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hey guys it's lunch from out of cosplay today I'm show you guys how I make for this project I'm gonna start off with a cricket sheet if you don't know what a Cricut machine is it's a vinyl cutter but you can also cut foam with it here I'll show you guys how I use it to make a Shinra soldier emblem I'll start by removing the plastic sheet the machine only works but two millimeter Evie a film but I'm sure you'll find that plenty useful next I'm going to use super 77 to attach the foam onto the map mat usually comes with its own adhesive once you've applied the super 77 take your foam sheet and carefully line up the corners and place it on the map here I'm using a rubber roller to evenly spread the phone now you don't need this but I find it very useful and if you want to pick one up for yourself there's a link in the description once you're done with that we're ready to move on computer stuff so here I'm in Inkscape I'm gonna create this vector file and make it into a PNG so if you guys want to follow along I'll have this in the description for you guys to download go right here I already have it so click save click on the export button and replace the old file okay once we have that go to Cricut design space so you're gonna to Creek it to create an account but I highly recommend this machine for any level of entry-level of cosplay but here we'll see a new project go ahead and click on that it'll open up design space on the left hand side on the bottom right on the bottom left you'll see upload click on that upload image then click upload browse now let's scroll down to where that images there it is sell the soldier I'm gonna click on that open you'll see this and a bunch of other options over here but for us we just want to go with simple let's click on simple go ahead and click continue and you'll see this page click continue again two options but for this we want a cut image so let's click on that and then click the save alright so your image should be uploaded into library right there now you want to go in and click on it let's go down and insert image and that image should pop up on the design space like that so there's one thing that's off the dimensions are not what you originally designed so go back to the original file here it is so for me I found best the height to be four point three one seven let's keep that in mind go here enter that number but before we do that make sure the proportion icon up here is locked go ahead and type in four point three one seven here we go there you have it okay now double check okay everything looks good go make pop right here in the cricut design now it's connected to my bluetooth okay so I already have it connected because I have another browser here so let's close that all right so let's leave that let's try that again now I'm gonna select my Cricut that's the one it's going okay so here you see two options these are the most cut options obviously craft foam but I'll show you guys the out the difference between the two let's click on browse material you'll see this option pop-up scroll down see that go to material setting click on that ok we'll see this and there's craft foam and distress film so that tells you the specs of each cut so you see craft foam cuts about four times and distress cuts only two passes so that's probably get the job done faster and that's my experience that's the one I go for but and you also need a deep point to blade keep dynamite okay so let's go distress craft foam click that option and it's gonna ask you load so here's where you swap the blades the black one is a deep cut blade which is the one you will need or working with foam it doesn't come with the machine so you'll have to buy that separately the one that comes with the machine is this normal blade but that won't cut through phone so make sure you get the deep cut all right let's put this back and get the job started let's take that foam that we rolled out earlier and feed it into the machine like so make sure it's snug into rails you'll notice this flashing button pressing it will feed the mat into the machine once that's all set you'll notice the cricket icon flashing go ahead and pass that and a job should start the beauty is you can have this job run and you can you do something else perfect for multitaskers Michele only takes about five minutes so once it's done the same icon used to insert the map will begin flashing again pressing it now will spit out the map here's the cut up the only thing left is the transfer when doing transfer you'll need to know two terms the negative and the positive the negative is everything you don't want and the final product and of course the positive is what you want in the final product but before we do that I'm going to heat seal the phone with the heat gun in theory this allows for better adhesion so because we used super 77 to attach the initial foam to the mat we'll need something stronger to transfer it to which is locked at 200 once again if you don't have a Cricut and you want to see this method by hand check out my old tutorial here yes before I forget you need four millimeter base transfer it onto will do the same thing and keep seal it then apply the spray adhesive both foam pieces this can is nearing the end of its life so it's spraying unevenly once we've done that we can remove the negative and don't take too long because we have less than a minute before the Loctite becomes less intense now let's take that four millimeter EBA foam with a sticky side and begin the transfer you can we place it over then with the roller or your hand begin to spread out the phone apply decent amount of pressure on each path all right and here's the moment of truth if you see any parts stick on the mat stop pulling relax and apply more pressure to the area come back at it from a different angle [Applause] here I went a bit too far it's okay just go back and apply more pressure and this time definitely come from a different angle there you have it here have some junk from the last job I did it's no big deal I can just remove it like so now with the utility knife cut off the excess just like that we've made it soldier that's it super easy you can totally do this by hand but you just saw the cricket it makes it so much easier and it's just something you come to love so I highly highly highly recommend investing this tool I use it for all my breath develop cosplay and save my life so I'll have a link to that you guys check it out it's an affiliate link if you show up there it definitely helps me and my shop out so thank you guys for that the only limitations to that is you can only cut two millimeters but regardless you can find a number of applications I'm sure already for your projects you know this is a trick I haven't seen other people use yet so if you guys do it I would love to see your work and tag me and share this video because I'm sure all the people out there will find it useful um and if you guys are new here check out my other videos if you like this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button and if nothing else put free to subscribe right there alright until next time see you guys bye

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