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Hi, Steve here. I’ll show you the equipment I brought with me for the M3GI, the Midnight 3-Gun Invitational, here in Bend, Oregon and it’s very, very important to have everything, all your products, all your equipment, lined up absolutely perfectly and inventoried and I’ll show you exactly what I mean. Oh, this is not what I mean. This is the exact opposite of what you should do but this is what happens when you start having everything organized and you run a day or a day and a half of matches, everything gets thrown around, so we have shotgun speedloaders, we have our Gerber tool, some extra Glock magazines. I’ll show you the guns that I’m using, here, today. I keep everything in this OPMOD bag. I also travel with this bag inside a Pelican 3300 case, so I take the full amount out of the case. I keep my long guns and my handgun in the OPMOD bag. This, here, is a Colt Comp 2 HBar with one of the awesome new Vortex Razor HD Gen II scopes. It’s a 1-6 scope. It’s illuminated. It’s one of the very finest pieces of optical equipment I have ever owned or used. I’ve had this for a lot of years. It’s pretty much bullet proof. The gun is clear. The Crimson Trace Vertical Grip offers you several different modes of activation. You can adjust the modes with this little button. I like it on permanent, so when I’m aiming on target, I don’t have to continually squeeze this grip. I just hit it once, my light is on. I hit this once, my laser is on. Then I can concentrate, not on squeezing the grip but aiming the gun properly. I enjoy this product very much and the green laser is infinitely more visible to the human eye than red, about 50x more, a couple of quick detachable sling swivels from Troy, an MLT mount. This is, also, a Vortex. This is their quick release mount and it absolutely returns to zero. American Defense Manufacturing makes this for Vortex. This is called a Readymag. What’s cool about the Readymag is that, when I hit my magazine release both my spent magazine and my new magazine fall out simultaneously. I’ll grab my new magazine, let the old one fall, stick the new magazine in. It’s quicker for me than grabbing one out of my belt and sticking it in. I like the Uncle Mike’s double gun pouches. It has a plastic insert It comes with velcro that I remove and I just use these for an inexpensive way to grab my magazines conveniently. This is my old Remington 1100, that has treated me very well. It has a Remington after market stock on it with a Sims Vibration Speed Recoil Pad. It’s a lot softer on your shoulder because you’re going to be pounding this. On here, the RailMaster has a momentary touch on, off, or laser green on, or off. This is tremendously valuable in the nighttime, nighttime changes everything. Your sights are no longer usable in a lot of cases, so I’ve been shooting this gun since I’ve been about 12 years old and it’s been a good friend to me. I also have the OPMOD PVS-14 with the D lock mount, in conjunction with an EOTech OPMOD EXPS 2, so I could remove my Vortex scope, replace it with the PVS-14 and the EOTech OPMOD holographic weapons sight and that’s another option for sighting, A couple of early Colt 2 round magazines. A lot of people prefer 20 round magazines because they don’t protrude from the bottom of the pistol grip and you still get to rest your gun properly, as opposed to a 30 rounder which sometimes you’ll have to rest your 30 rounder on the deck and it’s much less stable if you do that. I’ve got a handgun here. All I have to do is grip this gun and my light and my laser are on. I just rolled over and I realized this is probably my new barbeque gun. Crimson Trace, also, in conjunction with the Desantis, makes a holster made for the light guard and the laser guard, so you’re completely self contained. I was also using this gun, with great effect, yesterday, in a couple of stages, with one of the original 32 round Glock magazines, so it saved me from changing magazines once or twice. This is what I’m using for this match and so far everything’s working out very well, ammunition in my OPMOD bag, extra hearing protection, water, flashlights are very important, especially at night, and you want something with a red lens so you’re not blinding everyone. I like the Princeton Tech Quad4 tactical Quad4 I believe it’s called and that’s what I’ve been using and I hope it gives you some ideas. Thanks.

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