How to Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards Points | 2 Ways to Maximize Your Points for Free Travel

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute.
In this video, we’re going to review how to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to get
the most value for your travels. (light chiming music) One of the questions that I seem to get asked a
lot is, “what’s the best way to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points. When you look
at the Chase Ultimate Rewards account page, you’ll see that there are so many
different redemption options listed. When speaking to friends who are getting
started in the points hobby, a lot of them were not aware of the other
redemption methods other than the Chase Travel Portal. This isn’t surprising,
especially since Chase highlights their Travel Portal as the primary means for
redeeming points. So in this video, I thought I would review the two main ways
that I book travel using my Chase Ultimate Rewards points. This might be a refresher
for some of you, but for others, I’m hoping that this will be a helpful
breakdown of your options so you can get the most value from your points. The
first way is to use the Chase Travel Portal. This is similar to what you would
find on sites like Expedia or Travelocity. You can search for all sorts
of travel-related bookings, like flights hotels, cars, activities, and cruises. For
this example, we’re going to look up a round-trip nonstop flight from Los
Angeles to Tokyo leaving May 2nd and returning on May 9th. In this example,
you’ll notice that the cost for the United flight is $659.81, or if I want to use points, that will cost me
43,987 points. This equates to a
per point value of 1.5 cents per point. When you book your travel, you
may notice that the per point value might be 1.25 cents
instead of 1.5 cents. The reason I’m getting 1.5 cents
per point is because I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve which makes redemptions
1.5 cents on the portal. If you have the Sapphire Preferred instead, you’ll be
redeeming at the 1.25 cent value. Getting 1.25 or 1.5 cents is not bad at all. However, when I’m looking to use my
points, I’ll compare the cost of booking the flights directly with the airline. When I
go to United and look up the same flight, I can see that the flight is
listed for the same price, but if I want to use the United
Mileage points, then I can book the flight for 35,000 points and a $5.60 fee. That’s almost 9,000 points less than booking it using the
Chase Travel Portal. And if you calculate the per point value, you’re looking at
1.9 cents per point when using United mileage points. So in this
case, it’s better to book through the United site. But you might be wondering,
“Can I use my Chase points to book this flight? Don’t I need United miles or
points? The answer is “yes”, and this brings me to the second way to book your travel
with your Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Luckily, United is one of nine airlines
that is partnered with Chase, so you can transfer points out of Chase and into
their program. To do it, all you need to do is go to Use Points, then select
Transfer to Travel Partners. From here, select the airline that you want the
transfer points to, then enter your frequent flyer program information.
You’ll then have to select the amount of points in 1000 point increments. Hit
Continue to review the information, then select Confirm and Submit to complete
the transfer. And that’s it. It’s super easy and the points transfer immediately
over to the travel partner so you can complete the booking. In addition to
these two methods of redeeming points, here are some tips to keep in mind.
Number 1: Log out and back in if a points balance isn’t updated. If you
transfer points to a travel partner, it should be instantaneous. However, there
are times when the balance does not update automatically, which prevents me
from completing the booking. To force the points balance to update,
I recommend logging out of your account then log back in. This seems to do the
trick every time. Number 2: Consolidate points into one Chase card. While it’s
perfectly okay to leave your points spread out between your different
Ultimate Rewards earning Chase cards, you may want to consider consolidating your
points under your primary travel card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or
Preferred. In the event that you want to transfer a huge sum of points to a
travel partner, you may be forced to consolidate the points anyway. So
consolidating ahead of time will save you some time and effort. Number 3: Sharing points. Chase will allow you to share points with others in your
household. I won’t go through all the details, but if you plan to share points,
check out our video on the topic to learn more about the policies and
nuances. Number 4: Save your favorite travel partners. Chase will allow you to
save your favorite frequent travel programs. This means that you won’t have
to enter your details again for the program, and makes the process easier and
faster when making future bookings. Number 5: Booking seats when using the
travel portal. I’ve noticed that a few times when I booked a flight through the
Chase Travel Portal, I wasn’t given the option to select my seat. And when I
would go to the airline’s site, I couldn’t retrieve my booking. If you end up in
this situation, I recommend calling the airline directly
and asking for the confirmation code on their side, and whether you can select
your seat rather than waiting until you check in or you arrive at the airport.
And lastly, number 6: You can adjust the amount of points used when booking
through the Chase Travel Portal. Suppose you want to book that flight but you
don’t want to use up all your points. You can actually adjust how many points you
want to use. It’s similar to the cash and points redemption programs offered
through a lot of the hotel chains. This can also be useful if you don’t have
enough points to cover the entire booking. And those are our tips when
using Chase Ultimate Rewards points for booking your travel.
Do you prefer booking through the Chase Travel portal, or transferring to a
travel partner. Also, what’s the best per point value that you’ve been able to get
when using your Chase points? If you’re interested in applying for any of the
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39 thoughts on “How to Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards Points | 2 Ways to Maximize Your Points for Free Travel

  • Hi Ernest do you mind doing a similar video like this but using British Airways Avios points for a American Airlines flight I’ve found it difficult to use..

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    José P.

  • You did an amazing job explaining this. Other YouTubers have tried to do UR explanations but yours was the most clear and concise. Great job! For me, Chase Transfer Partners make Chase's ecosystem so irresistable to me. I personally have a spreadsheet set up to keep track of point redemptions for various partners (TP research can be INTENSE!). I only consider redemptions where I get AT LEAST 1.75 cents per point. My own personal arbitrary benchmark. I would consider as low as 1.5cpp but no lower. And I've gotten redemptions of up to 2.2cpp!!!

  • Excellent video! I just wish I knew of their portal years ago. I've been a Chase cardholder for years and never knew of their portal. And this after traveling for 10+ years. And when I did start getting wind of how to use the points for travel I made the mistake of getting myself trapped by their 5/24 before getting a Sapphire card. So planning my future strategy very smart by asking questions on your channel here as well as other boards. And thanks to you for being so helpful.

  • I do like booking through Chase UR portal and it does allow you to enter in any partnership member numbers. I’ve always liked easy. Last summer when I booked a flight with United through the portal it didn’t allow me to pick my seats. They provided a confirmation number right away. I entered in the confirmation number in United. After about 24-48 hours, I was able to pick the seats through United (just hated the feeling “what if there weren’t 3 seats together for my family” – it all worked out though). Contrast, if you book through Barclaycard rewards, you pick the seats before you check out, however, it doesn’t seem to allow you to enter a membership number with the airline. (However that is with the LuxuryCard Titanium Card) What I liked about the Barclaycard system was that you get the points immediately as the purchases post and you do not have to wait until your next statement. Overall, I like using the Chase UR for hotel and a secondary way to book flights and Barclaycard for flights only. (Just for piece of mind of picking the seats before completing the transaction). As a note, UR didn’t allow you to pick your hotel room either. I don’t think the hotel gets the info until not that long before your booked stay. (But it all worked out) Last year was the first year I had a Sapphire Card or any rewards cards and the first time booking. I do think there could be improvements in the way the system works but it was decent and I’d do it again sometime soon.

  • New subscriber.
    I’m use to giving weekly payments to my credit card. I like going to the app, check my balance then go make a payment of the balance. Is it ok to do that? Or am I suppose to be waiting until I get a bill and pay it in full? Or am I suppose to pay in full Before I even receive a bill? Please advise. Thank you 😊

  • Which do you think is easier and better transferring points like the Chase Sapphires American Express green gold , gold rewards or the way Capital does it with the Venture cards and Barclays arrival card? which do you think is easier and better?

  • Do you really accumulate enough points/spend enough money on travel to makes up for the $450 yearly Chase Sapphire Reserve fee? I having trouble justifying the $95 Reserve card. If you already have the Freedom/Freedom Unlimited limited combo, the extra 0.5% on travel and dining with the Preferred doesn't go that far.

  • Great video, thanks for sharing! Does the frequent flyer program that you transfer your points to need to be active for a certain amount of time before you can transfer your points over? Or can you create one and transfer your points right away?

  • 43987 points on UR portal for round trip, however on United it states 35K points for 1 way fare ("fares are one-way"), I don't think the points to cents comparison that you showed between the two is valid, or am i missing somehitng here. thanks!

  • Thanks again for your past advice, Amex Chase and Cap1 all rewarded me 120 points total yesterday .I live in the city downtown 15 minutes away from Marriott, Ritz carlton and Hyatt. my goal has always been to enjoy a weekend in one of these places or ( in miami instead ). Am i ready? any pointers what do to ?

  • How about doing a video to compare the best things to use a Chase Sapphire Reserve card or an American Express Platinum for.
    The relative merits of points accrued, or benefits from the two companies for purchase of various services or goods.

  • Hello, love your channel, I am looking to travel the world with my wife and baby daughter the next year. We are racking up points quickly via my businesses. Domestic flights will be covered for the most part via SW companion. International will be done via UR ponts. But the longer stay of 3 weeks to 1 mth per location is what I am trying to maximize from my points. Any tips on types of hotels, or how to maximize for the longer stays? I am looking to reduce the out of pocket cash as much as possible. Thanks for any advice. We're looking to stay in New York, Japan, and another Asian country, which we have not yet decided yet…

  • I don't understand how the United is only 35k? What you're showing isn't that only for departure? And you have to pick a return date separately too at separate points? So technically it should be more than 35k, usually the return will likely be the same as departure totalling 70k which is weird. Because each time I click the select it prompts me to click arrival adding the points up.

  • Everybody keeps neglecting to add the value of the miles earned when you book through the UR portal, plus the HUGE value of the MQMs or flown miles if you're loyal to one airline and/or have status.

  • Hello i like your videos and recently started following your content it is very interesting, I have very quick question –> I have chase sapphire reserve card i would love to use it while booking airline tickets and Dining . Is thier any any chase card i can consider to open to get most value out of chase UR points ???

  • Hi I don't have a business chase card yet but how easy is it to move UR points on your business card to your personal card for redemption?

  • Heres my burning question.

    I'm deciding between Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) and Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR).

    CSP redeems at 1.25 per point and CSR redeems at 1.5 per point only when used on Chase's Ultimate Rewards portal.

    SO…when you transfer to a carrier , I understand that despite the bonus that a CSR 1:1.5 point redemption gives you on the chase portal, sometimes a partner carrier will have a better deal than the portal, even though their redemption is 1:1. (This is where I might be wrong. Please correct me at any point)

    Here is my main question – if you are going to be primarily transferring points from the chase portal to a partner carrier like Delta, British airways etc at 1:1, does that completely negate the perk of the CSR's 1.5 redemption rate, leveling the playing field with the CSP's 1.25 redemption rate? Is there a benefit to transferring CSR points compared to CSP points in any way?

    Summary and follow up question – if you're almost exclusively transferring to a partner carrier site (as most insiders say this is the best way to get most bang for your buck), excluding the 3x on travel and dining and other in-card perks, is there any benefit to holding the CSR over the CSP when we are talking strictly just the best way to redeem points?

  • I really appreciate that you walk us through via screenshots, in addition to explaining the process! Thank you!

  • Thanks. This is the best explanation I've received about using my travel points. Now, do you have a video on the best travel partners to use?

  • Great video. Although i think the 35,000 points was actually just an one way ticket, meaning the cost would be 70,000 united miles for the round-trip ticket making it a far worse value than just using the chase travel portal.

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