How To Pay Off $73,000 Of Debt In 15 Months!!

hello everyone how you doing today god
bless you let me just start off like that god bless you for being a
contributor to the channel to a loyal subscriber tuning in almost every day as
I drop a fresh video on velocity banking or a lesson you know or something that I
know will impact at least one person a day every day that’s all I did
I’m telling you I’m so satisfied I’m so happy that I get to do this I have the
privilege and honor to serve you so today we’re serving another woman
wonderful beautiful lady working 17 years in the nursing industry she
decided to make a commitment even before we spoke this is amazing she trusts me
from the very beginning and and I don’t want to lose that trust so I’m going to
honor my services I’m going to make sure that when this is all said and done she
can turn to her partner and say hey it’s finished it is finished it’s done right
so I need you to write down so numbers I want you to take some notes because
obviously as you can see even though with this big board you know a lot of
debt okay a lot of numbers we’re gonna go step by step take it easy
relax let me give you the numbers let me give you the details all right income
six thousand five hundred a month expenses current before we start on
velocity banking are six thousand twenty eight dollars eighty four cents total
debt before we start on velocity banking 460 thousand two hundred forty five
dollars current cash flow four hundred and seventy dollars okay jot those
numbers down whenever I look at a situation when you’re looking at your
person finances you need to know these numbers
left/right up/down outer inner you need to know them get them down then what you
need to do is how can we acquire our debt tool whether it be a line of
credit a line of credit oh or a HELOC home equity line of credit or a credit
card a credit card either or we find the best one that fits you and your needs
and your wants and your desires and your goals okay every case is unique do not
try to copy because you’ll make a mistake which is why you need an
accountability partner to help you along the way
all right time focus attention detail finite character that’s what I bring to
you all right that’s what I’m gonna do for this lovely woman period so we got
our line of credit line of credit personal line of credit P LOC or LOC got
it calculated simple for $20,000 at 9.8% don’t tell me that there’s no credit
unions in your area that offers lines of credit because that is false you know
what I’d like for all my viewers especially my contributors who have
unsecured lines of credits or helix I would love for you you don’t have to put
your name or but I would love for you to comment the type of debt weapon you have
whether it’s a HELOC credit card personal line of credit business line of
credit okay the state or city that you got it from the name of the bank or the
credit union or the institution I think this will be so valuable for other
people who are struggling trying to find that that right debt tool so please my
loyal subscribers and contributors comment
state credit union right or if you want to give a little list in your state
you’re like look I went to this one this one this one they all offered lines of
credit but this one was the one I like most do that for me I man I would love
that so line of credit twenty thousand nine
point eight percent our first chunk amount that her and I got together and
agreed on is nine thousand eight hundred dollars towards specific debts when I do
this my cash flow is going to increase okay
to six hundred and twenty five dollars okay and she like I said she’s a Tier
three contributor so she is sacrificing some of her cash flow to not only help
me grow as a man but to continue to serve more families and she made a
commitment she was like six months oh okay so I thought I’m gonna factor in no
sick so in six months the Tier three contribution which is 147 a month
that’ll drop off after six months and that’ll boost her cash flow now lets you
know exactly when that occurs okay so 625 would be the new cash flow therefore
our expenses are down from the 6028 down to about five thousand 873 eighty four
so we made a chunk in November right between November and December right
we’re gonna get paid and make that income month one starting out what does
it do i owe 9895 i’m at 33 expenses come out okay it puts me out of balance of
nine thousand 173 eighty four you see the change the difference is the cash
flow okay next month boom I get money brings the
balance down expenses come out boom my balance do it again 6500 okay brings
the balance down expenses come out brings the balance up again you see that
very important how the number is dropping quickly quickly all right very
important number drops okay income again spent balance goes down
come over here expenses come back up all right
here’s our balanced income month five now we’re real low on the balance cool
cool I like it my expenses come out up we’re right near our income right there
month six here we go month six that she you know cuts off the Tier three or
whether she drops the price or but I I did it for this scenario I just said
that you know 147 goes back into her cash flow right so look at look what
happened to the expense less is coming out of the line of credit okay which is
gonna bring my cash flow a little bit higher than the 625 all right here we go
balance from the 169 20 all right add the expenses here’s the balance next
time comes income already look this is where I never lose cash flow in the
process of doing velocity banking this 5896 balance owed on line of credit my
$6,500 income right I can’t put it all in right can’t put it all in at once so
I’m you know I what I’m getting paid bi-weekly however works get that money
in there all right the difference is cash flow 603 and you know what six
months of doing velocity banking at 9.8 that some of this would have gone
towards interest okay but the fact that we chunk 98 towards other debts to save
money on a lot of interests you get this offsetting effect via your cash flow Oh
got me okay balance comes down to zero or a month
seven expenses come out again but see here’s the thing whenever we zero out a
line of credit we have the ability especially when our income is a little
bit higher for my people that have higher incomes I’m gonna start doing
examples where I get real slick you have to watch it ready even though after
month seven we zero out the line of credit right and expenses come out right
we’re only gonna oh what we use for expenses right but seeing this time
period if we’re real slick what we can do is we we evaluate the next the next
debts of the whole four hundred and sixty thousand that we have right so so
far we eliminated ninety eight hundred of debt all right got our cash flow a
little bit higher okay now if I took seven thousand four hundred dollars more
out of the line of credit plus the expenses that have to come out it’s
gonna bring the balance to about thirteen thousand one 2684 okay let me
know your thoughts on this all right income goes in right brings the balance
down to sixty six two six eight four but look what happens to my expenses after
making that chunk okay cash flow goes up to seventy alright we made a chunk
towards three other debts that we were paying 9099 beyond okay total of 270
that comes back into the cash flow okay so it lowers my expense here from the
57:26 now we’re at fifty four five six this is conservative all right balance
twelve thousand all right see the difference between the
thirteen twelve okay we’re still we’re still coming in ready now come over here
and come again sixty-five hundred brings the balance
down expenses fifty four five six eight four all right
expenses coming out eleven thousand is the balance boom
so it’s kind of dropping almost like about a thousand each time that’s about
our cash flow right pretty close do it again
balance expenses balanced income balance expenses balance get that income goes in
expenses come out what’s left over is your balance and you do it again and I
got uh I got okay where we got sixty five hundred boom going in balance
expenses balance oh we’re getting closer and my markers
dying no good so let’s see where we’re at month twelve which I think I might
have made a mistake because you see how it says income eight here and then
income eight there what am i doing alright so just add an extra month we’re
probably out like it’s probably 13 months so this 12 is actually 13 so just
add another month sorry alright we’ll be all right there
balance balance 6500 okay we’re coming lower now
getting real low we’re getting back to that income matching the balance owed
okay do it one more time get it all the way to zero okay as soon as i zoom out
that line of credit technically by month 15 speaking all right now expenses have
to come out right notice how the number dropped from fifty
four five six two fifty eighty four eighty four why because I made a chunk
here and a chunk here so I’m making a $8,500 chunk towards a specific debt she
knows which one it is and the 1642 chunk boom brings the balance it’s a fifteen
thousand to six to twenty six eighty four okay now whether it’s when I zero
out the line of credit right or a little bit before whether it’s me or the credit
union somebody is gonna give this lady more credit lines there she’s either
gonna get offers in the mail to open up more credit lines or we can just be
smart and just say alright give me twenty five thousand all right what a
twenty five thousand dollar line of credit that increases my chunk
capability all right and it increases my chunk capability meaning the amount of
money that I can chunk towards any specific debt all right and what I want
to do is hold off right here for this lady right so so we’re gonna going to be
right here we we follow the same system we’re just dumping the income less and
less expenses coming out more and more cash flow staying in what I want to do
is analyze the results we got in a 1415 month period cuz it
looks like I like I said it looks like I made a mistake right in eight and then
eight up there probably got a little confused but let’s say in a 15-month
period right I paid seventy three thousand five
hundred and five dollars and seventy six cents my friend that is how we pay
seventy three thousand five hundred five dollars seventy six cents doing velocity
although by engane okay that’s how much debt we paid in a 15 month period
all right four hundred and sixty thousand divided by seventy three
thousand five oh five seven six boom six point two six years or less you know
how I always say or less why because this whole time over a 15 month period I
did not factor in her getting a race she works she has a a solid career you don’t
think she’s gonna get a race between now and 15 months all right is it gonna be a
2% raise a 4% 5% a bonus right what what is it I don’t know all right remember
just getting a dollar race just a dollar shaves like six months off your timeline
this is amazing it’s incredible when we when we keep flipping the money alright
so she’ll be debt-free in six years or less okay and this is how we started out
with an income of that with a debt of that with a cash flow of this in 15
months by her investing in herself right contributing to this channel being
a blessing and giving she went from here to here in 15 months she didn’t start a
business and sell no product no service didn’t have to call people do you know
what entrepreneurs do okay like if that’s not her desire it’s not her
desire right not everyone is gonna start a business and make millions of dollars
it’s just not gonna happen you need you need a workforce okay the whole point is
velocity banking really gives that level playing field for everyone to be able to
at least prosper at any level right what is that level for you of being
prosperous generous having the lifestyle you want
giving what’s that level let’s discuss it together let’s have a conversation
my name is Denzel I hope you enjoyed this in-depth scenario let me know if
you have any other questions shout out to the wonderful woman here making
commitment helping other families receive this data this knowledge and
apply it into their life thank you so much love you very much I love you guys
have a wonderful day

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