yes or no to projects depending on the contribution level and on the fit of their personal purpose with the
project’s purpose. This is exciting. Because the technology in our hands is very powerful we can lead 1,000
employees from our phone from an airport lounge or a cafeteria. It is possible for us to create the environment where they can choose their projects and contribute the most. Still many enterprises hold themselves back from leveraging the full potential of this digital revolution. Flow: why do people love to visit Italy? Because there they can experience flow. Wolfgang Goethe described very well the
flow between nature and culture in Italy and many after him. How can we create corporate workflows that feel less like friction and more like flow? We will explore the paradigms the principles and the practices that increase corporate focus, freedom and flow.

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