How To Play Cloud Strife In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

hey how's everyone doing zero here in today's video I want to teach you how to play Cloud Strife and smash with ultimate who is my favorite character to play so far I absolutely adore playing him and I want to teach you how to play him because for me he's so much fun and I want you to have the same level of fun as I do so in terms of cloud let's just get straight to the basics that cloud is a swordsman character and that means that the majorities attack have store properties which means that he's head Bodkins are disjointed when I mean wait at this joint that hitbox is that if an attack were to come through I can usually arrange this attack with just my sword simply because it's not connected to my herb box but like even if the attack were to hit Klaus sword you're not necessarily in trouble that's the advantage at a store provides as principle now the most unique mechanic that cloud house is Limit Break which comes straight from Final Fantasy 7 so the way Limit Break works is that you have three ways to obtain limit the first one is that you can simply press down beam and the limit will charge it takes quite a bit to charge as you can see however you also build Limit Break by dealing damage or by receiving damage if you deal 150% of damage you will automatically filled an entire bar of limit if you take 100% of damage you will also build one whole bar of damage what does usually means is that since in a match you will have a combination of charging limit doing some damage and taking some damage it means that it pretty much every stock you're going to have an average of about one limit play for stock which means that you really have to know how to use Limit Break now what does Limit Break do as a principle what limit break does is that it upgrades all of clouds especially so for example this is Limit Break brush slash compared to normal cross slash as you can see Limit Break cross slash deals more damage more knock-back and it also comes out the entire thing comes out regardless if you hit it whereas regular crustless you have to actually hit it on an opponent or up the shield but the whole move to come out and you have to press B multiple times whereas limit cross slash what just completely come out regardless if you whip it or not then you have a finishing touch which will replace down B instead of charging limit you will do finish and touch there's an extremely lethal attack that actually does about 1% damage but it kills really early killing most people in the game around 60 to 80% are some like characters you can kill them around 50 something then you have lime hazard which when you'd have a lemon Clem Hauser the main advantage that you get is that it travels much further making clouds recovery that much better for example that's a lot farther than simply this so that's a big advantage in terms of recovery finally from play beam you have a very very powerful and damaging projectile that goes really far compared to regular bleeding which also goes pretty far but let me play beam goes really far out also when you have a limit on which by the way only lasts is about 15 seconds once you obtain it compared to smash 4 you can just keep it forever until you use it or you die this game you only get to keep it for 15 seconds it also grants cloud extra full spit which means he falls faster making he's placed a little bit faster because he plans quicker to the ground with aerials making his pressure that much better now in terms of general playstyle cloud the way he plays is very neutral but you have to really very much focus on how to play neutral how to pretty much break down your opponent and how they like to play neutral for you to speed his cloud but it isn't all about having crazy combos but he's more about of a momentum based character and all about neutral and fundamentals so the way I like to play neutral what cloud is that cloud has four moves that are key to his department the first one is backer cross slash porter and limit so the way I the way I try to pretty much just structure my neutral is that I start off the match by dashing around it mainly because Klaus – English is really good at covers a good amount of ground so you can try to get the feel for your opponent by dashing around as you understand if they're jumping if they're retreating or one I like to apply some pressure now something wonderful that they change in this game is that every character has decreased lag in their areas which means that clouds Fortier which mainly used to be a finisher of sorts or just a move that for the most part got replaced by back here but I had some use especially with the spike it's actually not one of your main tools to pressure and usually it's because it has very little cooldown and because they have so much range you're actually just safe from doing it you can pretty much hit someone with clouds for it it unblocked and it's safe pressure for do for you to do so and also if you land this border you can actually combo portage into cross slash you can also combo it into fourth tool which I like to do a lot and even up till as well so as you can see for is pretty much your gateway into pressuring your opponent you can a lot of the times just show up in to your opponent what if order and pressure the shield and if you obtain a hit you can go for a tilt up till fourth toe side B or you can go for a grab if you thing they're gonna stay on block you can even go for down so if you think they're going to roll away from you which is a tool that I like to use a lot if people prefer to play defensive against my cloud you can also do the exact same kind of pressure with back here as well because backer is also insane on shield and he has a lot of range as well very very generous range and it's also pretty strong as well killing most characters off the side of the level around 100 or 110 so you can still land back here into cross slash you can still land back there into for toe back here in two up though and in some instances you can even go for a Packard job as well I think the most useful ones are back here in to frost flash it does a ton of damage or factor into up top because you get follow-ups out of it in case they move away from you are not too much into you you can also port to which I find it to be more consistent especially if your opponent is lighter or they just I just move away from you and up till doesn't really land they move away from you Porto has the range necessary to do that so you're miss charge is gonna go around – around forth for their backer rusher with them then as you start getting your opponent some hits and you're gonna be charging limit here and there I recommend charging limit not that much simply because it only lasted for fifteen seconds you want to make sure you have limit you have to time your limit so you get Limit Break around when there are like above 100 or 80 percent so you can actually go for a play to get a kill if you get it too early you will simply waste it when you need it and if you get it too late then you might die before you can use it you have to learn how to time limit break and you can calculate this by understanding that you get Limit Break by dealing 100 150 percent damage by taking 100 percent damage but by charging so what I do is that I started imagine I charge a little bit of Limi like around here really and then I just fight normally and then as I get too high percent they're like 80 I'm a probably a 60 70 or something like that it's about the time when I'm about to get a limit play then I can just charge up the little rest and then go for a play that's the way I like the timing if not if you're fighting characters that can GIMP you back since I can throw you off the lever or kill you like Pikachu or Pichu I recommend having limit Frawley around the middle so then in case that they're hitting you and come when you off the level then you can probably charge the rest off the level and then go for a be recovery so you don't die early so that's a good compromise to stay safe now as you start getting your opponent above you with for their backer we can move on to the juggling prints where cloud is really strong now clouds upper still has humongous range and you can still juggle points really quick and in fact it's a move that is not just good to land the ed and come more into itself but it's a move that you can also use repeatedly as you can see right there now the difference is they mean with smash 4 is that clouds up earth no longer has very ridiculous head box below the store you can see this for example when smash for you we were to do a show hub operator and fast bullet and then for the most part it will hit the stronk and then you will get a general as you can see the store clearly is missing here because there's a hit box missing right here however you can still kind of just show up upper and delayed a little bit you could still land the upper but it's not nearly as fierce it wasn't smash however if you land this up or you still get a bunch of rewards you can you can upper again get up till you can frost lash you can do pretty much almost anything you want off of it so it's still extremely rewarding if you do land it keep in mind though against characters that are short like Pikachu Pichu it's almost impossible to land this upper one really cool thing though about up here is that it actually has combos if you land the weak hit box which you can trigger by let's say you do an upper and then you fast fall into the weekend into the weekend takes a little bit of practice to get down but that's kind of how it looks like you see how Sam is gonna bounce up a little bit so let's say for example I put stem is at the same a hundred percent I'm just gonna give you an example combo right here then I get lemon and I'm gonna go for a weak upper hit box break up that's tonight that's that's a way where you can land a limit plate I could have replaced that or like maybe cross slash for example for a kill or anything else but it's just an or maybe an even another upper as well but as you can see we clap weekl and an upper it can actually combine two very interesting things in fact you can do some even cooler combos where I say I put Sam is at 30 you can down it there and that was a true combo right there as you can see that could be a very useful combat of a read so once you have your opponent's up in the air clouds objective mainly is to win neutral but then get your opponent above you once you have your opponent above you you can start pretty much covering their bases with upper lineup kind of move around them just try to chase them up in the air in the ground and then as they're approaching the the ground you start throwing up those it covers above the platforms as well completely above you and you can do it out of a dash as well so very very useful if you have a hard read coming through you can up smash which pretty much covers the entire platform it's very very powerful so that's also a good weight to keep in mind and since you're juggling and you get in plays around you're doing damage probably took some damage earlier on probably around the time where you'll have a limit reader and then you can just kind of go for it and then then I kill so pretty much cloud is the momentum bit we win neutral by using backers Porter we get our point in the air we offer we do aerials and then as we get limit as they're getting into a danger zone in terms of percentage of damage then we go for a limit plate that's why I mean what the caricature stitches from neutral to momentum very often is you have to focus and have an install in neutral to have the opportunity to have momentum and once you have moment you have to be able to keep it on that's why cloud sometimes is a very hot and cold kind of character because either he's doing really well he's doing all the stuff right or he's not doing so well he's not winning neutral he's getting games get thrown off the level you're used in limit defensively that's when cloud kind of falls apart another tool that you can use in neutral is blade beam so like in slower matchup where before refusing to approach you you can throw out a few blade beams here and there to kind of just force them to approach you and I find that to be very useful in any matchups where they're just trying to force me to approach I don't feel comfortable did it fight yet you just throw a few of them and usually kind of forces them to approach especially because labium is so much better I'm useful in this game than it wasn't transport another note to keep in mind as you're juggling however is that clouds up here is frame eight and clouds neutral earth is frame five what this means is that neutral earth will usually come out faster so let's say you're juggling your opponent and you don't think you have time to throw out an upper which has a little bit of a start up now you can simply throw out the neutral air just simply cover your bases quicker and neutral usually will either come one to itself or throw them into a platform and you can kind of change them around and then back here again as well so I think it's a really good way to just kind of mix things up in terms of kill options cloud as a few options as you have limit you can go for a few things for example I can put stammers around 80% for example that's an option option to get a kill at some lower percentage you can even go for crop up or finish and touch you go for a climb hazard as well if they go really high up I also find it useful to do a sure hub into the down area and then you can kind of fast fall into it but you have to wait a little bit before you fast so you can like sure hub down there wait a little bit and then fastball if you time it correctly you will get the land in hitbox but also fast falling making you harder to defend against there's an example of it in terms of grab options cloud has a frame 9 grab which means that it's not the fastest grab and this means that every time you have shield pressure you don't really are supposed to go for a grab out of shield because cloud to grab is actually slow for a standing grab but not only dad is that you don't really get that many rewards of the grabs they nerve clout down throw you have not as many follow-ups or pretty much nothing out of it really it's not nearly as good as it wasn't smash 4/4 run back through are just traditional throws you don't really get too much out of it but then I find personally the best throat that he has is up throw mainly because you can actually juggle out of it you get a bent out of it and it's also clouds the most damage and throw which to me is the most useful one so at least you get damaged if you do get a grab and then you can go into an up though and turn off smash an up air even it has more users than any other throw so I recommend going for up throw in case you get crab food in general try to avoid grabbing too much simply because Pratt doesn't have the most rewarding grab and he's grabbed itself isn't quick enough a lot of the time this characters I have frame six crabs which are much better but cloud has a frame mangrove but that doesn't help them too much when recovering off the level there's ways that you can make clouds recover it'd be a little bitter first of all is that you should never recover above the platform or you should never recover in ways that you simply just up be from far away from the platform then drip it into the level pretty much is asking to die in situations Klauss recovery mainly comes down to my double jump I use up be really that's all you're gonna have off the level boss up more up than that now how you can optimize this is based on how quick you are able to predict the danger on how you can pretty much be aware of how your opponent's gonna try to kill yourself character that drop through the platform and try to for you characters will try to spike you throw a projectile you but people will try to destroy you off the level and as a cop player you have to be ready to assess the situation and come out winning so one way I recommend that is that you have to save your double jump as much as you can as soon as you lose your double jump and you get hit out of your FB is usually is a lost thug but if you have your double jump and you get hit you can still recover more not so your double jump is pretty much your last resort also try avoid an air dodge in too early I recommend waiting until the very last second possible to rush to lodge to do things like this mainly because if you hurt us too early then you can't air dodge again which means that if your opponent these that your air dodge all the way over here they can just hit you for free because they know you can't really air dodge again until you land so that's a big big disadvantage finally is you have to try to recover as low as possible this is because it's much harder to hit this angle up being right-handed something like this you can also Suites about clouds for covering where if you'll be next to the ledge a lot actually just grabs the ledge I find this extremely useful when you have a wall and then you wall jump into the wall and then up B this is mainly because let's say you don't want to up B from over here you will simply just jump into the wall and then I'll be and this prevents you from getting room from being vulnerable just get in here with this rice in a bead that you can actually spike now if you find an experienced player but if you wall jump on our B it makes it so much harder to punish they people can still snipe the wall jump but it's much more difficult than this other than that it just comes down to sometimes as a club player you all gig in his recovery is not the best just be mindful of the fact that there's times where you will die well a lot of the time you can also make it better by dodging a lot of the usual stuff and also just being careful in general this is why I recommend holding center stage with cloud because it makes it harder for you to get thrown off the level so try not to stick around the edges too long simply because any hit will knock you off far off then to the level where is that if you're in the middle the hit will be less useful because you're not as close to the ledge then it's easier to recover as a final note in terms of smash attacks clouds up smash is most useful when people are landing on top of you when you see them air dodge or when you see them landing onto platforms this one up flush is most useful because of its range for smash is really good for roll reefs or when people dash into you for a grab or a jump it just kind of – back in and then forced fresh I find it most useful in those and finally down smash is when people wait for grab or a spot dodge or something near the ledge use downturns because it's most useful master second institutions because stronger than back throw you can just charge it even a little bit for regardless if you see someone make a mistake near the ledge and your face you have your back is facing towards off the level and down smash is one of your best friend when that state those are the basics of cloud I hope that this video was useful for you to learn cloud thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe to my channel 7 videos a week I'm doing my best to get the most amount of smash bros alternate content out there guides how to and just pretty much anything that can help you guys learn and enjoy this game further but that said thank you so much for your support you have a wonderful day I hope dad I'll see you around the next video right take care everyone bye bye thanks for watching

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