How to make money buying Expensive Bone China at Goodwill & other thrift stores!

hi everybody welcome back to my channel today I thought I would do a video on some of my china collection that I picked up at thrifting it's all good China and they're all beautiful pieces and it's a fun thing to do so I have so much of them I think I'll break them up into three videos and I hope you enjoy so this is my first collection of China that I wanted to show you and I wanted to let you know that everything I bought here I never pay more than a dollar a plate that's my first thing it has to be in mint condition and never more than a dollar a plate it's amazing what you could find this is my latest find I have what's called a $5 Wooden Nickel you buy $5 for it it's it's a humane thrift store and once a week something is half-price and you buy that nickel once whatever's half price that week you get so I have to walk in and found this beautiful set for $15 it's Lenox and I did some research on it so part of me while I look at my cheat sheets so I paid $15 for it it's the Belvedere pattern I looked it up on replacements calm I found out that the five dinner plates cost $39.99 apiece which brings it to a total of 149 95 yay and the saucers are $7.99 is set I have four of them so that brings a total 250 196 for $25.99 a piece on replacement calm so that would make that 51 96 and last but not least in this collection I have to butter plates that's what they're called bread and butter plates they listed for $15.99 so that brings a toll to 31 98 so my $16 investment if I were to buy all of this on replacements comm I would be paying two hundred and sixty-five dollars and eighty-eight cents beautiful Wedgwood plates these up at savers and Connecticut when I lived in Connecticut for a dollar plate never pay more than that and I looked it up it's the Roberts spray pattern they saw for $19.99 a plate I have nine of them that would bring the total to one hundred and seventy nine dollars and 91 cents so these beautiful plates are made by Johnson Brothers they're English and they're called the friendly village pattern so take this set up it savers in Connecticut paid a dollar a plate for everything and a dollar Bowl and like I said it's called the friendly village pattern but the play two actually are called covered bridge and I have four of them they list for $19.99 at replacement com that would make my total seventy nine dollars and ninety six cents and also I wanted to let you know that they were made between the years of 1953 and discontinued in 2003 the soup bowls are in the Stonewall pattern that's the name of it probably because it has Stonewall there and I have four of them and they list on replacements com4 2196 that would bring a total to 87 96 eight of the salad plates they're called willow pattern is willow although it's still part of the same set and they list for 39.99 on replacements calm I have a to them that brings a total to 271 92 so I paid 16 dollars for the set and if I were to buy all these pieces today at replacements calm I would pay four hundred and thirty nine dollars and 87 cents this beautiful cup and saucer set nor taki nor up Norma pattern was made between the years 1969 and 1982 I paid a dollar 99 is set at Goodwill they list for $9.99 on replacements comm which would mean I would be paying 29 97 so these beautiful bowls were made in Bavaria made by Johan have a lot and they're called the sweetheart roast pattern I picked them up for a dollar plate at one of my favorite thrift stores and they sell for $9.99 on replacement Scott for a total of $50 for five plates not bad for a 5 dollar investment these beautiful the gold trim plates are called Staffordshire which is a good English China royal tutor in the chintz pattern I also picked these up for a dollar plate at a thrift store they retail for forty to fifty dollars so pick these up the other day at the SPCA thrift store with my Wooden Nickel they were going for three dollars a set I got them both for three dollars which means I paid 50 cents more than I normally would but it was worth it because they list for nine dollars a set not a bad investment at all these beautiful plates on their mint condition I bought them again a buck apiece they're called a floral spray pattern their salad plates they're Bavarian and it says Germany us own so that tells me they were made right after the Second World War they list on replacements comm for $6.99 a plate I have 10 of them grand total of 60 9.99 I picked these beautiful place up at the thrift store beautiful plates were made in the 1940s by Homer Laughlin who also makes her yes to wear that name sounds familiar to you I picked them up at Connecticut at savers brought them down to Florida with me I have 10 berry bowls again I bought them for a dollar a piece they listed $7.99 on replacements calm which means if I were to buy them they're 7990 the soup bowls again a dollar a plate was for $13.99 I have 11 of them for 150 389 beautiful plate I have to give a big shout out to my friend Joe Joe who when we were thrifting last week down South Florida I said I love this plate I love this pattern I want to start collecting it but I didn't have the patience to buy just one plate so she put it for me as a surprise thanks Joe Joe so a lot of us are going back in my cabinet but I do sell on ebay and about half of those pieces will be going on eBay I won't be asking what I told you they get for on replacements comm because nobody asks those prices on eBay but it was still a great deal and if you're interested in anything let's see that was my first of probably three bone china thrifting videos I hope you found it informative and not boring and I have a correction to make the overlapping bowls I found my notes I actually paid $10 for 21 pieces you got them half price so come back and see me soon have a great day fly me to the moon and let me for filming hi everybody and welcome back to my Channel today I thought I would do

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  • Question, you're telling us how much replacement's sells them for, but surely they are making some profit, and there is shipping. What sort of money are you expecting to make on these various sets? Help me understand. I am looking to possibly do the same thing with fine china and replacements and others.

  • Us zone love it. I remember during the cold war when my dad got lost an we accidentally went into Eastern Zone where we were not supposed to be.

  • Oh wow! You’re soooo awesome! If you’re ever in the Dallas, TX area, I’d love to go thrifting with you! My husband would appreciate me learning the tricks of a pro and saving money. 😊

  • I have bins of china and a china cabinet full doing what you do on prices paid! I look for the most expensive for resale value in the future as well as what I like. Most of my sets are Limoges of 100 years old or older….handpainted as well as transferware. I tend to pick up the whitest china as it is worth the most by porcelain quality. I also have very old Bavarian, and Russian etc. However I do love the Johnsonville patterns for me personally. I know at some point I will have to pare down but made sure I bought them just like you did at extremely low cost! I serve on mine any time a friend comes by or any holidays…sometimes just for a nice dinner.I tend to stick to thrift stores if I really feel the need to get more…LOL I have children that I know want specific sets….the rest….well someday I will sell them but will not donate them. I donate all kinds of clothes and belongings…

  • It is such a shame that good china and glassware have been devalued in the market. The quality is unlike anything we have today.

  • I just recently brought the Friendly village set for twelve with plates, bread plates, salad, butter pats and serving plates for $150. I love it for the holidays. Do you find that china is selling with millennials not being as interested in formal china?

  • Very smart.  There are many items you can make money on besides china (coins, paintings collectables magazines, etc ).  The problem is many people are always in a hurry and don't bother taking the time looking up information.  Great and informative video.

  • Really enjoy your channel.. I do the same thing you do… I even find things in trash or on side of the road marked free… My house is a museum…. I never pay more than 5 for any larger single item.. And usually 3 bux for cups n saucers mismatched sets of dinner china usually abot 5 to 7 depending what it is and how many pieces bundled for set. Hit the thrifts whenever so sometimes will be a 50% off day on the goodies! Last summer antique dealers behind me loved out of state… Had a 4 day sale in driveway… Then i saw them setting boxes to curb marked FREE… I cant even tell you the unbelievable things i got… They sold most high end… And had to be out next day moving out of state… I got 8 boxes and bins of china… They told me… Please take it! Give it a good home! I had shopped the sale earlier… And had buyers regret on a few items i passed over…. By the end of the day i ended up with those items and many more… ❤was a once in a lifetime score!

  • I was just at Goodwill last week and found a dish from I'm thinking 1881-1886 for $5.00. still haven't found it online or found out how much it's worth. I'm so proud of it!!!! 😀

  • Thomas Mercado

    I would like to sell dinnerware on ebay. I have been watching your videos since late April and have gone back to watch all you vids. Thanks for the info. Does china that has small scratches, not the grey marks, sell? In your videos you mention the dishes are in mint condition. I have not found any dishes that do not at least have the small scratches on the glaze…at least that's what I think is scratched.

  • U can't go by replacements prices . They are way way overpriced!
    U could never sell anything for even close to their prices.

  • Thank you for the Friendly Village information. I've been collecting them for 30 years. Each Christmas my mother would give me a piece. !! I display now and still use on holidays.

  • Love your videos! On this video, I just can’t hear what you’re saying, however. Watching you on my iPad and the sound is turned up as high as it will go. Just don’t know if my iPad is getting too old (ha, like me!) or if your mic is set a bit low on this one

  • Just beautiful!! How fun too like a treasure hunt!! I may have to start selling my collecting is busting out of the seams in my house!! Lol

  • I think if you have beautiful pieces of plates etc. you should pull them out of the cupboard and use them everyday with family and friends, life is to short, make everyday a blessing.

  • So I'm curious…seeing what they are listed for on the replacement site doesn't guarantee that you would be able to sell them. Do you sell most of what you buy? Have you bought anything that you thought was a suer sale and it didn't sell?

  • FIY. The Johnson Brothers label you showed England 1883 is made in China not England. The items made in China are whiter than the vintage English made ones.

  • Just found your channel love everything, going to watch all video's, and subscribe too. Love love every video so far. Have a blessed day.

  • Have to disagree. Lenox, and other great brands don’t sell for anything now. Replacements may SELL for a good price buy they and eBay won’t get you near that. I sure wish they did!

  • I love your videos but am having trouble hearing you even with volume on high….please get a microphone.

  • I have been finding that it is very difficult to sell heirloom china, silver, and crystal sets now. Having no children to hand down to I would like to sell at some point. It will kill me to let go of family treasures but when I'm gone nobody will care anyway. Sad to see so much china that you find at thrift stores…kind of tells you how far we as a people have fallen. The young people are more interested in mixing patterns. So sad! I'm very happy to see how much joy you have collecting these beautiful dishes.

  • Just found your channel. I have just started thrifting to find Blue Willow to use daily. Now I am wondering about lead content. Is this a big problem with using vintage dishes ?

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