How to make a spell pouch for contentment wellbeing and harmony

hello it's collect tonight I want to do a nicely short video for you on how to make a spell pouch for contentment and well-being and harmony and I've lived everything out like Blue Peter so that I can show you what I would do now these spell pouches can be done for yourself or they can be done for someone that you would feel with nita are they can be done for level Pleasants if you want I quite like to do them for a specific person but they aren't really really nice for placements as they also is something you can make up know you'll see I've emptied some of my working chest and working cabinet I would do a video on my medicine chest or working chest if you would like to see that just are on the strip I've been collecting things for years and years and years and normally I can put my hand on whatever I need for a spell orden intense I call these my good intent patches the first thing you do is gather the things that are pertinent to what you need now this one that I'm doing today is a Jane one and there's a lot in it that I would actually like myself that would bring contentment and well-being to me but what I'm going to do is I'm going to make this up and then once I've charged up the next film in this pouch will be a giveaway to one of my subscribers on microwave clairvoyant channel so remember to subscribe if you want this and I'm sorry if you're listening to this and the giveaway is already gone but i will be doing more again if you would like to know how to make spell pouches for let me be hails or whales or fertility or other things just leave me a comment and let me know what you want and we'll do that so first thing over here it's gone out no but that's my little bit of weight siege in its little ball now I've used a little smudge in fun where's much further and everything I've gathered I've gathered and run it through the secret smoke about a sort of letter and put the inert the thing up through the smoke or I've used my little favor to wife the smoke rounder now why'd I do that oops sorry about the finger there I do that because a lot of the things that are the medicine chest may have been there for quite a while and I just like to cleanse them and make them sort of all energetic again and very clean so I would suggest that you get yourself some points each and a little further or further harm and cleans but if you use maybe incense or whatever that's fine too the next thing is a little pouch every time I'm giving given jewelry as a pleasant or anything that comes in a little pouch I will sneak it into mermaid some chest and keep it there because I always like to put things together and give them away in little poaches they just look nice oh ok and if we move further on I'm just going to show you that's my ribbon box I collect robins and people give me dozens and that's only some of them but I believe I have a ribbon for every occasion in there and the things that I need in the background my glasses keys and a field of scissors so there's ribbons and there and i'm using a year load of entity that's just my container of diet and blessed was petals some sweet all a sweet orange oil and my container of white sage this little beauty decided at this little um crystal container this was a beautiful gift from someone i knew who was at Sam Yingling be just centered in the borders of Scotland and this is all the offcuts of crystals that they use for Julia and their know the feeling office is magnificent sometimes I just AM set sometimes and put my thinking on that or I put my hand above it because it's just it's amazing and I used some of them in the page she's as well so if we look at out and sorry if you does it with us you'll see that I've got everything on the table that I need so we're doing this journal so let's see that we're going to do a general page for contentment and will beam once it's put together we're going to leave it on the window sill at the film in or outside if it's not raining and then it will be posted off to the lucky winner now when you're doing a personalized one think of the person what would make them feel contain what do you know what I hope them that you know would bring them a symbol of containment because all the things that are going in the pouch should be symbolic of containment and generally you can do that quite well but if you nor the person think of the lifestyle think of the things we want the things they do the people they love and then make it pertinent to then personalize that so here's the little pouch and one thing I tend to put in as dried rose petals these have been blessed and been able to film and been blessed by a dedication to my Goddess Durga at this mail magnificent and I've got another big bag in my cupboard because again every time that I get some grave losses or other colors I I Drive them and then dice them so i would put some rose petals then I take the cadet colored of ribbon for this one I'm doing yellow because Yale was bright and it's full of energy and it's just a lovely color but it's a kind of a lemon yellow and that to me is about sort of well-being and contentment so that's very my ribbons come from if we look down here I've died some lavender from the back garden I die here as well and lavender is just so calming and beautiful and then we've got the most beautiful chunk of pink corpse and you think what is that thing and talk but well it's actually a picture from chocolate bar because I think that chocolate can make you very contented indeed so rather than put chocolate in and then it goes through everything else and a picture of chocolate in it and that does justice be able to remember it's symbolic if you want to put a sweetie em for someone that's good too I would also put in a little speck of white siege because that will allow the person to feel that there's a cleanse thing going on this veil and a calling a silver coin because we're not seeing money is important but we coin stands for financial stability and security I tend not to put pound coins then because sometimes if you start you use a pound coin which as you want you won't use that npp so nice silver coin there again we've got part of any dang again use everything I i have e things that sometimes fall apart and this one is is like absolutely beautiful that will need of American favor with a little Dean captured and some turquoise on it and that to me just makes me real actually are we above it I've got little in here that has a symbol of containment honor and something I found when I was rummaging but um I hadn't intended pitting in but I actually really like I found this lovely jeed ring and jeet is so good for coming and for really really helping and yeah others we have a safety pin so if I were to put a safety pennant both if someone is looking for containment and will be make will be feeling that they're falling apart at the seams so a safety pin is symbolic of them being held together you know you're literally pinning them together and it's a lovely symbol to em and I really do like that simple I've also got a seashell because the sound of the sea can be very comforting and I do love the sea and decided I've got little m.e corn because I do adore the autumn i'm actually about it but you could put in anything you want for the people that you want and that's lovely but the main thing is that you basically are going to make all these things charged up and you'll charge them up at the film in but also by writing an intent for the person and that's where you use the leben so I've cut a little bit of yellow debin and this is general so I'm thinking of the person that's going to get this and as i wrote my words on the ribbon I thought of what the words mean so I literally wished and wilt contentment will be an unharmonious little harsh owned about sometimes like to dot some sweet orange oil either side of this now I've left every space for a person's name because if you are doing it for the person that's really nice to put the name on with the intent now when you've gathered all these things together I need you to set and visualize the person and really know that you're willing all this containment and harmony Chisum as you see right the ribbon set please think will visualize them with their hands roam this little pouch or visualizes we you'll feel if it's your pouch and then nor that there's good 10 going into as I see I call them my good intent poachers rather than muscle pictures but theoretically in rating down the intent in polling after the full moon and maybe dedicating it to a god or goddess or the universe then what you have done is a fail and then gently fill the little pouch note say a little prayer for the person or wish them the good intent with everything that you put in and when it's finished as I see fit open the film in if you know who it's for from the page has done you can actually put a little label on it and you send it to them and that's you done a spell for wellbeing contentment and how many know people see well that was easy yeah and it is easy Pat its intent you put behind it that is going to empower this and believe me for whoever gets this one I'm making there's going to be a hell of a lot of in 10 of really good vibes going into it because I've got that energy about me today and I'm really looking forward to doing this so I'm going to stop for a minute and do that and then I'll show you the final poach okay so just one must look smudge or cleanse gathered your pouch guards are the things you need for the pouch and as I say let me know if you want to see my made some chest or you want to hear how to gather things and then think of who the intent is for and gather the things that you know are symbolic of will be into them and again just going over that we've got Quinn's local Native American charm a room for contentment a little G bring an acorn safety pin a shale some chocolate and some pink quartz and lavender and then at the end we have the actual victim and tin I like to do on ribbons you can use parchment or people as well if you want I do think it has to be finalized by actually writing the word stone there's powered and symbols but there's paradin words is fail so I'll be back in every minute and there we have it one poach with everything in that all breath I'm ready to be charged at the filmin so subscribe if you would like a chance at winning this lovely one and if it's past that time then I'm sorry but please subscribe to the channel because they'll be more giveaways to come basically if I make anything on the channel it into give up we afterwards and I'm always aware that the day person actually wins the poach or whatever I'm doing so I hope you've enjoyed this give me a thumbs up if you do subscribe to my channel and also let me know what you would like me to do next whether that be more pouches or different types of spells or intense thank you for watching many blessings by now

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