How To Mix Cocktails – Last Tuesday Society

something a little bit different to do how about a cocktail mixing class at one of London's most eccentric museums and I am trying these new sort of bar snacks gin grasshoppers roasted and seasoned with salt it's once a month we let our regular customers and people get behind the bar and we teach them how to make for sort of classic cocktails you get guided through each stage of a cocktail making process and at the end you get to create your own cocktail for sharing from the glass is a bit like giving each other a kiss it's like a lot like that come on ik I'll be that hard to make a cocktail to stick a load of alcohol in a glass is bad to taste nice is it no it's good we're off to a good start you get to choose what we make and make some different stuff as well as the ones that we're trying on one spoonful of peanut butter Chien lemon juice 2 spoons of apricot jam as the evening goes on the more drunk all the hottest I think it looks so easy like I'm an idiot so there's peanut butter that's pretty good feel strangely stressed out why did the Mexican take his wife to the top of the cliff cheers everyone how do you say the Cure or a liquor liquor then you could have a sign insane poker

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