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you concerning our identities as Muslims we have to go back to the first generations because if we judge things by now Islam is spread far and wide and there's so much confusion the process Adam said Cyril karoon cottony humble Adina yo Luna home thummell Adina Aluna he said the best generation is Maya is my generation and then the one that followed them and then the one that followed them so when you look at the time of the prophets I'll seldom the Muslims were called Muslim Ummah noon mercy noon about about the law about the rock man this is what we originally were and so that is what our identity is so they somebody asks you what you are you're a Muslim inshallah we try to be a movement we want to raise where we have Eman and then we make du'a allow help us to be Morrison so we will have a state of SM in terms of all the other names these are names that came later on the great Imams were teachers and students of each other they only help us to understand the Quran and the Sunnah that's all but they did not come to be a label in front of Rasul Allah they never came for this and Imam Malik I bananas waddleon Rahim of Allah was famous he did not want his book Al Motta to be the main book of Islam he had the first hadith authentic hadith but he did not want only his book to be read he did not want only his teaching he said there are other amounts so the Imams are students and teachers of each other so your fifth is only your understanding of Islam it's only how to make Tahara how to mix a lot how to make Hajj the Imam showed us how to make it they did not label you that's not a label some people think that your Hanafy you're from India if your Shafi you're Somali or you're Indonesia if you're Malachy you man North Africa or West Africa right if you're humbly you're Saudi right this is not what it is you know Abu Hanifah was not from India right Imam Shafi was not a Somali right some guns ax is not a Somali he's not Indonesia right Imam Malik was not from North Africa you see so these are names which we have made confusion on ourselves with the names of the Imams we respect the Imams you should follow the ways of the Imam they show us how to take from Quran and Sunnah but but mere your label is the label that is given by allah subhanaw taala you are Muslim what men you know Abdullah and the base now one of the things I want to say is that if we have everyday fit questions we want you can save these for the local also if there are any problems in between Jamaat's here in our melbourne this is not my job then you know to come in to be a judge in between people here okay now it says arm can a woman this is a everyday fit question can a woman be allowed to correct the imam up there was a mistake in the prayer wherever the men did not correct the email well you know me that depends upon when women would not say subhanAllah they do they can make a sound you know in the back of clap type of sound in the back you know to try to make the man you know here you know something from the back so it is permissible but she may not be in the position where I'm you know she's capable but if she is in a position and she couldn't make a sound but she would not be saying subhanAllah you know to the EEMA okay you know there's this question also is a little off the topic and said recently the you know about Israel approved the decision to expand settlements around an ox on and effort that the demolish the mosque and the bill what they call the Temple of Solomon could this be indication that the appearance of the jail is about to come well you know this is a very deep question on another subject altogether but definitely on that the great religions are all waiting for somebody to come they're waiting for a messiah to come on the messiah you know and they are waiting for some evil force also to come and there's different discussions about this but we do know that I'm you know that the gel is to appear well al doable at and make confusion all around the land there's some discussions that say that the gel has appeared now he's already here this is a major mistake and there's no proof in straight proof in a hadith or from you know any of the Imams who would indicate you know something like this what we could say is that the forerunners of the job the forerunners those who will lead to the Dajjal would actually be here there was one person who who wrote a book on Akbar Ali I think his name was sometimes he talked about the prophecies of the Quran and he said that the Dajjal is one I is the television and you know he's American like they said he's America and you know uses America and yet I'm not uses Russia and they try to apply everything today but this is a mistake because if you say that that that you know the Dajjal he's you know he's in you know that he is America and that his eye is the television the proudest of solemn said that John will not enter Mecca and Medinah but if you go to Mecca and Medina you watch television you get the videotape of the movies before you it will come from Hollywood and it goes to Saudi Arabia so that if that's the job he's in Mecca and Medina so that's not true that is not true we have to take these symbols literally they are what they are this is a man this is a human being who woke up and the descriptions you will get them in Allah mathesar you will see clear descriptions of how he looks and where he's coming from and the focal ha did not disagree with this so we cannot say that he is in London or America or anything and you know he flies you know so he flies like air American Airlines or you know Air Canada you know let's explain this is stretching the things too far and if we don't have proof for this we should not enter in the area that we don't have proof 1:11 what they haven't done what well you know it is important for us you know in these times to come to the Masjid the demostrate is not an organizational building this is the house of Allah so when we come inside the Masjid we are coming in a large house we are coming close to allah subhanaw taala and this will help this purifies us this helps us static stay on sirat al-mustaqim the Sakina the peace tranquility you get in the Masjid you cannot get it anywhere else so it's important for us to come in you know to took our Islam has to be complete Islam right we have to be Abdullah because we have a character we call Abdul Ramadan right and we have another one we call Abdullah eat he is the slave of eat not a slave of Allah okay so we all want to be Abdullah and that means we will come in inshaallah whether it's ramadan or not ramadan but this is a tendency this is a weakness that isn't all over the world it's not just here is all over the world and we have to now practice islam completely and and during you know outside of ramadan in ramadan we have to continue to practice our islam this is what it is for so it's very important for everybody to come in order to get peace inside of themselves now okay the question is that what about people who are making tech fear that they are calling people non-muslims just because they drink you know water or you know for any any reason there they are saying people you know who has the right to do this tech fear is a very serious thing and the person Salim said whoever is saying somebody is you know kaffir doesn't that prove he was a kafir so it is not right to do this this is something which is really really serious and it has to be handled by a proper Mufti a kadhi is the one who makes that decision because in the Muslim in a Muslim state it could lead to capital punishment so this is serious it's not something we play with and just and even if you went to a judge right if the person did not make salat or whatever the first thing you would say is II Caslon is he is he lazy right they would find excuses for the person this is the last thing that you want that we want to say to other people you know nobody should assume this Authority especially in these times because it is a dangerous thing for any Muslim to be saying well yeah the good laughs okay so this is a very good question and this is what the aha I was just reading a discussion between the scholars about I'll help with Raja right so there's different opinions on this and really the best position would be a balance between the two that you have al-kahf what Raja and and and the best level movement would be the one with is T del Sol so you don't go too much with fear and you don't go too much with hope because the problem is if people do not fear allah subhanaw taala they start to take things for granted they say well you know in the logically allah karim mala SH you know and they just do what they want to do because they don't think there's a punishment you see and this has crept into communities people think that because they come from a good family or because they speak you know Arabic or whatever or Turkish or or do or whatever they think they're saved they think because they say my name is Ahmed that I'm saved I will not have a punishment in the next life like we're chosen people this is what happened to Benny is Rahil that they thought that they were you know Shaba la lucha but they're like some chosen people right so so it should be a balance but but one this point that came up that one scholar said if you live in a time of capital masiha capital my ass see there's a lot of sins then this is where our Terra heap you need to have that heap people need to fear our loss upon a doubt they need to know that there is a punishment we cannot leave this but I agree with you that should not be the main talk if a person is giving a talk a mom on the imam on the clip-on whatever it is he should make people fear allah but give them hope at the end you have to have hope and this is why i said you know if you are only at allah la khawfun alayhim wala home yeah salut we have Iman and taqwa nothing to fear don't be afraid nothing to be sad about if you believe in Allah but at the same time people have to take Islam serious when the time of salat comes if it's going out it is serious Smith you're downtown and an asura is going out find the place and makes a lot so off-the-cuff I look at you and they look at you funny so what what are they gonna do to you shoot you cause you makes a lot no makes a lot because this is a commandment from allah subhanaw taala with disobeying allah so so we have to look at these things very serious but you know it's a very good point we its needs to be balanced it does need to be balanced and weak and especially for young people it's LOM should be positive the parents are seldom said to his companions but she too will add to enough feed oh yes siedel will add to us zero right he said but she don't make things you know call good give good good news glad tidings don't drive people away make it slam easy don't make it difficult make it easy taisiya so there needs to be taisiya but we're living in the time where there's a lot of sins and people need to know the punishment of Allah so font Allah it is real it's real it's not just our story and if we realize that then we will think twice before we do certain things right when you're driving in your car if the criminal if the police is standing there with his gun then everybody acts very good they stop at the red light they go with the green light because police is there right no police is there he's driving this cop through the red light he doesn't care right if you know that Allah support Allah you don't knows what we are doing and the angel is riding on us then before we steal or we lie or we do that we will think twice you see we will think twice with what we do and if we do something wrong we will make tawba immediately make tawba if we do something wrong so this is important for our community you know take Islam serious men take it serious because you don't know how long it's going to last there are people right now just like we said we will read and take about the people of the Afghan right Afghan people who are here in Australia in the middle of the country right 100 200 years ago they were here right and now no trace some of the people's Charles Abdullah name is gone we have people in Brazil right who they were Muslims and then you know slavery came and they lost their Deen they hung on for a while and they lost and they went to one community and the only thing they had left us a lot was that the the man stands in the middle and and he dances the women clap their hands and he makes deaths a lot they lost it and they say different words which means Islamic words they lost it so so we have to be serious a lot summit Allah gave us the Deen we have to be thankful to Allah and be serious about the Deen that we have now because there are forces of evil around us it's trying to take Islam out of us depend in billions of dollars to take Aslam away from us and especially our children they don't want these children to be Muslim they want the girls to take off their clothes and show their stomach and everything that they want the boys to be little sissies and not sure their male or female this is what they want us to be and they're serious about it men they're serious so we have to be serious and hang on to the Rope of Allah Azza WA JAL but try to be positive at the same time while this issue of river of interest is a very serious one and we were studying it in the 40 hadith of the Saban movie ikot that the prowess of Sodom said each 10 EBU asemu be caught and he went through a shipbuilder seja orkut learned enough silletti huh drama law in louisville Huck well Eckler Reba eating interest this is a serious thing okay and it is a problem that we have to face we know that the process alum said the time would come when the dust of interest would touch everybody so it has come all of us are in it one way or another indirectly or directly so we have to make tawba to allah subhanaw taala and try to come out of it try to come out try to have a credit union interest-free credit union try to get our banking Islamic banking try to bring it into this country here now Islamic banks you know try to do to do something it's a problem all of us are facing but we have to come out of this now we cannot expect a lot to give us victory on the ground if we still have this and so this is a very serious area and that's where Toba comes in towba is self analysis and reconstruction so you analyze yourself make your ear are your repentance and then reconstruct right and in trinidad the island of trinidad they started with an interest-free credit union that you start putting your money together and you form a credit union with the interest-free credit union and then you can lend money to people eventually they buy cars they buy houses they have scholarships to school it can start with a credit union and people put their money together like this and eventually it can move to the level of a bank I remember when I was in Medina back in the 70s I was a student in Medina and I went I put my money in the bank and they said after after a couple months I came back and I checked my money and they said you have 200 reals and you have five reals five they said a benefit and I said no this is Dada this is harm right this is interest in Medina I said what is this and then I went out and they had the solder off they had a Rajah he so we went to a Rajah he and we put up money with Raja now he has a bank now he has a bank just aa hula falen Raja now he has a bank jizan oleifera he started just moneychanger and he did he took the money from the students interest free like that's how he started okay and so you start small and then you can get bigger and bigger and bigger it's expanding and growing in the Muslim world I was I spent this year last year in Bahrain I was in dolottle Bahrain and there in Bahrain they have more Islamic banks and anywhere in the world and when the economic recession hit the world it did not hit them they didn't want to say anything because they thought they would be attacked but they did not have a problem because they're not involved in in danila in the system now that getting some fallout now but when it came they didn't have any problem and it said she pan Allah look what Islamic banking can do see so we need to try to bring this into our lives start small you know help each other you know put pull the money together and then finance somebody and then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and inshallah you know we can come but we need to make tawba to Allah Subhan Allah and try to make an effort to come out of it because everybody is involved if you're working at the back everybody is involved in it I cannot change the hadith that's what it is you can't change it law most people questions the message special like the man's was coming to see without playing that guitar or with the sisters yeah well you know um it's a good point about respecting the house of allah subhanaw taala that we are the guests of allah when we come inside of his house and we should make Tahil to Masjid we should you know cover ahora that's also that's not just women but men should cover their outer – because sometimes the brothers come inside and their pants are all showing in the back they're tight you know and whatnot they have to have settle out of a male's to not just females right so everybody should have sexual outer when they come inside the Masjid and I'm Masjid what we in Cape Town we have a thing if the women if she doesn't have a proper thing we have in a wreck of a bias but we will keep it clean and also for the men we have dubis some coats it's like a light Juba and you put a rack of the deer so if he's not covered and he has his Superman Batman shirt right and then and his pants are all tight in the back then put the Juba on at least when you're in the house of Allah or get us a laptop or something like this and put on the salaat top for the males as well as the females when they are in the house of allah subhanaw taala you said brother you mentioned salah is important you said to pray anywhere i mentioned to my students if you go to the mall for shopping and they have nowhere to pray I took them to go to a cloth shop and get a shirt for example go to the change room and pray yes we need to use our center sense hikmah and if you try you can find a place to make Salah if you can't make salat in front of everybody else then you can find a section of the mall as we travel bring the Sujatha with you in your back have a prayer mat okay and it's now they have nice prayer mats that they have you open anything up and do so then bring your prayer mat and you can find the section of the mall where there's not a lot of people and then you can you know get your qibla you know make you with you and then you can make your salat if you can so what if somebody sees you so what one brother this brother fear he was downtown New York City in Manhattan and as all these people that Salah NASA was going out he put his rug down Allahu Akbar and he made the Salah all the people looked at him and they said and they just kept walking he made his salat well because he doesn't even see the people he's only just allah subhanaw taala right he didn't even see the people right and this is a bob this is the level of XM right antibody ilaha and Nakata Rahul LM talkin to her over in know who you lock that you worship Allah as though you see him and if you can't do that as though he sees you this is brother he was only seeing Allah he didn't see the crowd and he just made this a lot but we are not like this we were weaker so we can find the place in the mall on the side or whatever and we can put our Sujatha down and then we can make us a lot eventually if you have a big mob what the Muslim did in Cape Town they went to the mall especially where a lot of Muslims are and they went to the administration on the mall and they said we want a masala in the mall so the man said ok if you have a prayer area it'll make a lot of business so they made a Masjid in the mall because there's enough Muslims they're spending their money every day just get a little room and we'll take care of the room will we even pay you for the room right and then they take that the business people who are working in the mall they put their money together and they got the room made a little law so that area a little wudu area so when a time kind of you're in the mall you can go to the little masala and you can make select so you can do this man the community unites together and they pull this turn so I want to thank you for your questions I pray that Allah would bless this school and the Masjid and keep us all together in a state of Islam so panic alarm be hummed iike and shadow and that either enter the stock Farooq or a tube or a lake this Miller of manner he will ask inland Santa Fe hosts ladina harmony Natali ha but to ask what the roster Bilhah crossover Sabha or sallallahu taala I say that a Muhammad Ali wasabi ajma'in wa haka dad I wanna alhamdulillah who robbed below the mean was salam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahu better get you

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