How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms

How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms. Over the course of a woman’s lifetime, she
may experience breast changes. While many end up being nothing to worry about,
it’s important to have any changes that you notice checked by a doctor — just to be on
the safe side. Here are the potential breast cancer symptoms
to watch out for. You will need Monthly self-exams Attention
to breast changes Medical exam and annual mammograms at age 40. This video does not replace actual medical
advice. Always consult your doctor with any questions
or concerns. Step 1. Start performing a monthly self-exam as soon
as your breasts are fully developed. Checking yourself regularly is important — you
need to know what your breasts feel like normally so you can recognize any changes. Examine yourself several days after your period
ends, when your breasts are least likely to be swollen and tender. If you’re no longer having periods, choose
a day that’s easy to remember, such as the first or last day of the month. Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for breasts
to feel lumpy due to benign fibrocystic breast disease, cysts, scar tissue, infections, and
other causes that have nothing to do with cancer. For instructions on how to do a breast self-exam
properly, go to “”: Step 2. Know what you’re feeling for: a lump that
feels different from your breast’s normal lumpiness, like discovering a pebble in your
oatmeal. Though many lumps are benign, anything that
feels new or odd should be checked by your doctor — even if you’ve recently had a clean
mammogram. Check for lumps in your armpits, too. Cancerous lumps are more likely to be hard,
painless, and unmovable. Step 3. Look for visible changes, like dimpled, puckered,
thickened, reddened, or scaly breast skin, or a flattening or indentation on the breast. All are potential breast cancer symptoms that
should be evaluated. Step 4. Recognize the nipple changes that can indicate
breast cancer — pain; redness; scaliness; itching; skin thickening; the nipple turning
inward; or discharge other than breast milk. Step 5. See your doctor about swelling in all or part
of your breast, or breast pain. Though swelling and soreness are usually no
cause for concern, these symptoms can be signs of a rare but aggressive form of the disease
known as inflammatory breast cancer. Step 6. Have your doctor perform a breast examination
at your yearly check-up, and begin annual mammograms at age 40. If you have a family history of the disease,
tell your doctor: they may suggest that you start having mammograms at an earlier age. Knowing the signs of breast cancer — and
being proactive about knowing how to recognize them early — is the best way to protect yourself. Did you know In a “”:
survey of more than 2,200 women, 37 percent said they first detected their breast cancer
with a self-exam.

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  • I am 13 and I have a lump in my breast and it's only one and when appleied pressure on it it hurts and it is red around the nipple around the lump….is this normal

  • First Nipple Shown On Daytime TV For Breast Cancer:

  • hello I am feeling pain on my both breast I did chest x ray my report is normal I also did breast ultrasound which is normal but I feel burning sensation on the upper side on my both nipples also feel pain on my armpits I don't know what should I do ?? and I have also a cyst on my only left testical which is 0.4 cm my urologist doctor told me that it ok 90% have chances that cyst will never go but now a days I feel pain on my nipples I have a huge nipples and both size are equal

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  • Why so many kids in the comments? Yall supposed to be playing. Not worried about breast cancer. But if yall concers are real please go tell your mom or anyone who willing to get iy checked out.

  • I have a lump beside my nipple but its under the skin and or hurts so bad when I touch it and its main the surrounding of my nipple hurt as well. Any advice?

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  • I am 17 and just a few days ago my left breast formed a lump, whenever i try to touch it, it hurts a bit. I also checked my right breast and theres a lump but it is barely distinguishable and when i touch it, it does not hurt. Should i be worried about this?

  • Thanks for the video. good one. There is more info on Breast Cancer and genetics test on pregnancy you can find: This is a great site with alot of info

  • My breast do pain me, especially now am breast feeding, do it has stop, last week I saw reddish colour by the side but it goes away the following day,. Pls do reply, am confused

  • My breast do pain me, especially now am breast feeding, do it has stop, last week I saw reddish colour by the side but it goes away the following day,. Pls do reply, am confused

  • My nipples are turning inwards some times only the right side is turning inwards sometimes both turned inwards and there are a few dots surrounding the red part of the nipple, it feels a bit hard like there is a piece of thing inside my breast , sometimes it itches too I'm so worried about my body can someone please tell me if I have a breast cancer I'm only 14 this year 😟

  • I’m 13 and there is a lump under my right areola that is hard and painful and I’ve had it for a few days and one my areolas is pink and the other is skin color and sometimes they get dry. I’ve had a lump under one of my areolas before and it went away but they have never been a different color from each other and I’m assuming the dryness is just from the weather over the past few months? Idk I’m kinda freaking out

  • i feel something like ball and really hard and immovable inside my armpit and my is 20.. i am really scared i checked it last month and told to my mother but i have my exams so she told me to visit to doc after may… i am really scared…

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  • The Internet is telling me nothing. Can breast cancer form in the nipple area? I am a teen and my breasts are developing. Recently in one if my breasts, I have a small lump in my nipple. my nipples have always been painful, and this lump is painful and can move about a small amount. Can I develop cancer in the nipple?

  • Has anyone tried Immunotherapy? this treatment should be spread around so everyone will be aware on this kind of procedure, less side effects than chemotheraphy

  • I am Asgard I feel something but it doesn't look like a bump, I both of them but I think it's normal I don't know what should I do I need advise plz 😢😶😥😕😷

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  • Had a mammogram done 3 weeks ago and it was clear except for the 3 lipomas in my right breast. When I need to schedule for my next mammogram do l have to visit my doctor first?

  • Thank you! I can finaly breath, i thought i had breast cancer, but now i dont think i do.. im just 12 but i was still worried.. nor anymore

  • At the age of 13,i had undergone a surgery in breast….. all of them are scared & awaited for biopsy report.. With gods grace, its just a fibroedema😇

  • I’m 13 and I recently found a hard lump on my breast. I’m freaking out, and to make it worse I’m the biggest hypochondriac ever!! I’m so scared 😰😩😭

  • I love that you give awareness I have my own issues as a young male and I'm having too look u and on WebMD !!! Only if we had more people to post like this .. thumbs up will stay at supporter no matter whaat love how your looking out for others

  • Eating processed meat increases the risk of breast cancer:

  • Support all those brave women and girls who have struggled/are fighting breast cancer with this inspirational breast cancer awareness T-shirt >>

  • I usually like to involve self breast examination sessions with dental camps. Dr Ishan.

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  • dear 12 year olds in the comment: i’m also 12 and i thought i had breast cancer too because i felt a little movable lump, but it turns out i was just growing and it went away.. u guys r fine😚💕

  • I'm very worried as my right breast is red n I'm not sure what is it whether it's cellulitis or breast cancer symtoms as I felt lumps 😭 I'm going to the hospital this week pray for me

  • Very big and many painful Lumps for me, can't go get checked because my anxiety won't let me Lmao
    ooo might die, pray for me

  • Hi i am a 13 year old girl and i dont have any of these but i have a small dark mole on my nipple does that has to do with cancer or is it normal!?

  • Hi, I just created this design for breast cancer awareness.. Please tell me your opinion 😀

  • I’m a male 21. Noticed a hard lump underneath my right nipple about a month ago. It was pretty small, close to .75cm in size. Now it has grown to about a inch. Still hard, tender, mostly smooth but can feel 1-2 bumps, feels like it’s attached to surrounding tissue. Not sure what it could be. I’m a healthy male as I work out often and eat clean, and have 8-10% body fat

  • Please reply
    I am having pain (sometimes mild and sometime strong Kind of pain) in the breast , right behind the breast (in back) ,and around the armpit ..some reddened are also there in my breast but I don't know why there is such redness do pain a lot sometimes . it is happening from around one week and it's increasing day by day , what should I do? I don't know what lump is ,so couldn't say about it

  • Im a guy and have a question. I know i should see a doctor asap but how worried should i be? I have very sharp pain in my right side nipple but only if touch it. Even if i brush up against it sometimes it feels like a stabbing kinda pain. Thus has been going on for a couple months now. I hoped it would have gone away but kinda seem worse, not positive but kinda feels like a lump kinda thing in the nipple and may seem bigger from when it started.

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  • When my breast was growing (9yearsold) my baby brother keep hitting it and the top of my breast is so ouchy

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  • I am 26 yrs old when I was breastfeeding I developed a breast cysts inside ma left breast but it's not paining and not moving so when I went to the doctor he decided to do a surgery after scanning it and he removed it but after 1 month it came back same breast and same place not moving not paining not increasing in size it's a bit small but iam very worried cause now it's 3yrs living with it I don't know what could it be and I don't want to do surgery again wat can I do now

  • I have discharge and knots I get my first mammogram Tuesday they did an exam an ultrasound and called and said I needed a mammogram I’m only 39 not 40 though

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  • should I be concerned? When I press on the middle part if it, I feel a little bump or lump that kind of hurts a little bit if I press down on it too hard. I can't move it either.

  • I'm 11 and I'm scared!! Wait if my breast size is a bit bigger than normal does that mean I have breast cancer??!!

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