How to Plan for Short Term Financial Goals | Investing in Real Estate

24 thoughts on “How to Plan for Short Term Financial Goals | Investing in Real Estate

  • Mr Morris my mom in the process of purchasing her first properties threw your company. I've never seen her so exited.

  • This is so awesome. I spoke to Larry last week, and getting my numbers together is exactly what I'm doing. You are correct about short term and long term goals. I'm structuring my short goals now to give us room for the long term ones. Thanks again…..

  • This is amazing analysis you two Rock once again get your short term goals in order to achieve your long term goals employ your money oooh I love it thank you for sharing

  • How you doing Morris… have couple of questions for you sir.

    1. How many units have you purchased, sold and or hold to this date.

    2. Actually, your response will shed light to my 2nd question.

    Thank you Morris.

  • I'm being careful to not leverage too much ATM, while I'm building a new primary residence, but definitely looking forward to leveraging my HELOC to acquire 2 cash-flowing properties through your team.
    Interesting to see how you're using unsecured credit to acquire properties. Do you have any suggestion regarding how much percentage of unsecured debt to leverage?
    P.S. – Thinking Natalie"s spreadsheet doesn't include actual figures?? 😉

  • Hey morris, good video as usual. I want to know what are the advantages or disadvantages of paying taxes and insurance yourself as opposed to escrow. Thank you.

  • Hey Guys. As always, a wonderful, professional and down to earth job and approach to educating the masses on how to understand getting into "buying your geese" and getting those eggs. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Natali, it s 529 plan. BTW my wife is also Natalie and my goals are to create a legacy fund for my families future. To give them opportunities I never had and to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

  • If we aim to pay down our mortgage faster by paying more to principal is that additional money possibly tax deductible?

  • Thank you so much for your videos. I love how you break everything down into manageable pieces and explain your thought process. You are giving us information that isn't easily found elsewhere. Keep up the good work. I look forward to watching!

  • Florida has the Florida prepay plan. You pay the cost of today's state tuition and when your kids attend college in the future it will cover the cost of a Florida state school in the future.

  • so I think I'm a morris stalker now; can't stop taking in the great information and getting inspired. To pay it forward, check out VIPFinancialEd channel out of denver area. He has a cash flow cruncher xls for free which is a more complete version of this IMO. Looking forward to working with you in the near future!

  • I’ve read through Rich Dad Poor Dad looking for the example of the golden goose. I couldn’t find it, which book is it?

  • I like seeing the upcoming purchases in the spreadsheet. This shows you the Morris Invest mindset of working towards the "how" of the next property. Thank you both for the videos and we all wish you well.

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