How to Make a Pact with the Devil – Step by step

hey you guys if you had the possibility to fulfill your dreams accomplish your desires and reach your goals of a quick and easy method would you do it before answering this think this is not free you would have to give something very very important in return and that something is nothing less nothing more than your eternal suffering is your answer still yes we are talking about a pact with the devil today in 2018 many people still believe in angels and demons even more the belief that brings us to the theme of this video the pact with the devil this consists of invoking the devil to sell your soul and fulfill your wishes in exchange for this your soul today we will analyze how to make a supposed pact with the devil and yes I should have kept this video for Halloween but well I wanted to make this this instructions are based on the book of the Key of Solomon in this book you can find detailed descriptions of spirits and also the spells needed to invoke them and force them to fulfill the wheel of the conjurer of course the actions prior to invocation are also explained in detail things like making the elements as well as the necessary rituals to prevent the spirits from taking control and according to this book the first thing you have to do is to believe that this is a world created and governed by God following this line of thought the devil and demons cannot intervene in any way in the world unless of course you meet a series of requirements that helps them visit the land of the living you will have to start the ritual one specific day when the hells are closer to earth it is also okay if you do this any fourth day of any month but before the ritual you will have to sacrifice a rooster 12 hours before beginning once the day is decided you will have to start to pact between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning this is because they say at this time the border with the house gets shorter and to start this ritual you have to be in a totally dark room in this room there must be enough space for you to draw a good-sized circle you will have to light candles and draw a circle of one-and-a-half meters in the center of the room for face you will have to draw it with a mixture between ground core and ground copper within these circles you have to draw another six circles each one within the previous and then you have to place a candle in the center of the six circles and with the help of a compass it describes the four cardinal points this as if it were a rose of the winds and finally you put a feather of any animal you want in the South a piece of your own flesh or another person's flesh in the West earth or sand taken from the cemetery in the east and finally at go to fetus in the north do not make any mistakes when placing the offering Satan is very demanding and any failure will cost you the ritual when your invocation circle is complete you should recite some burrs that are in the book of the Key of Solomon and I will not repeat them and if you say these satanic prayers and if you did well the previous steps of the ritual the seven circles you drew will light up in a white fire sign that the demons have been hearing the book says that if you get to this point God will not be able to help you will be at the mercy of whatever the devil says will happen to you and at this point you should already be able to see some greater demon from Hell by his side there will be as body curse – minor demons of course don't think Satan will come in person he does not have any time nor the intention to come to the world to close a deal with a mere mortal he sends one of his disciples to make the deal and now you must obey what a Devil's tells you never look him in the eye and you will have to answer every question he does to you of course with total sincerity and after fulfilling his desires you will get to the expected question once you formulate your wish the devil will put his fingers in your heart he will remove a drop of blood and you will then be put to sleep and the ritual is finished you will wake up exactly in 24 hours and finally after a maximum of a hundred twelve days you will see how your wish is a reality according to this ritual you will get everything you ever wanted from this pact you can enjoy a full life and full of riches these will be like that until the fateful day of your death and in that moment the interesting thing begins when you die Satan will have an eternity to make you suffer you will not longer be the owner of your own soul and you'll only have to suffer a terrible agony every endless second everyday until the bear end of time now let's briefly analyze all this is there really a pact with the devil it is true that you cannot deny 100% existence of something but to affirm it that something must have at least a little proof or to be replicable or to have something that we can see and be shown in real life all this is based on ABBA and at the moment there is no proof that it pacts with the devil exists not even a hint not even a clue just fall close thousands of people believe in pacts with the devil but this doesn't give more validity and the reality is that reality is not amok recei however I would like to know your opinion and I would like to know if you have any case I don't know I would love to hear some comments from you about supernatural events that occur to you I love to ask this question to people that I came recently to know so I will be reading you down in comments and remember if you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more updates every day here are some videos I recommend you to watch to catch up with the channel and remember to follow us on our social down below in the description have a nice day see you tomorrow and remember

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