How to make $12,000 every Month from Real Estate Investing!

Hey my name is Sam Kwak, Entrepreneur, Investor and the author of the book fire your boss and I’m going to show you a plan in
a quick eight-minute video on how you can make twelve thousand dollars a month from just real estate investing and by partnering with me now before we close
out of this video what about show you is not much of a secret in fact this plan has been around for
2,000 years and is being currently used by hundreds of thousands of the top 10%
average joes and so can you but first i’m going to show you why our plan is
different from the plan that you may be currently using right now let’s say we
are offered a job for fifty dollars an hour now fifty dollars an hour is a
pretty good amount don’t you think to broaden our perspective let’s put this
into a weekly format. The average Americans work for 40 hours a week perhaps more. so let’s multiply 40 hours by fifty dollars an hour which leads us to $2,000
week let’s take that number and see it in a yearly income. We’ll say that we’re
going to work for 50 weeks a year and take two weeks off for application 50
times $2,000 gives us about hundred thousand
dollars now hundred thousand dollars a year is an awesome income in fact for
some of you this might be a lifetime goal, to hit the six-figure mark. But
rarely do people express their income in a lifetime format suppose we work for
this job for the rest of our lives say 40 years, right? we multiply hundred thousand dollars by
40 years and that will give us a mere number of four million dollars. Now, four
million dollars may seem like a lot of money for remember, we didn’t take out
anything for taxes, living expenses, or savings for retirement and if you have
kids you probably know that the four million dollars will disappear faster.
Now, let me ask you. Does four million dollars sound like a lot of money for 40
years worth of work let’s say I’m the employer in this
situation. If i offered you the same job for four million dollars for the next 40
years would you take it if I got to tell you
when you go on vacation, when you go to lunch break or even how many days you
can be sick until you’re fired sounds familiar doesn’t it. Yet why do
most of us settle for this plan when there’s a different plan available. If
that question makes you wonder i want you to see the possibility of taking a
look at plan that myself and the other real
estate investors have created over time in making twelve-thousand dollars a
month without putting in the 40 hours a week so here’s how that plan works. As
real estate investors one of our game plan is for us to purchase real estate
properties let’s say in buying the property we owe
about a thousand dollars month in mortgages, taxes, insurance ,and other fees
included. Then we’re going to put a tenant in the property paying us fifteen
hundred dollars a month and that’s a reasonable amount of rent, right? So what’s
the difference between $1,500 coming in and thousand dollars going out? simply
$500. Did we have to clock in and clock out to make that five hundred dollars or
report to a boss to get a job to get that paycheck. No! Our tenants pay that
rent. we call this passive income now remember our old plan? $500 is equal to
about 10 hours worth of work. Now, we have an extra 10 hours that we can take time
off our work and invested into our loved ones, family, and our friends now because
we can do this one time is it reasonable for us to do it eight more times? Sure! I personally know
25 people who have at least over a hundred rental properties. So it’s possible for
you to do even one. If we multiply $500 by a property’s that’s about four
thousand dollars a month coming in remember, we didn’t have to spend 40 hours
every week to generate that income as you can notice here the plan that about
to introduce you is about trading your money for time while the old plan that
you have is about trading your time for money let me ask you this, Is money more
valuable or is time more valuable I mean when you’re on your deathbed
would be asking for a million-dollar check or would you be asking for an
extra 10 minutes to see your loved ones? it’s obvious, right? it’s the extra ten
minutes time is a scarce resource and we can’t create more of it but with money,
we can always make more money you know the government is printing more money as we speak it’s not a scarce resource but why do we
take the scarcest resource and trade it for something that’s not so scarce did you know that the shirt that you are
wearing right now costed you time, not money? think of how many hours you
have to trade in at your job to buy that shirt it’s an interesting perspective, isn’t it?
now you might be asking: “Well, Sam where’s the 12,000 our part?” Well! let’s come
back to it. We know that we have eight properties making us an extra four
thousand dollars a month which is still pretty good but what if we can show you
how to pay off the mortgage within five to seven years. We take the thousand
dollars a month going out of your pocket out of the equation. Now, we have an extra 12 thousand dollars a month coming into a bank account and you know what’s even
better? That twelve-thousand dollars a month can be inherited by your children
if one day you decide to kick the bucket and go to heaven. That twelve-thousand
dollars a month can also be deferred using key tax and legal strategies.
Sounds great, right? now if you love your current job and your current career, then
please stick with it. if you’re feeling fulfilled and have the utmost joy in
your life with your current plan stay where you are! you’re at the right
place! But if you’re coming back from work tired grumpy, you know, frustrated
and just drained, you know, that I want you to consider our plan as a
possibility and you might be saying “well Sam, I don’t have the money. I don’t have
the time, or I don’t even have a good credit to buy a house!” Don’t worry! i started out where you
might be right now you know i was still in college and I had zero money and zero credit
to start investing to real estate so here’s the bottom line, we’re going to
teach you how to raise the money because I did it we can help you take the
knowledge that you will be learning and applying it to be able to have the
conversations with the people who do have the money and can invest in your
abilities you also might be asking, “Why does this
guy want to even help me make more money?” Well, I’ve been doing this for a while
and seeing people change their lives because of this plan was even more
rewarding and making money you know when I see someone going from being grumpy
and frustrated to being a place of our most empowerment? I can go to sleep
at night knowing that i made a difference in the world. You know, if this
sounds too good to be true or if this is a foreign concept to you it’s no
accident that our public education system doesn’t teach anything about
investing or finance you know the big banks and the
corporations like to keep you in the old plan so that you can work their systems
and make them richer do you think it’s an accident that the
government likes it when you go clock in and clock out and passively accept
their situations and by the way you can probably think of a person who’s already
using this plan right now you know this plan is not a secret. it’s no secret! Yet
many people don’t know how to raise money or how to find the right
properties. So if you like some more information about partnering up with me and my team of real estate investors, we can show you how to raise the capital and the money to
buy a rental property even while you may have a job and I will personally mentor
you through your learning process through hands-on learning so go to, where we’re going to show you how you can earn while learning!
Thanks for watching!

13 thoughts on “How to make $12,000 every Month from Real Estate Investing!

  • Those US prices, 1000$ expenses and $1500 income. If someone is able to pay you $1500 for this house they would just buy one themselves.
    Then you pay off the house, there are still expenses … You will never get the full $1500 in you pocket.

    The plan works for sure, but not with those dream numbers. It actually takes a significant investment to get some cashflow.
    You got to remember though the property appreciation and the principal recapture which makes the ROI actually significant.

  • I am a 28 year old engineer making roughly $120k a year I have also started buying rental property and I am now on my 2nd rental. The flaws in your theory is that even though I rent my first home and make a $1000! Profit out of it a month there are maintenance that I do and eats up the money. Also tenants can destroy your house.

  • It's really sad that people like you provide half-truth to give people false hope. I am investing in real estate and there is no place where you get $500/month positive cash flow using private lenders for your down payments. But that naturally does not matter because your video is made for people who have no clue peddling false hope, not for anybody with basic math skills. You are discrediting the industry with these claims.

  • Only the People that believe in Jesus Christ are Saved and have eternal Life. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Almighty God. He Died for our Sins. And the People that didnt want to believe in him will go to the Lake of Fire ( All of You that can listen, you that can read ) Get a 100 % Proof that this is all Real ! – Go to your Room dowen to your knee and Pray to Jesus Christ:
    Dear Jesus Christ, i am a Sinner, please come in my Life, you died for our Sins, everyone that believes in you is saved and have eternal Life, help me to become a Person that Loves one another, thank you very much, Amen

  • love your videos just that the reason why you whant to help is a little like to see people change their lives?? Gotta come up with something better my friend or simply say its bussines, it will probably get you more respect.

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