How To Make New Friends In Your 20’s

Okay, so today, I’m going to give you 3 juicy
tips on how to make friends in your 20’s. But before I do, I just want to share with
you why it might be even really be important. Like, I look at my life today. Friends are
people you can hang out with and confide in and have fun with. But friends can be more
than that. Like, for me, I am busy co-creating amazing things. With friends. Like people
that I really admire in business. Things I am doing huge things with that are also my
friends. And you know what? One of the coolest things about being financially free is that
I no longer have to tolerate I don’t like anymore. I really get to spend my time and
energy with people that I enjoy all the time. Which means that when I meet people, there’s
not reaction or chemistry. If we don’t like each other, guess what? I don’t have to spend
time with you. And that’s a luxury that you can move yourself into. That’s one of the
things that I love about real estate. But let’s talk now for a moment about this idea
of how do you actually create friendships that really matter with these 3 top tips.
First thing that you need to be aware of is that I think it’s important to believe that
you’re actually good at making friends. If you’re nervous about making friends, I don’t
think you’re going to have an easy time making friends. First, you just need to make the
decision before I give you these 3 tips that. “Hey, I actually want to make friends. It’s
easy for me. It’s fun for me.” And immediately you’re like, “Wait, Kris. That’s actually
not really true right now. How can I say that. I don’t even believe it.” Understand that
how all things are created, they started with belief. You ever wonder where faith belongs,
it’s not just in a church. It’s having faith in yourself and your ability to do things.
So, have faith that you’re good at making friends and then turn that into reality. Alright,
let’s keep going. Tip number 1: This first one is going to sound big and maybe even hairy
and unrealistic. But check it out. Decide to be charismatic. As in like an outgoing,
gregarious person that’s really good at connecting with people. Someone that could be the life
of the party. Someone that knows actually communicate well and help other people feel
comfortable. I think the reason why I feel so passionate about this is because when I
got started in business, I was most definitely a nerd. Kind of chubby, had low self-esteem
and I wasn’t really sure of myself. I didn’t even know if I felt worthy to do business
and…. I share that with you because I think when I really get deep with people and get
to know them, I find that those insecurities are shared amongst many of us. Now, you might
have the kind of confidence where you’ve overcome that or maybe you’ve never felt that way but
I think most of us feel untrue. Because we’re waiting to feel unsure because waiting to
feel sure once we have big results or we’ve had success. We’ve accomplished something.
But I think that the secret of it is actually just deciding who are you going to choose
to be. It doesn’t matter who you’ve been in the past. It matters what you want to be now.
And I remember when I was in my early 20’s, I’ve made a decision to be charismatic. That
word specifically. And it freaking made me nervous and so comfortable. I was even uncomfortable
with shaking people’s hands. But that decision and practicing it and working on it has led
me to believe that first… Well, charisma is not natural. Maybe it’s for some people.
But it’s skill that you can acquire. If you think and choose , “Hey, I’m a charismatic
person.” How the charismatic person act. All of a sudden, I think it’s going to help you
feel more comfortable to like, get out of your box and stand up and share when you’re
maybe more what you be normally wouldn’t and maybe help people feel comfortable and animate
yourself a little bit. When you’re going to share something… Like everything you see
was me on YouTube. You know, at one point in my life, this was totally unnatural and
terrifying. Public speaking, terrifying. But with practice, I’ve made it a lot more natural.
And I got to be honest. There’s a part of me that’s super introvert but there’s a part
of me that knows by training how to be very extrovert and enjoys that as well. So, instead
of believing, “Well, I’m just not built that way.”, try on for a moment that perhaps in
the end, it’s choice. Okay, tip number 2: You got to be willing to face rejection. And
maybe interpret a little bit different. I mean the reality is if you put yourself out
there, could you be hurt? Yeah, if you’re going to be like all sensitive about it. But
maybe purring yourself out there and meeting people and getting to know people is just
a choice. So, number 2, I recommending that you actually have this idea that says, “Hey,
I’ve put myself out there and meet with people and I connect with some people I don’t connect
with others.” But I tried. In other words, if someone says, “Dude, who are you? Why should
I be friends with you? Or get away from me.” Like whatever you face… Like prepare a box
that some like call rejection which would be interpreted as I’ve hurt feelings. And
instead just label it people I don’t connect with. And when you meet with people, try to
connect with them. If you don’t just put them in that. We didn’t connect. You don’t have
to turn it and do story like, “I got my feelings, I’ve put myself out there. In the end, this
person didn’t like me and I feel sad about that.” Listen, I would call that emotionally
unintelligent. And it’s just a choice. And you don’t have to make that choice. So, I
would basically say. “Be okay with rejection. Be okay putting yourself out there.” And then
knowing that some of the people that I’m going to try to connect with, I’m not. And by the
way, some of the people that I’m going to try connect with, I’m going tor realize, “I
don’t want to connect with them.” It might be you rejecting others. And it doesn’t have
to be a mean thing. It just I think it;s a natural course of life. So, accept it and
be okay with it. And know that when you don’t connect with someone, instead of feeling hurt,
just say, “Oop! That just go in my we didn’t connect bucket. And that’s okay.” The 3rd
tip is to actually have a weekly goal of connecting. Goals bring about action, right? It’s faith
in action. I would have a goal that, “Hey, I’m going to put myself out there and meet
5 people, every week.” Actually, write it down and take notes and put yourself in a
habit. Because for 3, 4, 5 weeks, you actually get in the habit of every time I see I don’t
know, if I got time, I’ll go up to them or make time and actually get to know them a
little bit. That’s just healthy. That’s part of taking that charisma. Being really to meet
people you don’t connect with and having a goal. And you put the 3 of them together.
And before you know it, guess what? You’re getting out there. You’re putting yourself
out there and you’re meeting people. That worst thing that you can do is to decide that
you’re not built for that. I’m not built that way. It’s not in my genetics. It’s always
been uncomfortable for me. I’m a shy person. I’m a nervous person, I’m a loner. Those are
ideas. They’re actually not who you are. There’s just ideas you became really comfortable with
a long time ago and now in your 20’s or how ever old you are watching this, you’re still
reinforcing what isn’t working. Instead, you got to recognize, “Wait, that doesn’t work
for me.” And it’s time to say, “I’m going to try something new.” Of course it’s scary.
Of course it’s uncomfortable. It’s going to be outside comfort zone. But that’s also your
growth zone. That’s where you actually are going to make friends. And some of these friends
have the power to be life long friends. You know, this last year, I put myself out there
and became really good friends with a man name by the name of Shawn Kallegey. And an
amazing, brilliant business woman… And I spent time with these 2 individuals, I decided
that I really like who I am whenever I’m around them and they also invite the best out of
me. We’re now engaged in doing business together. But frankly, when we get together, as much
as I love co-creating, I just love that we get to hang together. We respect each other’s
standards. And it’s real, genuine friendship. And for you, if you have put yourself out
there and make friends, you got to be upside of either having someone that you can just
hang out with for the weekend or someone that you can confide in when you’re looking for
emotional support. It could be someone that you end up marrying. Who knows? But it also
might be someone that you co-create something incredible with them. Might be a business.
So, you want to be good at making friends and use these 3 tips to help you do it. Hey,
thank you so much for watching this video. I wanted to give you an opportunity that could
be a guaranteed way to literally to make incredible friends. If you haven’t been out to one of
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of the tribe that’s all committed to having an amazing life and accomplishing incredible
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I’ve seen it over and over and over and over again. If you’re really serious about actually
making friends that matter of all ages, then click the link. Come to one of my events.
Learn how to build wealth. But have a lot of fun and meeting light-minded people in
the process.Thanks for watching and we’ll look forward to see you on tomorrow’s video.

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