How to Get Freedom in Your Life – Lessons from My Visit to The Statue of Liberty

Hi, it’s Grace Lee host of the Career
Revisionist podcast and founder of Mastery Insights where I help professionals to build
careers of significance and
expand that into living lives of fulfillment. I’m standing
on Liberty Island, just a few, several feet away from the Statue
of Liberty on Liberty Island. Took a ferry from Manhattan, the Statue Ferries to get here
and now I climbed, as well, 195 steps to get to the top of the
pedestal of the statue of Liberty. It has been an amazing day. Hot and sunny in New York city is my first
visit and it is a great impression of the statue as a gift of the pursuit,
and a symbol of the pursuit, of freedom and liberty. I am standing at the foot of the pedestal
of the statue of Liberty here in New York city. Now the statute has been a national symbol
of the pursuit of freedom of Liberty. I’m here and I am on the southern-most part of Manhattan on
the island that contains the Statue of Liberty. This is my first
time in New York city. What does freedom mean to you?
What are you seeking freedom from? Is it that you want to escape from a toxic environment? Is it that you want to escape from a
company that no longer fits with your values? Do you want freedom from
the responsibilities that
you have in your work? I mean, what does freedom mean
to you? I remember when I was in, when I spent my early childhood years
that was in Hong Kong and soon after that, somewhere during elementary school, I came to Canada and it was in Canada
that I did my high school education, but during that time in
high school was a very, very tumultuous years for me and I was adopted when I was 14 because
I didn’t have parental support. I was an orphan before that,
but when I was adopted, although my adopted parents
gave me all the love and care, they gave me a sense of
belonging and a place to stay. I really felt like I lacked freedom
because I was in high school because I didn’t have financial support and I didn’t have moral support. I felt like I didn’t have the freedom to
choose the things I wanted in my life. I felt like I didn’t have the freedom
because I grew up in poverty and I felt like I didn’t have the freedom to
be who I wanted to be in this world. And so for me, my answer to get out
of that freedom was to go to school, do well in school so that I could
earn the scholarships to pay my way, pay my tuition through college. And
then with the college credential, I thought that I would get a better
paying job and that was my solution to get more freedom and to escape the
things that I wanted to escape during high school. Here’s the thing, looking back on those
years, those high school years for me, I felt like I didn’t have the freedom. There was many things in my life where
I didn’t have the freedom and so I was pursuing it with everything
I got. Everything it took, and for me it was a do or die
situation. But here’s the thing. I was in North America. There
were no rules, no policies, no social systems that prevented
me from being who I was. None of that prevented me from
making any choices I wanted to make, to have anything I wanted
to have in my life. There was nothing like that that
was preventing me from getting it. What I’m trying to say is that,
I was free and you are too. Chances are if you are in North
America, if you are in Australia, if you are in Europe, if you are
in Asia, no matter where you are, you do have freedom because freedom
does not depend on our external circumstances. Freedom doesn’t depend on what people
give you, what the government gives you, what the economy is capable of giving you. Freedom is an
inner game. It comes from your mindset. So it wasn’t a lack of opportunity. It
wasn’t a lack of freedom, I should say. It was a lack of opportunity and the reason why I felt like I didn’t
have freedom was because it didn’t have the knowledge and the wisdom
to make better decisions. I didn’t have the money to make
the decisions I wanted to make, to have the things I wanted in my life
because I didn’t yet become the person I needed to become to make those decisions. So when you are feeling this way that
you want to pursue freedom because it feels like there’s a certain aspect
of freedom you don’t already have. Ask yourself, am I really free? Do I have the freedom to be who I want?
To make whatever choices I want to make? Is there really actually something
stopping me from doing that? Ask yourself, is it true and be
brutally honest with yourself. Because chances are there’s
nothing stopping you. There’s nothing stopping you from
making those choices except you. So it’s not freedom. It is not a lack
of freedom. It is a lack of opportunity. And opportunity comes from
those who are prepared and the preparation comes
from inside. Comment below. Are you currently pursuing freedom in your life and what’s missing that has
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