How to Invest | Private Mortgage Investing

Private Mortgage Investing What is it well, it is a simple and safer way to earn higher returns on your investment. How does it work? Borrowers come to us for financing on their Real Estate projects. We look into their request to make sure that it is a good deal. If it is, our teams send the proper documents to the borrower. We take a deeper look into the project and property, by ordering an appraisal and a safety inspection. To make sure everything’s in line After, escrow opens and the borrower places the documents and down payment and the partner investor places the funds Then, the partner investors receives their monthly interest payments. How am I protected? We require multiple layers of protection that the borrower must provide in the form of collateral We shift risk away, by lending no more than 70% LTV and holding the note to the property in case we ever have to foreclose. These things protect us, and act as our shield. and this keeps us happy and keeps us from losing money where we wouldn’t be so happy. in other words… It’s simple It’s safer Period.

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