How To Make $1000 Per Month Online – Simple Beginner Friendly Process

Hey Miles here, this video
you are going to learn this simple path to making $1,000 per month online. This is completely beginner friendly and most
importantly, this path will lead you to $3,000 a month online, $10,000 a month online and
beyond. How do I know my wife and I have made millions
of dollars online and ultimately we’ve executed this path multiple times for multiple brands
and it works every single time. So I want to save you years that it took me
of trial and error by giving you the quick summation of how this works. The first thing you need to know is the overarching
philosophy of why this works. Because billions of people each and every
month are searching to improve their lives. They’re searching to buy things or they’re
searching to buy services that they believe are going to improve their lives. Okay, so where are we searching? Well, as youtube or Google, generally speaking,
sure, there’s some searching that goes on in other places, but generally people searching
on youtube and Google are closest to being ready to click that buy button. And to purchase that thing they think will
help them improve their lives. So what are these things that improve our
lives? We’ve got to kind of break these up into two
categories. I’ve got some examples down here on a notepad,
so I’m gonna look down and read a few of those off. But the first idea is things. Okay. So we live in a consumerist type society. We’ve all been programmed through television
programming to believe that things are going to make us feel better. Right? Commercials. That’s the goal of commercials is to help
us think that things will make us feel better. So what kinds of things? Well, I’ve got a big property here and my
lawn was getting out of control. So there was a moment when I thought that
a lawnmower and a weed wacker would make me feel better cause I could mow the lawn and
make it look better. Indeed, it worked and it was great. How did I know what lawnmower to get? Did I choose gas? Did I choose electric? I googled and Youtube for this. So this is kind of the basics of how it works. So other ideas? Um, VR headset is something I’ve purchased
recently. Uh, blenders, vacuum cleaners, makeup graphics,
Card Tools, Jack stands, camping gear, tents, sleeping bags. This list goes on forever. I mean Amazon has millions of physical things
that people can and do purchase and sometimes it goes to home security. It goes to smart home. It’s the nest, it’s the, the ring doorbell. I mean it just goes in so many directions. It’s absolutely crazy. And we’ll talk about how to figure out what
direction is best for you in a minute. Then there’s the other side of things. Some people are searching for results. Okay. They want a different result or a new outcome
in their lives. So they might be searching for how to lose
10 pounds. A business owner might be searching for how
to rank on Google or they might search for how to get more leads for my business. Okay. An individual who has a mortgage, they’ve
got last year at about 5% might be right now searching, how do I save money on my mortgage? Or how do I refinance my mortgage? Okay. Cause they expect they’re going to get an
outcome they like. And if you’re a mortgage broker, there might
be a 1500 to $2,000 commission in there for you. Um, massages, got some sore shoulder, sore
neck, uh, people might search for massages, they might search for Chiropractors, some
point people will search for dentists work, et Cetera. Um, how to get more leads, how to get ripped,
how to get dates, how to cure acne. This list also goes on and on and on for damn-near
ever. Okay? So people search for those two types of things. And if you’re like, well, miles, but a house
is a thing. It’s like, yeah, but it’s a little bit more
of a process. And generally speaking, we need an individual
in between us to broker that deal and make that deal happen for most people. Okay. So those are the two ideas. You’re going to sell things, you’re going
to sell services now, things are going to offer you a little lower income. Okay. Your commissions on selling a tent on selling
a VR headset, et cetera. It’s not yours. You don’t stock it. Don’t worry. We’ll talk about that. That’s probably going to be in the range of
$50 now it could be 20 it could be two to $300 but I’m just choosing 50 as a round number
so we can base some math off of it and see exactly what it takes on the other side on
the services, that’s probably going to bring in about $500 okay. If you know how to help a business owner rank
number one on Google, because you know SEO, you could probably make $500 a month from
one person. So if you’re making $500 a month, you need
two people per month to make $1,000 per month. If you sell houses, you’re probably making
more than that and you probably need one deal or less per month to make your thousand dollars
per month. Okay, so there’s this math side of it and
then selling the things. Generally speaking as an affiliate cause this
is getting down the road of affiliate marketing. You are going to make between five and 15%
commissions on physical, tangible things. Now, the cool thing about tangible things
is the volume and the ease of purchase. Okay. A real estate deal usually takes weeks if
not months of searching and then it’s a 30 to 45 day process to get the actual deal all
the way to closing. So it can be a long process for someone, but
selling a tent for someone who’s ready to go camping next weekend and they want it to
show up on prime this weekend and they’re looking for the best tent for cold weather
Bingo. That is a massive opportunity to get lots
and lots of sales so you can replace volume with high ticket. They’re interchangeable again to sales at
$500 commission a month for you as your thousand dollars a month. Or if you’re getting $50 commissions, that’s
20 sales per month. So it’s one every other week versus a, what
would that be, five per week. So it’s almost every day on that now billions
of people are searching for things to buy or services to obtain that will help them
improve their lives is the overarching theory. Your job is to use content marketing and to
use content ultimately to connect them with what they ultimately want. Now, if you don’t have a service that you’re
offering, you’re going to go down the path of affiliate marketing. I have trainings, specific free trainings,
100% free trainings on affiliate marketing. It’s a full hour masterclass link will be
below. I’ll have it pop up above my head. And the theory here is that people like me
are searching. So real world example, that just happened
this last week. Um, I purchased a VR headset, I’m into sim
racing. I like that. It’s like racing simulators, you know, it’s
Kinda like a driving game, but it’s, it’s very a realistic if you will. So I was searching for the best VR headset
for Sim racing. And you know what, not one person had a definitive
post or video that said this is the best of the best for you. Therefore, I didn’t take anyone’s individual
recommendation in that world. But when I was searching for my lawn Mower,
I was searching for a quiet lawn mower for large lawns with hills. That was specifically what I searched for,
and there’s literally like riding lawnmowers for there’s all these sites dedicated
to my exact situation because we’re all searching in specifics. They call this a long tail keyword phrase
is what this is. So I was searching specifically for a quiet
lawn mower for hills and large properties and I found a very specific electric lawn
mower and I ended up buying it and someone ended up getting a commission when I purchased
that because I didn’t want to go to the store and back to get it. I wanted it dropped off two days later and
someone made a 10% commission on my $400 purchase. Okay. They made about 40 bucks on that. So that’s how the game works. Then let’s talk about the tactics, right? What are those things you need to learn, those
specific skills you need to build in order to do this. And then we’ll talk about the full numbers
on how to get to 1000 bucks a month in a second. So there’s three main skills you’re going
to have to learn. And the best part is I teach all of these
for free here on my channel. Number one is keyword research. To me, this is the most important skill because
when people are searching for those things that are they think are going to improve their
lives, they’re using keywords. Google is based on keywords. Youtube is based on keywords and if you title
your post the exact same way that I’m searching for, it has a really good chance of ranking. Example. What is the best VR headset for Sim racing? No one made that exact post. It’s a keyword phrase. I searched it, it gets volume. It’s a real thing, but no one did this level
of research, therefore no one ranked for this. Therefore no one helped me get what I wanted
and I had to find another route to obtain that thing that I wanted. Make sense? Had someone written this exact post and made
a very comprehensive argument and showed me how they detailed and did the research and
came to a conclusion that this was the one I would’ve clicked and bought it and I would
have had it here earlier because I spent hours researching instead of trusting someone’s
kind of a recommendation. Number two is search engine optimization. This is the idea of what do you do with the
keyword? How do you lay the keyword out? How do you lay your page out? How do you set up your youtube video so that
it’s optimized for said keyword? Again, I’ve got a free SEO video to two hour
master class that shows you everything you need to know about a SEO link to that’ll be
in the description and then finally has content. You’ve got to create content. Whether you’re creating videos like these
or whether you’re writing blog posts, you have to actually create content. I’ve got a video that says how that shows
you how to create content fast. That ranks well on Google. Um, it teaches you like a really cool trick
to, to kind of letting Google tell you what it wants you to write in your posts. Um, obviously that links down there. So back to the overarching idea that people
are searching, billions of people are searching for things that they want. You have the ability to either partner with
physical things or if you’re a professional and you have a service, you can collect leads
and you can essentially use content to meet those people searching for you and help them
get what they want. Okay. The tactical things we need to do our keyword
research, search engine optimization and content marketing. Well then the question is how much content
does it take? Right? How long is this going to take? For my wife and I, it took many years. It took about five years for us to really
get to that lifestyle income number. We’re now 10 years in on that business and
the numbers are absolutely astounding on this most recent brand and miles Beckler brand,
it took me about a year to a year and a half to really gain traction and get up over that
$10,000 per month mark. I had been doing it my second time. I can tell you firsthand that it’s a lot easier
the second time than it was the first time, regardless of whether it takes you one year,
three years, five years, even 10 years, is it worth it for you to literally make more
than 98% of people in your country and to have the lifestyle freedom that allow you
to work when you want, from where you want, how you want, with who you want. It’s pretty amazing and it’s worth it at all
costs. But again, I want to give you specific numbers
so we can have an idea of how this might work. Let’s say you do your keyword research and
you write 100 excellent search engine optimized posts that are focused on a specific keyword
that’s based on my keyword research videos. Okay? You did a hundred of them a hundred times
over. If you did one per week, that’s about two
years. If you do two per week, you should be like,
get this done in about a year. Okay? So if you, you’re a hundred posts on average
get 40 visits per month. This means they’re getting on average just
over one visit per day per post, which is very conservative and odds are you’re going
to have one or two out of this that really, really take off and get hundreds and hundreds
of visits per month. So that means you’re getting 4,000 visits
per month to your website on average, if you get a 0.2% conversion, right? That’s 20% of 1% this is 0.2 is less than
a half a percent. Very, very small conversion rate. But if you get a 0.2 conversion rate, you
will make 20 sales. And if you’re getting $50 commission on each
one of those sales that you put through right there, you have set yourself up to make your
first thousand dollars per month. And the cool part is you now have the skills,
you know how to do keyword research, you know how to publish content regularly. You know how to optimize content regularly. You’ve gone through the motion and you’ve
gotten your first checks in the mail and then it becomes real and this is where it gets
exciting because at this point you want to go all in and you want to find what worked. What are the search engines rank for you? Where are you getting most of your traffic
and you want to do more of what is proving to work. Of that hundred posts that you put out, the
80 20 rule will take over. 80% of them won’t do much. 20% of what you do is going to really carry
the lion’s share of the sales and the lion’s share of that traffic. So you go in, you analyze what worked, and
you go do more of what worked. This is the path of how you can go from bootstrapping
your way with purchasing, nothing hosting, which is what my wife and I started with. It was $95 and 40 cents for one year of hosting
and a domain name. We used free wordpress themes and we just
use content, content, content to grow our business that is now made millions of dollars
online. I know you can do it. The Path is proven. There are billions of people searching for
their specific needs and sometimes we find content. Other times we don’t. You might think that the VR niche is saturated. You maybe don’t know anything about VR. There’s a lot of gamers making a lot of videos
about VR and here I am looking for the right VR headset for me in my exact situation, my
exact world, not one post showed up. There is opportunity all over the place and
the cool part is you can find a niche that at least intrigues you, that you find interesting,
that you find curious. Maybe you love camping and you’re like, man,
that’d be Kinda cool to go out and test new gear and talk about the different camp Nuys
that you’ve used and the camp stoves and the hatchets and the tents and all of the different
things that you’ve used. Maybe you hate camping and you love beauty
products and fashion products, right? You can find these things that are, that you
enjoy and you can turn that into a really cool way to share your knowledge, to kind
of through a tax deduction and go purchase new things, try new things, research new things,
play with new things, write about new things. It can create a really cool lifestyle business. And on that note, I want to share that I have
a series of videos that’s going to teach you how to choose your niche. Again, 100% free. If you haven’t noticed a pattern, everything
on this channel is free. I’m not going to pitch you a paid course here
at all. So, um, that video will be linked to below. And that’s really the next step. If you’re like, this is great, I love it. You need to choose that area of the world
that you’re ready to go all in a, it could be sim racing, could be lawnmowers, could
be weed, whackers, it could be a kitchen equipment, it could be kitchen a, whatever it is. It needs to be a little bit of a reflection
of your business, of your life, not business. It needs to be a reflection of your life and
your interests or what you have affinity for and that video tutorial will walk you all
the way through. I have a free course if you’re interested
in the free course is how I went from side hustle to million dollar business. It’s a seven step process. It kind of covers a lot of what we covered
here with a bit more in depth and it links you in order to my videos that will help you
kind of understand each of those skills that you need to build. That will pop up as a little book on the end
screen video above links below. Thank you. I hope this makes sense. If you have questions, that’s what the comments
are for how, give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it like it hit the bell. I got more videos like this coming out and
I know you can do it, so get started. That’s the most important thing for you to
do is ultimately get started. Publish your first piece of content, get hosting,
get going, get rolled and put up your first video. You’ll be amazed at what you create the patient
with yourself and stay focused on giving value to those billions of people who are searching. Okay? That’s our job as digital marketers, we give
value to others first and we are compensated through giving great value through those commissions
we get on the other end. I know you can do it. I appreciate you. Thanks for time and I’ll catch you on the
next video. Cheers.

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