How to get FREE SUPREME CAPSULE!? Adventure Communist Rank 50 FREE Supreme Researcher! [Alf Stark]

hello you're probably wondering how to get free supreme capsule step 1 be patient step 2 collect your free capsules as often as possible so that you can maximize your chance and speed up the whole process and it's basically it it's that simple now that we have gotten the free capsule finally let's see what we get let's hope for what do we need we either ant Alf Stark ratchet unless prime or Megatron so let's hope for that oh yes I'm ranked 50 that's when I get it if you got one let me know what rank you were when you got it leave a comment down below and let's see what we get this is very scary and we got off stark holy crap I am so happy man it only took half a year but we finally got it the three supreme caps online for free man can you believe it I can't even believe it let's see the difference okay so see 68 ie man this mission is going to be so easy now okay 46 8a we got all those oh man I'm kind of kind of nervous man this is a nice nice day for me I hope you can have a nice day too maybe you didn't get one yet but with patience and dedication you will get one too just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming sorry sorry okay now let's go ahead and upgrade him it's perfect because we need to spend five K science for a mission oh man we should have no you should have looked at the crit rate of everything first 81 92 32 they own Who I am that is some insane power right there thirty two point seventy six K bonus I cannot even believe it okay I don't remember what these numbers were before but now they seem to be pretty high well maybe not since I could doesn't make much of a difference but it's okay I am still happy we are one step closer homeboy see how this one is so close one man who need one bill of those okay I think we're gonna maximize our potatoes because we're at Ian's we need G but anyway we got two more days until the event and I guess we'll see if we have anything to make a video out of tomorrow but that is it for today's episode for today's video I think they don't have much else to show I appreciate you thank you for watching they sound sarcastic as I don't know what but I'm serious I just thank you it's hard to get in like though that you know I don't even know how to explain it's hard to get into the vibe for the videos every day so I hope you enjoyed if you did leave a like let me know if you got your supreme yet for free and if you did what rank were you and you got it and share this with your homies this is proof that it's actually real you can actually get a free supreme capsule and subscribe if you like my if not then go live on your life thanks I love you I miss you and have a nice day peace

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