How To Play 'Peace Frog' By the Doors

such a great riff isn't it hey guys my name is Tom hell dick and today we're going to play peacefrog by the doors and we really understood why the song was called peacefrog but anyway tips are available at my patreon page as always let's get to work okay first off let's start with the well-known intro it's basically a cheap power chord thump finger little finger the mute the g-string with your little finger first finger third fret the first and second string robby krieger actually plays this court with a bar but i do not recommend that because the chance that you will press down your g string and play AG minor is very big it's very hard to do I really don't know how he does it I'm gonna use my thumb is much easier for me let's take a look at the strumming that the first three strums you want to press down your chord down up down then you want to mute and the last strum you want to play the low e-string quite soft so it's that's basically what you have to do let's give that a try 1 2 3 and it's then a bit further up in the first are a couple of nice riffs that Robbie plays straight through the vocals it starts off with this very bluesy lick it's very bluesy use your second finger slide up two frets and slide back and a pull off and then we're gonna Bend the second fret one fret up on the g string and then release and another pull off and we're gonna end with so it's three for one then we have a nice sequence but it works kind of nice then slide up to the sixth fret let's play that whole bit see if you can play along start after the first beat 1 2 3 4 1 and the second verse is pretty much like the first verse except the ending is a little bit different again with the blues riff we got this Bend seven to nine pull off then an eye is bent 79 onto the B chord and we're on to the solo it starts with a very funky riff if the player is four times in a row then it sounds the E minor nice part and it's on to the solo let's break it down start on the 18th fret slow then we're going to bend 17 to the 19th fret reminds me a little bit of like Chuck Berry there's a bend and release and yet another band like this then you continues next part another sequence slow not a very mysterious in a bit sad part and the d7 says four and the last part of the song is basically the riff that you have to play endlessly son scattered on they go guys those were all the parts for the song peacefrog by the doors what an awesome riff you can play like endlessly if you want I will see you next time

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  • Clear and concise. Thx! btw "Peace Frog" may be reference to psychedelic toads in the mexican desert. Psychoactive toads, properly named Bufo alvarius (colloquially known as the Colorado River toad or Sonoran Desert toad), contain a substance five times as potent as DMT. The hallucinogen is called 5-MeO-DMT, but simply licking the toad will not activate the potent psychedelic effects. An extraction is necessary to sort out its venomous ingredients and allow the user to consume 5-MeO-DMT without the life-taking poison.

  • Those verse guitar parts are one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard on guitar. I’ve played it in my head years before I ever even played a guitar. Robby Kriegers definitely one of the reasons I started playing guitar. Thanks for this tutorial man, it’s been sorely missed on YouTube!

  • That’s been my favorite doors song since I can remember, but I never realized how brilliant the guitar work was. What imagination. Thanks for the lesson, brilliant as well.

  • Great lesson, ur much better than Marty Music. Could u do more Doors stuff in the future? I'd love it if u could do Roadhouse Blues

  • Damn. Here with a bottle of whiskey and lovin' this. Killer guitar . Would you not try on an SG with the easier bends?

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