How to plant Bamboo, a future of prosperity.

so I'm going to take you through how the planting process of some hoop you first dig a coil of two by two by two feet we begin first up – bye – bye you remove the fast food of the top side which is the hero Mars you put it on to your right and type then remove the second food which is the subsoil you put it on to your left hand side then you return the first coat of the side which is the humors that you put onto your right hand side into the hole you add water now here we have a fertilizer 40 grams he adds it into the hole with a few much mix it well form a good persistence you can see that the soil is well watered now he puts in the root ball now we are adding water for the soil to dress so that we can get at least put the one truth of this is very important for the food to know whether there is some food if realize is that the mulch has been disturbed and it was not disturbed yesterday then there must be a bowl pour water on it add water for the mulch to settle and we lack whole fight is every 25 meters the populists here and we'll be able to see any disturbance the March anything destroying your signal and therefore you have 100% survival you

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