How To Install Covenant On Kodi 17.6 – NEW METHOD! (February 2018)

what's up everybody welcome back to my venue video on Cody in this video guys and I'm going to be showing you how to install covenant Cody add-on on Cody 726 it's fully working 100% honest and internal repository so let's get started guys first of all click on settings then go to the file manager then double click on add source double click on none and just paste this URL I'm going to provide this this URL guys on the description so you guys can copy and paste it on your cody also guys do that then click on OK and the name for this mini source is going to be x vb MC then press ok press ok once again now go back to the main code the page by pressing escape twice now uh let's let's click on add ons click on this box and click on install from zip file from here you want to go to the xvmc once the guys open this one click on repass 3 . xvb MC version 4.2 Princip click on it and just let it let it install and Cody give it about a couple seconds alright guys don't you guys get this pop-up which says add-on installed then you want to click on the install from repository right here now click xvb MC Adams repository go to the video add-ons and just fine for the Covenant there it is covenant one point one point 30 click on it and lastly click on install guys and just let it install on Cody all right the guys Cabana got this installed on Cody right now now let's go bag a injustice it does vary this all right now let's open one movie let's go to 12 strong right is he all right click on name we click on Play it is sweet free to is to find the providers or eyes click on the first one this is this is with some camera version but you guys can also get some 1080p movies right here but yeah that's about it guys how to install Covenant and the yeah you guys did this tutorial guys if you did be sure to subscribe my channel and like the video for more videos on Corey and I will see you guys next time till then peace out

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