How To Make RAINBOW Instant Ice!

He’s tall, I’m short get over it. *laughs* ‘Sup guys? I’m King of Random. I’m Collins Key And today we’re making RAINBOW instant ice So a lot of people have seen my video on making instant ice, I did it about 4 years ago on my channel. It blew up on my channel, a lot of people have done it since. But I’ve never seen anybody try using food coloring to change the color of the water itself. So that’s what we’ve got here today, we’ve got five different colors of the rainbow. The challenge is, can we make colored water, get it to the right temperature, and freeze it all at once? That is the question, what do you think? Yeah, I think we can. I’m here with The King Of Random, bro. Like if anyone can do it, this guy can right here, so I couldn’t do it but I’m pretty confident. The first time I saw the instant ice it reminded me of real magic, and for me, like I’m a magician I do magic and stuff and it blew my mind I thought at first it was a trick, I’m like, “How does this work?”, and then when I saw your video, I’m like, “Oh, I want to do this!”. Well, I did it and I could not get it to work, it was literally just water or as an icicle every single time. So today, I think we’re actually gonna be able to like, figure out this sorcery and be able to do it. one thing i never told to you guys that this trick was inspired inspired when I was working in the airlines. There was an airport we used to park at and one of the pilots would put water bottles on the dashboard of the cockpit and leave them overnight and when we’d come back in the morning, he’d flick them, and the whole water bottle would freeze, and that began the journey into figuring out how we can make this happen at home. Now you know. *GYAH* *laughs* So here’s the plan guys. We just went down to the grocery store, we picked up a couple of water bottles, now these are just regular water bottles you get right off the shelf. They haven’t been opened yet but we did take the labels off. Not sure if that takes the magic out but we wanted you to see the full effect. Now we also went to the store and picked up a variety of food colorings here, we’re going to be filling the waters with to create create the rainbow effect. So here’s the thinking guys, originally we thought it was because the water was so pure that it would crystalize. But, after I made this trick with soda, inspired by a vending machine in Hong Kong, I thought maybe we should try adding food coloring to to see if that would have any effect. So here’s the premise of our experiment today. We’re gonna take one of these beautiful water bottles, from the store, unopened, we’re gonna crack the caps, add 4 drops of food coloring to each one of these bottles, set them in the freezer, for anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, because apparently, that’s how long your freezer takes. My freezers weak man, his freezer takes 90 minutes, mine takes like 4 hours, fam. Then we’re gonna bring them out, pour them in a tray of crushed ice, and see if we can achieve the effect comparable to an ice rainbow, forming right before your eyes. Never tried this before, not sure it will work, but we’re putting it to the test today for you. So here we go Collins, let’s grab some water bottles and bust some caps. *music* Oooh, it made like a, purple ink ring and then the second one shot straight through it. (counting) 1,2,3,4 *music continuing* *laughing* All we need to now is just toss these in the freezer, for about 3 hours, and just see the magic that happens. Hey guys real quick intermission, we filmed a video over on Collins’ channel where we took gallium and we made liquid metal fidget spinners. So if you wanna see that, it was crazy, we lit them on fire, we spun them, you can guess what happened next but you’re gonna have to go to his channel to check it out. I got a link for you down in the description, go check it out. Collins Key everybody. He’s got a channel you don’t wanna miss. Family friendly, good fun content. As of this moment in time right now, his channel is actually the number one, fastest growing on youtube. It’s absolutely amazing. Go check him out, go subscribe, ring the bell and while you’re at it if you haven’t subscribed to this channel, subscribe to this channel, and ring the bell. Okay? So quick update guys, we just checked the bottles and they are starting to freeze. So, we’re gonna go grab some and bring them over here and carefully take the tops off. and pour them in this bin of crushed ice and see who can actually draw a frozen rainbow. Almost like literally. *laughing* Let’s go get the bottles! Let’s do it! Okay, we got the bottles out of the fridge, here we go we only got about 30 seconds because they’re warming back up, we have to be very careful taking these tops off so we dont accidentally freeze them . You can see bottles are actually well below the freezing point of water right now.

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