How to Make Money as a Salesperson! This is How the Best Salespeople Earn More Money

– Do you have what
it takes to be a great sales professional? Join us on today’s Dave
Lorenzo Daily and find out. (upbeat music) One of the questions
I’m asked most often is hey Dave, do I
have what it takes to make a fortune
as a sales leader? And the answer to
that question depends, and it depends upon two things. It depends upon you and
the type of person you are, and it depends upon the product and the service
that you’re selling. You see, there are two types
of sales professionals. I call the first type hit
and run sales professionals and the second type
sales professionals. The hit and run
sales pro is somebody who goes out and
knocks on 100 doors and gets no or gets the
door slammed in their face 98 times out of 100, and then the two
times that someone engages them in conversation, they close one of those two
opportunities, and they move on. That person has rejection armor. That person can take getting
beat up day in and day out. That person can handle coming
back over and over again and getting pa-dow,
punched in the face. That’s a hit and
run sales person. If you sell
one-time-use products or products that are
focused on transactions, you have to be
the kind of person who can take rejection
all day long. The second type of person is a relationship-based salesperson. That person is consultative. They go in and
they ask questions, and they find out
what the client needs, and they deliver value before
they ever try to close a deal. This takes the sales
cycle and makes it longer, and, in some cases,
a lot longer, but they can go
back to that client over and over again and
sell them more things during the lifetime
of their relationship because their relationship
really does last an entire lifetime. Relationship-based
salespeople in the long run will always make
more money because they collect those
relationships over time, and they can sell them
different products, they can sell them
different services because they’re always
delivering value constantly. That’s what a relationship is. It’s two people delivering
value to one another. The hit and run salesperson
has to constantly look for new people to sell to. Relationship-based salespeople
can sell any product. As long as I have a
relationship with you and I can provide
you with value, I can offer you my
product or service. Now, all my products may
not be right for you, but because of our relationship, you’ll take a look at
everything that I have, and as long as I
make recommendations for things that are
going to be of value, you’ll buy them from me. Hit and run salespeople
can only sell transaction to transaction, and most of the time
they won’t even remember the people they
worked with yesterday. So if you want to be a
successful salesperson over the long term, you have to have the qualities of the best relationship-based
salespeople, and you have to want
to deliver value to the same people for
years and years and years. If you just want to go
out and knock on doors and get popped in
the face every day, you can be a
transactional salesperson, and you can do just fine. Hit and run sales people,
transactional salespeople tend to burn out. Relationship-based salespeople tend to stick around
for a long time, and they make a
lifetime and a career out of delivering
value to the people with whom they
have relationships, and that’s how you can
determine whether or not you can make a fortune
as a sales professional. I’m Dave Lorenzo,
and we’ll see you right back here again tomorrow on another edition of
The Dave Lorenzo Daily. (upbeat music)

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