How to make Cloud Strife Cosplay Armor

hey guys I'm Lawrence from Iwood
cosplay and today's video I'm going to show you how I made clouds shoulder pad
or rather the clouds shoulder pad right here so I'm going to start off with my
cloud pattern which you can get in my shop for this project I'm going to use some
Barge contact cement we're going to need some utility knives and some thumbtacks
that you can pick up at the dollar store thumbtacks are great for other projects
I'm sure you'll find some use for them next you'll need a dremel and some
various bits I'll have the name for these bits in the description down below
we're going to use two different thickness of foam five millimeter foam
and a 5/16 inch foam so I'm going to start off by pinning down my pattern
onto the foam in this case I'm gonna use a silver sharpie this is a tip I
picked up an evil Ted and I think TNT cosplay also sends you a silver sharpie
when you order foam from them. this allows you to see your pattern when you're
working with black foam now I'm going to use a steel ruler to cut out the
straight edges of the pattern on the foam Now take your time when cutting the
curved portion of a pattern making sure its blade is 90 degrees above when
you're cutting it out now I'm gonna do the same thing and
use the pattern to transfer onto 5/16 inch thick foam once that's done I'm going to make this
detail on the leftover five millimeter foam I've had from earlier. so once you
have that trace I'm gonna get a steel ruler to make these lines that you see
here so I've already cut out the details but
here I'm gonna use an exacto blade or utility knife to score in the details
that we made earlier scoring the details with an exacto
blade is going to make them pop when you hit it with the heat gun here I'm going
to use my Dremel with a diamond bit tip to add depth to the detail I just made lastly I'm going to use a circular
polishing disc to add a bevel to the corners of this detail hopefully you can
see the details I made with dremel let me focus it for you now this part is
important make sure you flip the pattern around and make this score line I'm going
to do this for all four pieces in come back and score the lines with my knife this allows you to make that flap on
collar while using one continuous piece of foam once that's done I'm going to use my
heat gun to heat seal the foam now it's time to heat form the shoulder
pad here I just used a round Styrofoam ball on a roll of tape you might have to come back and heat seal
these foam pieces up again if it cools down for too long now I'm ready to apply the contact
cement to the edges of the foam pieces in my other video I use dap contact
cement but in this video I use barge contact cement just to show you that
they both work fine make sure you apply an even coat to both sides of the
pattern and give it some time to dry once the contact cement is dry I'm going
to put pieces together starting from the edge and carefully lining up the
registration marks once you get to this end of the shoulder
pad you want to make sure you pull the collar up towards you creating that
flare before you put the pieces together and there you have it the bottom piece
of clouds shoulder pad and that's the flare I was talking about and I'm gonna
do the same thing with the other pieces carefully lining up the registration
marks and keeping that flare in the collar here I'm gonna use my dremel with
the polishing wheel to smooth off the seam of the two pieces once I have the two
pieces made I'm going to stack them together giving that step detail that we
see Cloud's shoulder pad have. here I'm positioning top layer of the foam piece
once I have that in proper position I'm going to pin that down with some needles then im gonna come back with a silver
sharpie and outline the outside of your popped area that way when I take it off I'll
know where the contact cement should be applied once you applied your contact cement and
its dry you're ready to put the pieces together I like to start on this side of the
shoulder pad and then work my way around it you might have to use some push and pull, but with some patience you can get this step just right now we're finally ready for
the details here I'm just using some general super glue and applying that
hexagon detail that we made earlier also you want to make sure that midline is
horizontal when you put on this detail i want to apologize it's a little dark but
here I'm just using a sanding drum on my dremel and pushing in the details that I
made earlier these are the three dots that sit on top of the hexagon pattern now I can use those thumbtacks I was
talking about earlier here Im just using some superglue to make sure that the
thumbtacks won't come out later and there you have it the details of
thumbtack makes are my favorite go to thing for a rivet look. now I just have to
do that for the other side now for this last part im using the triangle with circles on each corner to ensure that the screws are equal distance from each
other now when you line this up one make sure these two circles are along the
curve of the shoulders that doesnt make sense I'll show you later not for this last part you're gonna need
a drill press so I just bought this new drill press just for you guys there's
one I left my big drill press at the big shop and two I need to show you guys how
to do this now the screws I used for this one have the code BDD you can get at Home Depot but honestly you can use whatever screws you like so instead of pushing the drill into the
foam piece we're going to hold the foam piece and push up against the
drill of course you want to be careful here and if you don't feel safe doing
this and please don't do this when you're doing this you want to be very
careful of course especially your fingers once you have these three holes
drilled you're ready to put them screws in and once again if you don't feel
comfortable doing this please please get someone that's more experienced and
comfortable to do it for you so once you have the screws in there's
one thing that I forgot to mention you're going to need these nuts to have
the same size as the screw of course and then screw those on so that the screws
don't come off the foam pieces so this is what I was talking about earlier how
these two screws have to be along the curve of the shoulder you see how these
two screws are lined up around the curve of the shoulder and there's this third
one that's behind the shoulder pad okay so that concludes part one of cloud's
shoulder pad stick around for part two where I try a different technique and
get this corroded look on the shoulder pad I've never done before so and it
came out pretty decent so I'm excited to show you guys how I did that
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13 thoughts on “How to make Cloud Strife Cosplay Armor

  • Amazing video man. I saw that you sold on your etsy shop a kit similar to this as well as the leather workings on clouds upper body. Both of those seem like amazing investments. I only have one other question for you. Where did you get the shirt that you used for your personal Cloud cosplay. It looks amazing; therefore, the cosplay would be useless/ugly by comparison without something similar. Thanks for any help you can send my way.

  • I didn’t think about using a foam ball to do shaping!

    That’s a great tip.

    Keep doing these types of tutorials please!

  • awesome i love you already for doing this. 😍i've been always wondering how to do that thing since i plan to crossdress

  • I really liked the video!It was so great to watch, and the result was PERFECT!!! Really nice job Lorentz^^ I really admire your cosplays~~~

  • your tutorials are awesome!  very high production value, clear instructions, and you have a nice, concise delivery.  love it!

  • AWE Me made a Cloud shoulder piece, and instead of using metal bolts, they made their own out of wooden dowels. You should check it out and maybe try yourself to see which method you like most. I really enjoyed this video.

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