How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Financial Freedom | Dr. David Phelps

– Hey, it’s David from Freedom Founders. You know the biggest obstacle to your financial freedom is, you ready for this? Yeah it’s you. And it’s me. We are our biggest obstacles. Why is that? Well because we all come
from an environment, a life where we’ve had preset conditions, preset beliefs placed upon us by well-meaning people. Parents and teachers, community leaders, all have a way of thinking in life that has been passed down on to them. And so they passed it on to us. But a lot of those mindsets, if you will, those beliefs, are really not real to life. In fact, they actually hold people back. For example, do you have to have a great education to do well in life? Well yes, if you wanna be an astronaut, an engineer, a scientist,
a doctor, a dentist, lawyer, somebody who
needs a licensed degree. Yes, yes you’ve got to have that kind of degree in life. But there are so many
people who are doing great in life that don’t. I know many entrepreneurs, people in the real estate arena, who don’t have anything past a high school education. Yet, they’re out there in the market place working very well. So that’s one. Another one might be that money doesn’t grow on trees. Well we know it doesn’t grow on trees. I’m lookin’ right here
and I don’t see any money. But you actually can fabricate money outside of trading time for dollars. And trading time for dollars is what we learn to do, going through school to get a job, career, profession. And that’s how we learn to make money for our family, to provide security, and a lifestyle of some sort. And again that’s great as far as that goes. But what’s the problem? The problem is we’re
limited by the time we have in creating those dollars. At some point we want
off that hamster wheel. We all want off that hamster wheel. The way to do that is to
create capital assets, acquire capital assets, businesses, real estate,
to provide cash flow when you’re not working. It’s not difficult to do. But it’s also not easy. The easy part comes when you connect with the right people. The right people that
have already been there. That have already blazed
a path ahead of you, and are people that you
can collaborate with, that are willing to work with you. It takes time, takes
effort, it takes putting some skin in the game to create those connections. I travel the world today because it’s part of my job. Part of my job is to
go to other masterminds in different places,
changing my environment. So yes my environment’s
very different here than it is at home. But also it’s the people that I’m around, which is the most important part of the environment. Yes I love being in a
place where it’s different, where my head can go to different places. I can be a better visionary. I can think about what’s important for me to be doing, but also to be around
other people who help promote my thinking in different ways to look at things that I don’t see. Those blind spots that we all have. Those are very important. And I bring back my connections and what I’ve learned
to my Mastermind group, where my job is to bring
all that in one place, save time, save effort, save money for people that have to run around and do all the Masterminds I do. So changing one’s environment is very, very important in life. It’s the people that make
the biggest difference. But just getting away from your day to day activities, the
doing, doing, doing, the hamster wheel is so important for you to do on a regular basis. When you change your environment, it will change the way that you think, about who you are and what you do. And you’ll learn how to better leverage the assets that you already have. The assets that you have
in terms of your skill, your license to do what you do, assets that you already accumulate through hard work and saving. You learn how to leverage those. It changes the way you think, changes your behavior, in
all things that you do. It changes your action, what you will do. It changes your action
is all about creating a new pathway to a life
off the hamster wheel that you never dreamed was possible. So think about those things today as you’re going through
your regular routine schedule, whatever it is. And think about have you
really pushed yourself to change your environment? If so, that’s great, keep doing it. If not, I promise you that’s the key to everything in life, is
change your environment. It will change you and
make your life better because you find the right people who’ve already gone down that path. Alright, that’s my tip for the day. Take care, and remember always stay focused on your freedom.

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