How to Manifest Your Freedom | Manifest the Things You Want in Life

– Everything in life begins
with belief and desire. Your freedom is no different. Too often we trade our freedom for what we think will help us get ahead and in the end without freedom we are left with a
massive void in our life. We bury our dreams, spend time with people who don’t elevate
us and trade our energy for nothing that lasts. In this video I’m gonna help you clarify what you really want out of your life and how to manifest it. Before we get started though, I wanna offer you a free resource that will help you implement
everything we talk about in practical daily application. So, click the link
below as we get started. I wanna tell you a little bit about my story and my background. I came from corporate sales. It started in retail and
it was really stressful. Nine to five, a lot of competition and always having a quota
that you had to meet. I didn’t feel free. I knew that I was meant for more. Slowly but surely I was
promoted into corporate sales. There I did feel I had more freedom. I had an account base that was all over the state of Oregon. I was working from home,
I was able to travel from an account to an account and be able to have the
freedom to have appointments on certain days and the rest of the time I was working from home. At the same time deep down
I knew I was meant for more. I was coming up to be 29 years
old, I wanted to have kids. Finally I was ready to
step into that and I did. I had two children, I
didn’t go back to sales, and I thought this is it, I’ve arrived. I have my kids and I’mma
be a stay-at-home mom, but little did I realize it
wasn’t gratifying to my soul. Diapers, dishes, and laundry. It didn’t leave me
showing any results, why? Because at the end of
the day you just needed to do it again and again. Luckily I have a very supportive husband who is an entrepreneur
and he encouraged me to do my own business. He told me it was okay to go back to work and have someone else take
care of my kids during the day. It worked out great. Now we have a very
successful business together, and we’re gonna be spending
two months in Costa Rica in the first part of this year. You too can have just
about anything you want, but it all starts with desire. You wanna get clear on
what you really want. Start with baby steps. We’re all very visual creatures. So, could you create a vision board? Have you ever done that? I love this exercise. You can set some time apart on a weekend, get a stack of magazines. Start cutting out the pictures, the things that make you feel free inside, the things that make your heart open. I love cutting out these pictures, creating these big collages, setting this vision board
somewhere that I’m gonna see it. In your office, in your laundry room, wherever you spend time. Look at those pictures and start to tune into the feeling. What does it feel like to be free or to be in that tropical location? Something to looking forward to. I feel like journaling and vision boards are a way of making an imprint
or setting an intention with the universe. You are putting out what you desire and low and behold these things
will start to come to you. Another way of thinking of
growth, personal growth, and finding a way to be
more free is reading books. There’s so many authors out there who have been where we
are and then surpassed it. “You Are A Badass At Making
Money” by Jen Sincero is an awesome book. She’s hilarious and she will
really push you into knowing that sometimes you need to hire someone or become part of a group, have a coach. Someone that can look at
you and help you get outside of yourself, look down at 30,000 feet and see where you’re blocked,
see where you’re stuck. Journaling has been so powerful for me. Putting down your thoughts. Sometimes we’re feeling something inside and we don’t even have the nerve to share it with anyone. We don’t even wanna say it
out loud, so write it down. It can be between you and this book. By putting your feelings out
there, what your dreams are or what your goals, what’s
really behind that a lot of the times, it’s a feeling
whether it’s being free or expansive, something that
makes you feel more whole. I read a book not too long
ago called “The Desire Map”. And this gal she’d emphasize
the fact that it’s never about the goal, it’s all about feeling. It’s about the feeling that’s gonna come from achieving that goal. So don’t put too much pressure or be rigid and ask too much of yourself. It’s the feeling that
we’re really going after and it can come in a
number of different ways. By raising your frequency so that you become an energetic match
to these opportunities, that is the way to
accomplish so much of this. What I have learned in
these last few years is there is this whole frequency scale. Down at the bottom is fear,
resentment, guilt, shame. A lot of this, if you notice, it’s attached to the past. We wanna move into the higher frequencies. Love, abundance, joy. When you are more joyful, you’re going to have a different frequency and you’re gonna draw new people and new opportunities into your life. You might say how am I gonna be joyful when I have all these bills? Or how am I gonna be joyful when I have this boss
that’s chewing on me? Find an area in your
life that is gratifying. Think about the freedom that you have. It may just be that you
have a car that runs. Look over at the bus
stop and see the people that don’t have what you have and think about the
freedom that you do have. You already have freedom and
by focusing and being grateful for what you do have you’re
gonna draw more good things in. It’s also important to keep our
bodies healthy and thriving. By eating junk food or
high sugar or high caffeine or high alcohol things, substances, they’re gonna draw our energy down. They’re gonna bring us back
into that lower vibration. Toxic people can do the same. If there is something
that is argumentative or upsetting you or it’s
bringing up this frustration that you’ve had from the
past, disconnect from it. It’s no longer a match. Your energy will feel lighter. You will feel more
expansive and more inspired if you can clear out some of the things that we talked about,
those lower vibrations. For me, moving into Lake Oswego, it brought in so much inspiration. There were people all around
that were entrepreneurs, that were working from the coffee shop, that had their own business,
that had all this freedom. They were traveling all of the time, conducting business on the
road, it’s possible for anyone. Maybe that’s not what you desire. Maybe you just want to have
more time with your family. We have to find ways to make that dream become a possibility and it
all is gonna start within. It’s all gonna start with you. We can’t change so many
things outside of us. All that we have the ability
to impact is ourselves. If you’re ready to become the person that not only you know you’re meant to be, but to also inspire those around you to become the best
version of themselves too, I wanna help you do that. Click the link below to
download my free resource today. Don’t forget to like, comment, or subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll see you on a future video. (optimistic music)

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