How To Pay Off Your Mortgage – What To Expect Post-Closing – Codemark TV – Episode 25

Hey I how’s it going everybody I’m Mark MacInerney President and CEO of Codemark Financial you know what a billionaire wears to the office? Alright I’m not a billionaire. Not yet so don’t go asking me for money. Anyway speaking of office we’re almost finished here. Where we are finished though is in your loan process so congratulations again if you go back on all the episodes and you think about what we’ve gone through it’s been a tremendous journey right and thank you for making us a part of it! We have figured out how to get pre-approved we have gone through the money that you need to put into your real estate transaction we’ve gone through the grueling process of the 30-day close and understanding underwriting and just in our last episode we were chillin there together at the closing table because we got that clear to close. Now it’s done so what do you do well you can sit back and crack the brew and relax wipe that sweat off your brow and be like hell yeah I am a homeowner! That’s number one. Number two and a few other things for you to take into consideration are some things that they call post-closing. So let’s go into that very quickly. When your loan closes shortly thereafter 30 days 60 days 90 days you’re going to I should say you should expect to get a servicing package that will probably say that the mortgage company that closed your loan, that lender has now sold your loan to another bank. Not that big of a deal this happens all the time banks are always selling money it’s one another nothing is going to change in your loan all right that’s the good news. Okay? And none of this is bad news. The next thing that you want to consider and most importantly is while you’re living in this house treat this mortgage like you would any other debt try to pay it off as quickly as possible. Now you’re not going to do a 30-year loan or 20 year loan or 15-year loans and pay it off in a month or two unless you’re ballin like that then I need to ask you if I can borrow money from you! What you should be doing is making some principal additional payments to the principal to reduce the debt and then as well obviously to accelerate not having to pay that much interest over the life of the loan. Do those things call us up and we’ll tell you exactly how to set up those types of practices bi-monthly payments, make extra annual payments those types of things to chip away at becoming wealthier. Speaking of wealth I got to give a shout out Holtz Leather these guys, I was going to get a wallet that said badass mother f****r if you like Pulp Fiction but I went with with something a little more realistic says multi-millionaire. But love this thing and you know what I’m going to love chillin in your backyard with you with the case of brew, all the steaks the hot dogs the hamburgers all of our kids I got three kids I’m coming right we’re cool? Alright man until next time we’re going to be flipping the script okay it’s not over even though it’s over with this we’ve got a whole lot more information to share! I’m Mark MacInerney President and CEO of Codemark Financial. Catch me on Friday every Friday Facebook live noon lunch with Mark and I’ll still be here guys on Codemark TV we’ll see ya congratulations again!

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